13 Jan 2012

A Miraculous Rescue at the Delhi Airport


Love – Adventure – Miracle

The below episode is my TRUE EXPERIENCE where I felt all the above three words taking its shape .You might wonder on a particular word above : Miracle.What miracle would I have experienced ?.All along my post, I have highlighted particular words as it was needed for this post.Ah ,well I can hear what you say.Okay friends , here you go .....

I was travelling from UK to Chennai airport all alone with my two kids.I have booked the flight ticket online for Air India flight from London Heathrow Airport to Delhi ,Indira Gandhi International Airport. And from Delhi my destination is to Anna International Airport ,Chennai.

Before boarding the plane,I took out my newly gifted HTC Wildfire Mobile Phone by my hubby and PHONED(called) him to inform him that I have finished the security check and now standing near the Gate 2 to board my plane.Though I have traveled alone on flights, this was my first flight which was not the direct flight and so he repeated again and again that I have to remove the luggage and then recheck in at the Delhi counter and get a domestic boarding pass.After a finally adieu with love, I boarded the plane.Making myself and my kids comfortable on the three-seated window seat of the plane,I MESSAGED my hubby of my take-off and upon request from the air-hostess intro section ,I switched my mobile phone to the AIRPLANE MODE .Soon,I was travelling high in the air with the company of my two little and naughty kids.
Taking Off.....
All through my long travelling , I was entertaining my kids with inbuild movies on the plane seat and with my Downloaded GAMES/VIDEOS from my HTC Wildfire Mobile Phone till the time they slept tight.Finally,we landed at the Delhi airport and was 15 minutes late due to some air turbulence .

The time was 11.00 p. when I landed in Delhi and I had solely one hour to board my next flight .that is 12.00 p.m.Immediately my made my way into the airport with my hand luggage and my kids.I then was waiting on the belt line to receive my other baggage ,two to say correctly.It took nearly twenty minutes to see the glance of my luggage.When it came finally on my hand, I searched for any signs to again for transferring to the domestic lines.Since I was completely new to the airport ,I had a hard time finding it asking everyone with a sign on their ID card but sadly none responded in the most correct way.By God sake, I found at last .I was running to the sign that said”Transfers “ with my two kids and the luggage.

I was transport to a lift (waiting for it coming down) .I saw the CLOCK on my Mobile phone pointing to 11.40 just 20min to the take off.I was nervous .I finally landed on the lift praying all the way.

To my disappointment, I was a line of check –in counters addressing each fight from end A to end F( that’s what they named each line/row of counters).I was again trying to read my Airport AI in every counter.Finally I got it, and went as fast as I can to the counter and produced my Tickets.

This is how it looked ..all in a row with each for a Airplane
The women on the counter looked at my tickets and with a frown on her face toks me that the fight has been boarded and I cannot take that flight.

That’s it.I was finished.I was stranded at the airport in a new place all alone with my kids.I could sense my fear rising and I helplessly was looking at my kids who were tired and exhausted all through the way.Gathering all my strength, I asked them again when was the next flight to Chennai so that I can be transferred to it telling them what all that I have undergone just to land here at this spot.

To my shock ,they replied that there is only one flight to Chennai ,that too at 4.30p.m and I can't board it because it is full.So I have to take the flight only on the next day.Till then I should make my own arrangement of staying elsewhere out of the airport .

Before they could finish those words,I could feel tears developing near my eyes.I was struggling to gather words asking them to help me since Delhi was a new place to me and I have no one else to support me either.Damn!..even my Mobile was out of network since I did not activate my international ROAMING on my Mobile phone.Now, I cant even inform my state to my family who will be waiting for us the Chennai Airport.

But all I got was a complete and still silence from them.They were clear that it was like a normal check-in process no matter whether I boarded the international fight to domestic flight and they can do nothing about my state.I was completely blank looking at my kids who were not able to understand the circumstance they were in.They were already exhausted and said they were hungry.I was praying for some help.

Just then a Miracle happened.

Yes,I should name it as a miracle.I was not the only one stranded at the airport .There was yet another women who was arguing on the same.She was now standing on my side and arguing that it was not her fault that she missed the plane.Seeing her that she was also from London ,the same air plane that I had boarded .She too was travelling to Chennai ,again through the same flight number.Now,thankfully I felt at ease,I had a company.(Should I say how relived I was??)

The Miracle did not end here.We were not alone.A few more joined us one by one and finally we were 14 of us including me and my kids.All had the same destination and have to board the same plane AI 002.There was one old couple, and one women(the lady I met first) and others were working men ( incl. me and my two kids).As we say that Unity is strength, the mens argued with the employers that they had very little time to take the baggage which came late and then also had little time to check in into the counters (which was true).Even the flight was 15 minutes late.Finally the Air India people agreed to find suitable arrangement in the next 4.30 flight. We were asked to submit the tickets and get booked for the next fight.

We were relieved.Again for me the problem did not end there.Now I had misplaced my ticket with all the fuss that I undergone alone running with my tickets for help.Every one had their seat booked for the next flight.I was still searching mine.Finally, I told them that I misplaced my ticket and showed them my boarding pass from London to Delhi and other details .They were cross and demanded the ticket to board the fight or to wait till the head officer comes( the time was unknown).I saw that the other stranded people got the boarding pass being issued and they were ready to be on the way .They saw my pledge and supported me to get a copy of my ticket through Internet since I had used online ticket booking.(Salut!..to internet)They were like a saviours for me.The lady at the counter , a delhi wala can't believe what she saw.She replied in a strong and true voice “You should be lucky to get these people.Your people are really supportive.”As she said those words, I could see her eyes filled with astonishment.At that time.I felt what I normally read in school ”Tamil Patrru/Naatru Pattru” meaning Love and belonging to the same community(ஒரே ஊரு மக்கள்  -தமிழ்நாடு மக்கள்  ) .

Then after getting the boarding pass,we all went together and had our lunch in the Airport lunch corner.We introduced our self .After a chat,we become from acquaintance to friends and we exchanged numbers. I happily stored them in my Phone CONTACTS with their names.I, with the help of the old couple also called my family to inform what had happened and my arrival time.Then,we all spend the rest of the hours together feeling like a little family. “ Neega Tamila, ada nanum Tamilian thaan “.Somewhere ,we felt we had a Love of our same community and language .Purachimani ,the lady I first met and I became close friends.We even took snaps and videos of each other as a token of remembrance of this memorable incident while waiting for boarding the Plane with the help of our Mobile Phone CAMERA and CAM-RECORDER(wow, how multitasking is this Mobile invention).We all flocked together helping each other till we boarded the 4.30 p.m AI flight.

At the Delhi Airport-Friends Na...
Our final destination came and we landed Chennai.I have read and heard stories of friend ship when travelling on Train(as we say "Rail Payannum”).Like it, I felt I had such friendship in Air.We 14 people had traveled the same flight from London to Delhi for 10 hours without even knowing each other.But during this small halt of 30 minutes in Delhi had paved way a beautiful friendship with some reliable and unknown faces.I learned to make sure to receive my boarding pass for the domestic flight at the London airport itself in future and also helped my husband who travel on the same route/plan as mine.

I even introduced some of my newly found friends to my family members waiting for me at the airport.

I had two extreme of adventure with a sad and happy moment at  the Delhi airport.I witnessed the Love that people have for their own people especially when in some foreign land or in a new place /unknown language.I also had witnessed a miracle of being rescued from a bad incident(Luckily it turned out to be a memorable one).I understood how people come forward to give hands to its own people whether they know them or not.Finally, I have found a new friendship that bloomed into closer  one.(Voila ..We still keep in touch ).I am even surprised now of how strange and sentimental the whole episode is!

Final Scene (Grace light through the Clouds) Caught on my HTC Mobile CAMERA
The first two images are embedded from Google Images.All others are MINE.

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7 Jan 2012

Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate Vedic Sutra -Sopantyadvayamantyam

The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate also known as 'Sopantyadvayamantyam" is the Thirteenth sutra in the Vedic Maths and it helps in solving problems immediately.Let us take any multiplication of 12 .
vedic maths

Example: 132 * 12 =?

Step 1 :
In this example, we are going to make a zero sandwich for the number 132 as follows
o 132 o

Step 2:
The above answer is our starter, from where we keep adding the last digit  and twice the second last digit .That means, we proceed for  o132o as follows

Last digit is "o" + Twice the second last digit " 2 "
= 0 + (2*2)
= 4      ------ (1)

Step 3:
Now we add the last digit 2 plus twice the second last digit again for the o132o

Last digit "2" + Twice the second last digit "3"
= 2 + ( 2 * 3)
= 8     ------- (2)

Step 4 :
Repeating the same steps as explained above,

Last digit "3" +Twice the second last digit "1"
= 3 + ( 2 * 1)
= 5   ...........(3)

Step 5:
Again,repeating the same steps

Last digit "1" + Twice the second last digit "0"
= 1   .........(4)

Step 6 :
Accumulating the derived answer in order as we move from left to right we , get

132 * 12 = (4)(3)(2)(1)

Therefore , 132  * 12 =1584

vedic maths

You can try it similarly for any other multiplication problems concerning 12 :).Visit this blog again , more on Vedic Maths to be blogged with more interesting sutra's .

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1 Jan 2012

The Real 2012 Phenomenon of Humankind on Earth

The New Year 2012 has started and we are reaching our way to Dec 21,2012 marked as the end of the world with deceiving popular beliefs that corresponds to the sub sequential catastrophic events occurring all around the world . The 2012 phenomenon.  

The 2012 phenomenon ?? WHAT and WHY ?
It is a known fact that is been circulating from 1998 that the world is reaching its end very soon in the year 2012,  through all forms of medias and best-selling books minting money out of fear.

Mayan Calender :
The Mayan civilisation devised a calender called as the long count calender which uses units of 20 to calculate each cycle using the format .
1 uinal - 20 days
18 uinals - 360 days - 1 tun 
20 tuns - 1 k'atun
20 k'atun - 1 b'ak'tun-144,000 days

So, it means that the Mayan Calender means 6 b'ak'tuns, 2 k'tuns,5 tun ,9 uinals and 12 days.The Long Count's  "0 " date was set in the past marking the end of the third world and the beginning of the current one corresponding to 11 August 3114 BC in the proleptic Gregorian calendar. So now, this means that the fourth world will also have reached the end of its 13th b'ak'tun, or Mayan date, on December 21, 2012.The Mayan calender ends on this particular day marking the end of the era , a destruction or a catastrophe with the end of the world.Whereas , some scholars depicts it as a new era marking a new spiritual arousal of humankind in earth.

Planet X (or) Nibiru :
One of the belief is that there is a Planet X or brown drawf that is trailing  its  path towards the earth at the speed 40 miles per hour .It is calculated to hit the earth on Dec 21,2012. But before that, as it reaches the galactic centre of the earth ,earth will undergo a lot of transformation under its effects with catastrophe of earthquake, tusnami,polar shifts , etc marking the end of the world.Again , the atmosphere is vast and wide , and so are the astronomers and watchers in every part of the world.

Polar Shifts
Earth's magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times over the millennium and it follows a pattern of a pole reversal about every 200,000 to 300,000 years,That means the current North pole will become the new South Pole and vice versa.Is THIS true?? Earth's polarity is not constant.It is moving faster and scientists has estimated that the pole is migrating northward about 40 miles per year, as opposed to about 10 miles per year in the early 20th century.

The doomsday theory assumes that a pole reversal would momentarily leave Earth without the magnetic field (as it gets weakens ) which protects us from solar flares and coronal mass ejections from the sun marking the end of the world.Nasa.gov has ruled out this possibility and scientists believe if this has to happen it will be a gradual change and none so that contradicts reality .So cool down !

Planetary alignments or Galactic alignment:
It is believed that a cosmic alignment of the sun, Earth, the center of our galaxy  or perhaps the galaxy's thick dust clouds on the winter solstice could for some unknown reason lead to destruction.We all live in a moving and a circulating path called the milky way (galaxy) which hosts our Earth and other planets.Our galaxy has a galactic center about 28,000 light years away which has a black hole weighing about 4 million imes the sun's mass.

So on. Dec21,2012 , the sun will pass about 6.6 degrees north of the galactic center (about 13 times the full moon's apparent size) and it's actually closer a couple of days earlier. The notion is that as the sun enters the Dark Rift (i'e. as it bisects the galactic disc in the galactic plane , the influence of the galactic tide is weaker), it comes under the influence of the far stronger "disc tides" creating likelihood of a devastating comet impact.Such alignment occurs in Dec 21,2012 where the sun and Earth aligns themselves with the black hole in the galactic center allows some kind of massive gravitational pull on Earth destroying Earth.

Solar Storms :
Solar activity  are regular ones that occurs every year and peaks itself approximately every 11 years.On 2001, it had its peak effect ,so it is assumed that the next Solar Storm should occur after 11 years ,that is on 2012 .Solar flares can cause some interruption of satellite communication and disrupt cellular connections  though no other devastating activities are calculated.

The above are all some of the assumptions and conclusions as to how the world might end in a tragic way. But, we have seen only one half of the coin, where is the other end of the coin which should be positive as we expect it .Read the below link 

With all that in place,  Sri Yukteswar’s introduction to The Holy Science includes his explanation of the Yuga Cycle – revolutionary because of his premise that the earth is now in the age of Dwapara Yuga, not the Kali Yuga that most Indian pundits believe to be the current age - to know more [Wiki Holy Science]

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