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During early years of my marriage I was shifted to a new environment, a metropolitan city called "Mumbai". I got into the habit of reading Newspaper daily in my home including all that came in form of papers to drive off boredom of being alone. I was looking for something useful to do and TOI offered me a chance to get to know about something new. My knowledge of Vedic Maths grew every week with TOI paper and soon I loved to practice Maths at home. I searched for Vedic Maths books in book shops, book fairs and very soon got myself few wonderful books on Vedic Maths. Yes! We had a wonderful bond. What is the use of a knowledge that is not being shared.

So, I will be sharing what little I know about Vedic Maths in this blog. Vedic Maths will never cease to amaze you with its simplicity and applications. There is a set of rules you have to follow and that's it. Knowing a different approach to a mathematical problem using Vedic Maths is fun. One main use of knowing Vedic Maths is that you can crack a problem quicker than using a traditional maths especially in CAT/GRE exams . Love MATHS, you can never ignore it in LIFE.

What is Vedic Maths ?

Vedic Maths is based on sixteen sutra's or principles which we will see in detail. These principles are general in nature and can be applied in many ways. In practice, the Vedic system is used to solve difficult problems or huge sums in more effective and easy way. These methods are just a part of a complete system of mathematics which is far more systematic than the modern system taught now. The simplicity of Vedic Mathematics helps us to solve the calculations mentally with sufficient practice.

Vedic Maths is highly helpful in cracking Competitive Exams.
Let's see each sutras one by one with examples

The Main Sutras
The Sub Sutras
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  1. Uma,
    You have explained it beautifully about Vedic Maths. You are true, Vedic Maths is really amazing. I love it and just 15 days back I started redoing it from the beginning.
    Can we do something online or will you help me further for it?
    I took a course from a sir who is very very good at this, and is practicing Vedic Maths from many years.

  2. @Nivedita..Thanks for dropping by .About your question ..sure ,We should catch up online in Facebook sometime and talk about it :)

  3. @UMA,

  4. Vedic Maths is a beautiful system if practiced properly. We liked ur series of articles and was wondering if you would like to write for our blog on Vedic Maths

    We have over 10 contributors from all over and update the blog regularly.

    Let me know what u think.

    Gaurav Tekriwal
    The Vedic Maths Forum India

  5. Thanks!
    Can you send me ur email address so that I Can correspond with u better on Vedic Maths.
    Mine is gtekriwal at gmail dot com

  6. Hi Uma,

    It is superb.
    The following links are not working:
    •Specific and General (Vyashtisamanstih)
    •Differential Calculus(Chalana-Kalanabyham)
    •The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate (Sopaantyadvayamantyam)
    •The Product of the Sum (Gunitasamuchyah)
    •All the Multipliers (Gunakasamuchyah)

    Please do the needful

  7. @joel - Yes, I am blogging about them one by one.When I do, I will add the links accordingly.Btw, thanks for your comment.
    And keep reading :)

  8. Can anybody Help me get the info on The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate (Sopaantyadvayamantyam) and All the Multipliers (Gunakasamuchyah)??

  9. @sidharthprajosh - Your answer ,click on the respective link above and you will find what you need :)

  10. Hello Umaji,

    your first paragraph nicely describes even my situation as i too recently landed in mumbai and looking something interesting to do. I had never got to know the vedic maths in so detail. Very nice.

  11. Anonymous22 July, 2012

    I had an encounter with Vedic Maths while preparing for CAT..very nice and easy ways learnt but as expected cud not implement it in the CAT exam and scored drastically horrible but since then I recommended Vedic Maths to all students known to me . Nice Post!

  12. Hi Uma
    Your article is very through and easy to understand. It's good that you take pains to write every sub-topic in details.
    Vedic Math interest me very much but I assumed that it would be very difficult to learn. But now I will try to learn it.

  13. Hi Uma

    This is excellent tutorial. One question; do you have any practice work prepared to share for kids ? learning is one part and for maths i feel it is always require practice. if you have something; can you please share ? Thanks

  14. Hi Uma

    This is excellent tutorial. Whilst for kids it is required to practice more; do you have any practice work book or can you suggest ? as maths needs more practice to perfect. Thanks for support and education.

  15. @sudha @mysay -Thank you.Math is always a interesting subject if we knowhow to handle it

    @satish- Yup!Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad that my blog shares informational posts:)

    @krimali - Thank you. I have taken your request into account and very soon will give you details about it .

  16. Just came across your blog by chance. Loved the post. I am a Maths fanatic since childhood, thanks to my father. Vedic maths is a lovely way of solving calculation intensive problems. Those preparing for entrance exams & all must rely & practice this art as early as possible. Thanks for the post! Nicely written. Take care!


  17. Impressive. I didn't know that Vedic maths could deal with complex calculations. It is also interesting to know that calculations can be done mentally.

    But I do not support burdening kids with more learning-systems just for the sake of scoring marks. With a computer/cell-phone always around, I wonder why we need to make such complex calculations in our mind. Just my opinion.

    1. because it helps our brain to understand that a problem can be solved in creative new ways instead of recurring always to the harder traditional method (if there are typos im sorry not a native english speaker :D)

  18. Vedic math seems magical. I would definitely put my child into your course to make him learn the Vedic math tricks and formulas and get over his math anxiety and stress.
    mental math

  19. Glad to read about this topic. In fact I ventured in to this forum to read something else but quickly shifted gears to Vedic Maths since I too am a student of this. And I loved what I read over here. Atta Girl! More power to you. Keep sharing!

  20. Lovely post, Uma but Maths is a night mare for me..lolz


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