26 Sep 2014

Addition and Subtraction Strategies - Part 1

Different strategies and methods are used in school to teach addition and subtraction for kids. The post for today is on request of many mothers who had been asking me about the different approach used in school for teaching Maths. This post concentrates only on teaching addition and subtraction to children using different approaches that has been used in school esp. in reception and Year 1. Also, I added my personal touch by creating some worksheets for kids with images which my children personally choose. This is my first step in creating and sharing such activity related worksheets which I wish to carry forward in the coming days as well. The worksheets that I share are free to download for educational purposes. But in case of sharing it in your own blogs or website, I kindly request you to give due credits.

Method 1: Using Pictures, Counters and Blocks

The method of using pictures and practical apparatus to teach addition and subtraction is the most common method used for early learners. The devices can be blocks, dominoes, cubes or any objects that facilitates teaching addition and subtraction for early learners.
addition and subtraction
The subtraction works the similar way except that we take away the numbers instead of adding them together. Pictures like arrow Cards help introduce digits and place values to children which will be explained in Part 2 of Methods of  addition and subtraction for year 1. Templates for this method can be downloaded here.

Method 2: Using number line/ tracks for addition

Number line is an important method of teaching addition and subtraction by jumping one number to another by moving forward or backward depending on addition or subraction. The below image teaches how number line works. 

number line
Number Line Method
If you like to use printable number line for your kids, the below links will help to make number line interesting for  your kids. You can download the template by clicking the below links. 

number line worksheets
Dinosaur Number Line Template
number line worksheets
Download Frozen Elsa Number Line Template- Worksheet (.doc)
number line worksheets
Download Disney Belle Number Line Template
number line worksheets
Download Spider Man Number Line Template - Worksheet (.doc)

Method 3: Using 100 Square Grid

This is an interesting and important square grid which will come throughout the year for kids in their primary school. Adding "one more", "one less", "ten more" and "ten less" are as easy as pie when 100 square is introduced to kids. It also helps kids to look out and understand the pattern of numbers in a new way.
100 square

Do you like the 100 square above? Then, have a look at the below 100 square printable templates.

100 square grid
100 square grid
100 square

In the coming days, we will be seeing many more strategies and methods such as complements, partitioning, etc which are being used to teach addition and subtraction for year 1 and reception along with some cool worksheets - Part 2 of Addition and Subtraction Strategies (will be updated soon).

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24 Sep 2014

A Good News to Share


She really loved to draw sketches and some of them were really awe-inspiring. Then he came across a particular sketch and his face turned pale. He was shocked to see this in the sketchbook of little Roohi. He thanked God for if Tara would have seen that sketch, she might just have known more than he wanted her to. He tore the page and kept it in his pocket (Read the previous part of Round 2 here: Why should I be good?)

He hurried back into his room and looked again at the picture that little Roohi has drawn. It was an image of a tall and well-built man holding a toy dog. The picture seemed to be ordinary doodling of a 9 year old, but not for Cyrus.


Especially when he noticed a sharp razor as an accessory clinging onto the toy's neck. It was not something a little child would draw all by herself. Above all, Cyrus was familiar about the razor symbol. He has seen such symbol in existence when he was working on his assignment.

But …

He recalled the incident back in court.

The court hearing was cleverly terminated by Samantha by provoking the judge that a law student who is still in college has no rights to practice criminal law. Cyrus was disheartened to see that Samantha’s master plan worked so well that he could not even find any trusted lawyers who would stand by his side and support him to carry forward the case.

All his works seemed vain. He has worked so hard to collect information regarding the case in spite of the risks involved. He had even gone one step further in getting a special permission from his dean to proceed with the case with the right help. But, he too backed off supporting Samantha’s claim, saying that the clues Cyrus collected were just mere information and the forensic report he presented as proof leads nowhere close to the case that he worked on.

“Not anymore,” Cyrus thought.

“The proof that I have in my hand would support my verdict in this case. But before that I would need someone intelligent and honest enough to come forward and help me out. But, who could I request? And who is brave enough to stand against the 'power' lady?” Cyrus mind started to replay the voice he heard days back.

“Sir, our tests suggests that the piece of white coat should be laboratory coat and the needle is a surgical needle. There were tiny bits of dried blood stains in the needle and in the lab coat which we found to be one and the same. Moreover, through Serology and DNA analysis, we found that the stains belonged to a mammal like adult dogs or cats which has been heavily drugged.”

The voice of the lab technician kept ringing in his ears.

There were more unanswered questions to which Cyrus is desperately searching for answers.

“To whom exactly the forensic report points to and why drug a poor animal? Do Monday nights incidents have any significant role to play in his case study? What about Prof.Paresh?”
“The razor symbol is too uncanny a proof to represent as a weapon. If that is so, why give a toy representing that symbol to a child like little Roohi and for what purpose?”
“Does the razor symbol in the drawing has something to do with the razor clue that I retrieved on one of the Delhi murder case?”

Cyrus was mulling over his thoughts. He closed his eyes, trying to recall a blurred vision of the lady holding a razor in her hand in the Chuna Mandi house. He was not sure whether it was a reality or his imagination. He felt a slight pain in his once wounded head. He felt burdened not knowing the answers to any of his questions.

“Cyrus, are you okay?” asked Tara placing her hand affectionately on Cyrus, who sat staring at the ceiling with his fingers slowly brushing against his hairy chin.

Tara’s sisterly concern made Cyrus feel a little better. Cyrus sighed and nodded his head in agreement.

“Well, then pull yourself back and follow me now. I have a good news to share. We are going for a long drive to meet someone important,” she said in an excited voice.

“Shall I join you too?” Jennifer asked, standing near the door.

“Sorry Jennifer. I need you to look after little Roohi,” Tara stressed. “She looked a little disturbed last night. Also, I guess it will be better if both Cyrus and I go first. Please understand,” requested Tara.

“Alright then, I can leisurely spend my time admiring the works from Mr. Writers’ blog.Who knows, I might stumble upon some love poems too,” she replied looking miffed.

Cyrus looked at Jennifer. Her childlike way and emotions made him smile. And he can affirm that his love for her grew stronger every day. “Ah! What would my life be without Jennifer? Her beautiful smile ...her dusky complexion and sexy look that she carries in style...she herself is a love poem,” he thought in admiration.

“Blog? Whose blog and who is this Mr. Writer?” Tara’s question interrupted Cyrus thoughts about Jennifer.

“Well, well, Mr. Writer is trying to maintain his anonymous nature to everyone. I thought it was just me who don’t know about his amazing creativity,” Jennifer started pulling Cyrus leg.

Tara looked at Cyrus and questioned, “Is it you Cyrus? Are you a blogger? Oh my, I can’t believe that I have two writers in my home now, including Shekhar. But Shekhar is not a blogger. He loves seeing his writing in prints,” winked Tara.

“Ok Tara, I hope you forgot that you told me that we are to meet someone important today,” said Cyrus with a sudden seriousness in his voice.

In his mind, he was struggling with the drawing done by little Roohi. Shall I show the drawing to Tara? No, not now. She is a sensitive woman and showing her this drawing will make her too concerned about Roohi’s safety.

“Oh yes, the person who we will be seeing today is someone we knew already,” Tara paused. “I guess even Jennifer knew him as a child. He was working as cop before he voluntarily relieved himself of his duty for some personal reasons,” said Tara half lying.

She already knew the truth. Aryan was still working as an undercover cop.

“Aryan! Are you talking about the Mr. Aryan Ahuja, who used to surprise our neighbourhood with his inquisitive mind and sharp eyes? Whoa, what a man he is! He was a man brimming with honesty and sincerity in his works,” recalled Cyrus with a twinkle in his eyes. “You know what? I have written a post in my blog about how I admired him…,” Cyrus went on adding details to Tara's surprise.

Jennifer interrupted, “Well, now I understand why I saw his picture in your blog. By the way, I have already interacted with him when I was with Lallan.”

Cyrus and Tara were looking at Jennifer for answers.

Read the next part here: Connections and More

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at BlogAdda.com. #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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17 Sep 2014

Reconciliation for a New Beginning

sketch fiction
TEAM: Maximus Dramaticus
This post is the final part of the creative writing by Team Maximus Dramaticus who have worked together to bring you some exciting novella which promises to keep you entertained.  Do read the previous part of the story by Titas Kar here "a few clouds cleared".

Tara snatched the phone from him, “Hello, hello, this is Shekhar’s wife, who is this?”

There was some silence on the other end.
“Oh is it you Tara? The posh lady who makes her headlines in the nation’s popular televisions,” the voice on the other end seems to ridicule Tara.

“Yes, it was my responsibility and I am proud of what I do. But, who are you and why do you need to talk to my husband?” questioned the worried Tara.

“Hun hun husband, I see. In a few days time, you will be making headlines with the name of your husband for the world to see…ha ha ha,” Tara heard the lady on the phone roar with laughter.

Tara was taken back when she heard the lady say those words. “What foolishness! Don’t speak anything wrong about my Shekhar?” Tara was boiling inside in fear and love for Shekhar. “... and please tell, is Jennifer with you?” She could have cried not knowing answers to so many questions, but the lady on the other end rescued Tara from at least that pain and said, "Meet me in an hour at hotel Le ROI in Paharganj and ask for Madam S. If you come, Jennifer could be saved and I have secrets about your husband to share with you," she hissed sinisterly through the phone.

The tone on the other end made Tara sulk in disgust, but she agreed to meet her just for the sake of Jennifer and Shekhar.

Leaving Roohi under the guidance of Cyrus, Tara started to drive towards the destination ordered by Madam. 'Who is this Madam S and what secrets she knows about my husband?' she thought.

On her way driving, memories of the past started haunting Tara. She recalled the episode discussing her findings about Cyrus to Shekhar.

“Look at these pieces of clues left on every Monday night on Cyrus bed, Shekhar,” Tara showed the bits of paper she had collected to her husband looking for his guidance as he was well known for his keen observation to details. Writers are always blessed with one and she strongly believes that statement.

Shekhar took the paper bits from Tara and looked at it closely. Tara could sense a smile on Shekhar’s face and she knew the writer in him will come up with a solid solution. Her belief did not betray her.

He soon took a note and pen from his pocket, scribbled something on it and gave it to Tara. Tara’s face lit up with surprise reading what Shekhar has written. Written on it were the words, 

"She can paint a lovely picture 
but this story has a twist 
her paint brush is a razor 
and her canvas is her wrist." 

Before Tara could question him, Shekhar answered, “These words are nothing but verses from a book called 'After' by Amy Efaw. Looking closely at these carefully picked rhymes, I sense the killer should have a keen literary sense and has a sort of antipathy towards bitches…”and with those words Shekhar bit his lips tight. His once bright face has now turned pale and firm, all the sudden.

And Tara hasn't failed to notice that change on his face. 

She even remembers seeing the same expression on his face when she first told him about her drug findings inside the locked room. And every time she alerted about it, Shekhar was just avoiding further discussion and asked her to wait until the Monday mystery gets solved.

sketch fiction

But now everything seemed out of place. Jennifer has been kidnapped, Shekhar has been missing for long and moreover he has been accused of something she could never dare to dream. The Shekhar she had known cannot be someone who has secrets that would make headlines. There should be a way out for my dear Shekhar. If not, I should and will find a way to bring him out safely without harm. Tara made her mind strong to handle the situation.

Cyrus was playing hide and seek with Roohi, her most loved game. The mobile in his pocket began to vibrate and ring. 

He picked up the call, “Hello, Cyrus here.”
The voice on the other end delivered some important findings about the forensic report Tara and Jennifer has submitted.

Cyrus fell weak kneeling on the floor. He was now even more convinced of the reports reviving those couplets followed by a certain syllable count which had frightened him to death on Monday nights. If what the report has confirmed is true, he has to tell all about the case and his findings to Shekhar and Tara. He decided not to involve the police since he knew how angry was Shekhar when he told him that he called the police without his consent when Jennifer went missing. Shekhar even lied to the police that both girls were safe when they arrived and apologised to them for the trouble caused. 

Making up his mind, Cyrus opened his laptop bag and took out his Strontium Jet USB 3.0 32 GB Pen drive. He inserted it in his laptop and started working on the files which he has long saved even without the knowledge of his professor. 

Percival knew it was coming. He had laid out the plan well enough to trap poor Dutta back to the dark world where he had once escaped. 

Shekhar looked troubled. What if his beloved Tara finds out that her husband is a culprit. How could he face her, Cyrus and little Roohi? No, if I agree to Percival’s proposal, I could never come out of this darkness ever again even if I could try. And if I don’t, all Percival could do is to blackmail me about telling my past to Tara.

“Aaahah,” Percival moaned and then continued, "Why taking so long dear friend. Agree to my proposal or else you will repent," Percival rhymed a warning.

Shekhar looked straight into the eyes of the Professor and said, "So, all you need for your business is my house, isn't it Percival? Okay, take it all but under two conditions. If you agree to it, I will transfer my house in Chuna Mandi in your name in two weeks’ time and I will also make sure that Cyrus gets back to Mumbai without a word of the happenings in the house."

Percival twisted his head sideways and looked at Shekhar. He then showed his glimmering canine tooth in gold and said, “Well, well not a bad proposal after all. Promise me your house and I will take your call.”

Shekhar was relived on getting the answer. Shekhar's two conditions of hiding his past forever and relieving him of the sick trade by giving him a little percentage of the house value to convince Tara were the easiest condition to let go for Percival and so he agreed to his fruitful proposal.


Tara was escorted to a 220 sq. ft. premium room with marble flooring. There was only one, but a big window which faced the city main road and by the way it looked, the windows and doors in the hotel room were sound-proof. Not a sound could be heard even if there was a murder happening inside.

Tara was asked to seat in a big sofa facing the queen bed, exquisitely decorated with luxury bed sheets, freshly cleaned and pressed. Just above the bed, she saw a large wooden frame with a portrait of a lady. Tara sensed something odd but familiar in that picture. She was staring long at the woman in the picture.

“Had you noticed anything unfamiliar in that picture?” queried a stern and bold voice standing few paces behind Tara. She was taken back. She turned around to look at a long and lean figure moving gracefully towards the bed. ‘So SHE was Madam S’ thought Tara and she jolted back as if a sudden lightening has struck her.

By the look of her, any man could fall at her feet. She held such elegance and beauty, but only few people like Tara knew that behind those deceptive beauty hides the thirst of money and power that dares to kill anything that hinders her way. 

Cyrus had done it. In no time, he will get approval and he can safely proceed for what he had been waiting for. 

The doorbell rang and Cyrus could hear little Roohi shouting in sheer joy. “Mamma, Mamma you are back home with Jenny aunty”. 

Cyrus rushed to the door and saw his dear Jenny tired and worn out. She was still in shock of the happenings on that day. For a moment, Cyrus thought of hugging Jennifer and consoling her that everything is all right. But before he could think, Jennifer came running into his arms crying hard. Cyrus was moved and the man inside him finally woke up to hold Jennifer lovingly and consoled her to stay strong. He then looked at Tara for answers, but she had long gone inside the house without a word.

Cyrus made Jennifer take some rest in his room and went to see Tara, who was looking at the locked doors in despair. 

“Tara, I have something to tell you,” Cyrus said.

Tara turned her puffed up face and replied, “I need a help from you Cyrus.”

Cyrus heart sank looking up Tara’s strong face swelled up due to incessant crying. The lady he had thought strong is now standing in front of him, shattered into pieces. Cyrus took a deep breathe, shook his head in approval and said, “Anything for you, but before that I need you to see some information I had found.”

Tara looked at Cyrus files on his laptop. “And if everything succeeds as I have planned, I may get a call tomorrow,” he said to Tara. Tara could see Cyrus in a new form. Something made Tara trust Cyrus’s attitude and words. “Now, tell me what help do you want from me?” asked Cyrus to Tara.

“I  need you to call the police,” said Tara.

The Delhi High Court was surrounded by popular medias and reporters from everywhere. Cyrus entered the court wearing his long black gown and a white stiff collar with bands looking professional in his advocate dress along with Tara, Jennifer and Shekhar. 

“How did you reopen the wrapped Delhi murder case that happened two years ago? “

“They said all vital clues were destroyed, now have you found it by any chance?”

“How did Prof. Paresh Borah get involved in this case?”

“Are there any other suspects in this case other than Prof. Paresh and Lallan who were arrested?”

Reporters from all over were pouring in questions at Cyrus who tried to remain calm. Shekhar too was seen quite but Tara looked a bit nervous. By the look of it, anyone who sees her would say that she is anxiously waiting for someone to arrive.

A BMW black sedan car rushed and halted nearer the entrance of the courtroom. Opening the car’s door came out the 'power' lady dressed in long black gown, clutching tight a renowned black Chloe Paddington handbag and her legs covered with a Metallic Lilac Leg Strapped Sandals. All heads turned towards the elegant lady and there were loud murmurs heard everywhere “ Madame S! Madame S!”

Jenifer turned towards Cyrus and asked who Madam S was. Cyrus replied, “She is Madame Samantha Naik, now the renowned first lady of our honourable Delhi minister. ”

--------- END OF ROUND ONE--------

My team and I are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at BlogAdda.com. #CelebrateBlogging with us. The sequel to this round one organised by Blogadda will be continued in round two by my team Maximus Dramaticus, who write to thrill. 

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8 Sep 2014

Activities for Toddlers - Homemade Kid's Bow and Arrow

activities for toddlers
Activities for Toddlers - Homemade Kid's Bow and Arrow

Materials Required

Toilet Paper Tube -1
Bamboo Skewers - 2 to 3 (or as per requirement)
Rubber band (stretchable) - 1
Colored papers - 1 to 2 (or as per requirement)
Gum - 1
Scissor - 1
Cottons - a little
Cello tape -1

The homemade bow and arrow is completely safe for children to use and is an interesting activity for toddlers. It is made using available things at home and by recycling toilet paper tube. The below steps explains how to make a basic model homemade bow and arrow. Variations can be made by adding more colors and decorations. 

Step 1: Making of Toilet Paper Tube Bow

activities for toddlers
Kid's Homemade Bow and Arrow
  • Make a hole in the center of the toilet paper tube. This hole will serve both as inlet and outlet for the arrow we will be making in the following steps.
  • Cover and paste a yellow colored paper over the toilet paper tube including the ends. Make sure that the hole is seen.

Step 2: Making of the Bow String

activities for toddlers
Kid's Homemade Bow and Arrow
  • Mark and make a small cut at either end of the toilet paper tube. Similarly do the same on the other side of the paper tube.
  • Pass the rubber band over the cuts on the top and the bottom of the paper tubes.
  • Make one side of the rubber band strong and let the other side be stretchable. The former will impart the required grip for the bow string and the latter will make sure to extend our arrow to the desired length.

Step 3: Making of the Arrow

activities for toddlers
Activities for Toddlers
  • Take a bamboo skewer and cut the sharp end off.
  • Using some cotton, cover the cut end and tape it using a cellotape. This will reduce children getting hurt while using and playing with them.
  • Now, cover the bamboo skewers with colored paper and tape it.
  • Make a small cut on the other end of the skewer so that it stands on the rubber band when you are ready to launch the arrow.

Step 4: Completed Bow and Arrow

activities for toddlers
Kid's Homemade Bow and Arrow
The completed look of the bow and arrow (above) is made using and recycling things at home. It is a complete homemade bow and arrow which is quite harmless but entertaining for the kids.

Variations can include
  • adding more decorations for the paper tube
  • adding watered and colored sponge/cotton to make the striked place colorful.
  • Bigger models can be made using long tubes.

Step 5: Working of completed Bow and Arrow

The enclosed video shows the working of the completed bow and arrow by my little son Berry. So, if you wanted to find out how far does the arrow fly, kindly view the video wherein little Berry skills are seen. Comments appreciated :)

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4 Sep 2014

How to Create Mail Merge in Gmail with Google Docs

I always wanted a way to reach out to my readers other than what blogspot already offers in the name of - syndicating the contents of the post to the subscriber of my blog "Momscribe" whenever a new post goes live. Instead of sending the snippets or entire contents of my blog post, I wanted to send emails which I can personalise according to my needs. Researching the Internet, I found that the work of sending email is done by Mailchimp, Aweber and Mailigen, some of the best online email marketing solution to manage contacts.

But, I wanted something more simpler and that which worked in my power. And this is what I found. Email Marketing for blogs can be done if you have the knowledge of Mail Merge. All you will need is a Gmail account and a Google Drive (using Google Docs Spreadsheet) - both of them free and powerful tools till date. Now, let us see how to mail merge an email using the below four steps.

Note: The below post will explain in detail on how to mail merge your Blogger Blog post with Gmail for creating Newsletter and for sending Bulk emails.

How to Mail Merge an Email


Click this link to go to this specific Google spreadsheet.

In that spreadsheet, click File and Make a Copy giving it a suitable name. Let's name it as "mymailmerge". This will be saved in your Google Drive mail folder.

By default, you have a First Name, Last Name and Email Address column but you can add any number of columns as per your requirement. Remember, that email address column is mandatory.

Now, we need to populate the rows. This can be done in three ways,
  1. By manually filling it on your own, 
  2. By importing your contacts from Gmail to your spreadsheet and 
  3. By making the visitors sign up their contact details and collecting them as responses.

Okay, for the sake of this post, I have entered two email ids manually (using the first option) in my "mymailmerge" spreadsheet. These emails are the ones to which the Momscribe newsletter will be send.

gmail mail merge
Email Mail Merge Steps


We are going to create a email template which will be used to send across various recipients. In my case, it is two of them. For to do this, go to your Gmail inbox and create a new message. Do not fill in the To, CC or BCC fields in your inbox as we will be using mail merging to access the recipients emails. Just fill only the subject line and the body of the email.

In the body of the mail, we will be accessing our spreadsheet column headings and to do this, we got enter the variables as $%Column Title%

Example: For our "mymailmerge" spreadsheet, we have
$%First Name%
$%Last Name%
$%Email Address%

Make sure that the variables that is entered matches exactly the column heading that has been used in our "mymailmerge" spreadsheet. Now, let's see how we can incorporate these variables in our email the way we want - see image below for details.

gmail mail merge
Email Mail Merge Steps


After creating the email template, just leave it open (do not close it) and navigate back to our "mymailmerge" spreadsheet. This is done so that our template is live as a draft in our mailbox and is not deleted. All you need is to just navigate away from our Inbox by leaving the template as such so that whatever we have written inside the body of our email works just fine.

Now, go back to the spreadsheet and click "Mail Merge" from the above. In there, click Standard Merge (see image below).

gmail mail merge
Email Mail Merge Steps
When used the first time, you will get a notification asking for a script to run. Click "OK". After granting access to the script, click on the Mail Merge menu and the Standard Merge again.

You will get a window asking you to choose the template for our mail merge.

mail merge gmail
Email Mail Merge Steps 
In the "Select a template to begin the mail merge" box, you will see a list of templates which has been named exactly as we have entered in the subject line of our email template.

Select the "Momscribe Newsletter" template and then click "Send Mails". You will be getting a message as "The merge is done" as seen in the below image.

mail merge gmail
Email Mail Merge Steps


Success! You should have received a mail just like the template we have created during our mail merge. Also, the same mail is send to whatever email ids we have had in our "mymailmerge" spreadsheet (it can be two or tens or even hundreds).

mail merge email
Success! Mail Merging is done
Similarly, we can extend the features more to what texts we need to send and how it appears by inserting colors, tables, hyperlinks and images.

Hope you found this post helpful!

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30 Aug 2014

Between Me and My Home - a Quick Makeover

Home sweet home, whether it is big or small, situated in the city or not. Like most of you, I too have some favorite spots in my home. I personally love sitting on the sofa situated in the hall reading novels or just stare through the window sky-watching. I also love the comfy corner of my bed just close to the wall facing the street. Whether it is the season of rains or boiling hot days, I have the tendency to make my room go on par with the seasons. Every women is an interior designer when it comes to her home. Likewise, I too love making changes in my home which reflects my mood and which my family often do approve of. After all, it's only me who happen to share a very special bond with every nook and corner of my home being a homemaker and that gives me an advantage when coming to redoing the interiors of my home. After all, she takes care of me and vice versa. Having said that, here I share with you some three basic and interesting designs with minimal pieces which I personally love incorporating in my home.


home decor 
Artjini Red Flowers III Frame Art&
Swayam Magical Linea Bedset
The Yellow Door Round Oil Burner 

I like to incorporate my bed in colors of red and yellow hues from Swayam Magical Linea Bedset which complements the large Artjini Red Flowers acrylic art frame situated just above the bed. The bright colors of the bed sets with its funky patterns imparts some liveliness in the bed room esp. when used during the summer times. Now, what is a bed room without a light lamp. Browsing through the products, I found that this ivory white ceramic Oil Burner as a perfect companion for the night. When lighted, it gives out soft and elegant glow through its abstract design cut out. Another special feature of this lamp is its ability to  use oil, thereby giving out both light and fragrance that makes any night memorable.


home decor
Wonder Arts 3D Effect Wall Decal
Repose Modha Bean Bag Cover -XXXL
Syln Studio Rondeur Red Table Lamp

The above image imparts a stylish and a modern effect. I have chosen the Repose Modha bean bag which is made up of a premium leatherette for its texture and relaxed look. The wall above is decorated with a Wonder Arts 3D effect wall decal which I personally love for its words "Love Home" which sits in the middle with the flower pots on its either side. This 3D effect will give a feel of filling the wall. And to suit both the bean bag and the wallpaper, I choose a chic night lamp which equalizes the color codes of the bean bag and the wall decal. All these products put together will make a feel good appearance in the corner of my room or hallway. Specially, it suits me for having a relaxed resting place hearing music esp. at dawn and night time.


home decor
Aapno Rajasthan Wallmount Set Of Miniature Pots
Karigaari Music Men Set of 4
Earth Welcome Hanging Mural-EH95

I love vintage items. And having traditional decoration now and then in my home imparts an eternal feeling of old times. The theme that I have chosen has calm colors with understated decorations on the wall. All the elements of traditional decoration emphasis only on the work of art. The Aapno Rajasthan miniature pots typically decorated in rich colors and different sizes sitting on the unique wood finish gives the wall a look of timelessness. The Karigaari music men and the Earth welcome hanging mural, both complements the miniature pots wall mount. These decorative pieces will surely be eye catching when placed in kitchen, dining room or hallway.

This post is a part of Makemyhome activity at BlogAdda.com

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