25 Aug 2014

My Online Wedding Planner through Baggout

A wedding is a most important occasion in an individual life and every care should be taken to make it memorable for the whole family. But most of the times, the close ones of the bride or bridegroom family are left to handle the encumbrance of the wedding. Indian weddings includes a large number of customs and rituals from inviting guests to taking care of other arrangements that the immediate family members are left alone to handle them, many a time missing a part of the event and are put under pressure to make the wedding go as smooth as possible giving no place to slightest of mistakes.This is where the magical term "wedding planner" comes in. These wedding planners are in fact a boon for families getting prepared for their children's wedding.

Keeping aside the professional wedding planners, in this post I am going share the details of how one can handle the responsibility when been entrusted the role of a wedding planner in any situation. Yes, as a wedding planner my job is to make sure that my favorite celebrity Kajal Agarwal savour every moment of her Shaadi by being her trusted wedding planner by making all the wedding arrangements right in place and with the right budget.

Starting from wedding invitations, venue arrangement, wedding decorations, wedding attire selection to bridal hair and make-up arrangement, I am all set to search the right bargain at the best price. To make things more easier, let's start by doing all the arrangements online. I have chosen a website called baggout.com which will help me find the right retailer for my needs and more importantly for providing me cash back for my purchases.

Making a wedding planner though Baggout
From the above image, you can clearly see the list of top retailers along with the cash back options they provide. All I need is to pick my retailer through baggout and do my shopping as usual. Rest assured, I will be also be getting my cash back from baggout within days of my shopping. Double Damaka!

wedding invitation
My choice is Vistaprint.com as it has quality wedding invitation cards at best price and it also offers Rs.300 cash back on all purchases through Baggout.

My choice of selection is the blue wedding horizontal folded invitation cards. Vistaprint also allows custom uploads and personalisation. So, I will use these options to further personalise the cards and give it a rick look.

wedding venue
Wedding Venues plays an important role as with wedding decorations. A decent, well light and well ventilated wedding venue makes the guest comfortable and also elevates the grandeur of any wedding. Browsing through Baggout, I found very good hotel deals in Expedia which can serve a very good wedding venue.

Even Car hire and honey moon bookings can be made through Expedia.co.in which offers about 6.0% Cash back on all purchases.


Flower decorations plays an important role in any wedding. The choice of flower and the way it is arranged makes a wedding look at its best.

My choice for Flowers for the wedding decorations are brought from fernsandpetals (www.fnp.com) as it has lots of varieties to offer ranging from flowers bunch, flower bouquets, glass vase arrangement, basket arrangement. Also, this retailer offers me 11.25% cash back on all purchases through Baggout.


wedding attires
Wedding attire for both bride and bridegroom can be brought from Flipkart.com since my gorgeous pick seems to be located there including of min 70% off some fashion accessories.

My selection was  Sherwani set for Bridegroom and  Lehenga Choli for the Bride along with some jewellery sets to adorn the bride.


Bridal collection uses classic and contemporary look that lend an incomparable radiance to every woman who adorns it. Bright and matching to the wedding attire, the bridal jewelleries are brought from suratdiamonds.com at 7.5% Cash back on all purchases through Baggout.

wedding foods

The main highlight of the any wedding is food. It is only the choice of food that displays the grandeur of the wedding. With a lots of options to choose the restaurants, drooling food arrangements are made through foodpanda.com which provides Rs. 30 Cash back on all purchases, again through Baggout.


Items like table mats, napkins, bridal make-up accessories, mehendi and gifts are brought from Limeroad.com which offers Rs. 225 Cash back on all purchases and Myntra.com offering 10.5% cashback on all purchases through Baggout.

With all the arrangements in place, a perfect wedding planner is done all without the hassle of running up and down, travelling from one place to another just by shopping through baggout.com.  So, shall we call it as online wedding planner?  Okay, now its time to return to my favourite celebrity to show her what I have got. Knowing her preferences, I am very well sure she is going to be pleased with all my selections. Well, wishing her in advance Happy Shaadi!

wedding planner
Credits: jamesthomaslong.com
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22 Aug 2014

Must Watch Comedy TV Shows on NDTV Prime

Now for the final post, we are going to see some amusing episodes of both the Rising Star of Comedy and the Bottom Line shows that runs every week on NDTV Prime. 

The Rising Stars of Comedy Show

stand up comedy
Female Stand-up Comedian Vasu Primlani
Do you think only men can do stand up comedy? Well, you are in for a surprise watching the episode “So what if it is election - don’t worry, be happy”. Women are no longer a stranger in doing stand up comedy. Vasu Primlani, one of the top three female stand up comedians in India takes the stage telling the audience about her experiences having a speech impediment as a child, about the hilarious Indian marriages and Men. Well, hearing her speech I understood why I should not sit or stand near anyone who is very angry, even though I make no mistake just to avoid taking a blow with a remark, “Sorry beta, you were closer”.

Following her, the stage was taken by stand up comedian Daniel Fernandes, who talks about how tourists behave in Goa and 46 year old stand up comedian Atul Khatri who speaks about people reacting at the closing gate ceremony on the Indo-Pak borders.

In the “My Name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist” episode, stand up comedian Zahir Khan talks about his childhood memories, his mobile phone experiences, his college life and much more. Don’t forget to meet Sanjay Rajoura, an angry Jaat who calls himself a social satirist and uses his witty language to entertain you. Well, there is no lack for these talented stand-up comedians who are upon the stage just to make you laugh. Make sure you watch them for a lighthearted laugh.

The Bottom Line Comedy Show

comedy shows
The Bottom Line Comedy Show
Coming to the Bottom Line, I believe you need no more introduction as we have already seen in our previous post what the show is all about. 

In the episode “Sikkim, the cleanest State”, Sorabh Pant was wondering about the Finance Minister’s seeking 5 mins break due to his backache in the Parliament in between his Budget Speech and talks about what is so special of the Indian Union Budget 2014. He also shed some light about the controversies surrounding the Indian Railway Budget 2014, about a new statue of Gandhi to be erected in front of the British parliament and more importantly, do observe his ten reasons on why he thinks North East Indians are better than their counterparts starting with Sikkim being the first Indian state to have 100% sanitation.

On “Look Who's Sorry for Humshakals” episode, he talks about the controversial meeting between Ved Pratap Vaidik and Hafeez Saeed, midday meals fiasco, Saif Ali Khan’s Humshakals and much more. You can follow more about these shows on twitter handles @NDTVPrime and @EastIndiaComedy.

On final lines, I thoroughly enjoyed writing for these two comedy shows and hope you too have enjoyed reading them. Let me know your thoughts about these comedy shows in the comments below.

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20 Aug 2014

The Bottom Line – Comedy News with a Twist by NDTV Prime

The Rising Stars of Comedy show that we saw in our previous post shows the hilarious way in which some stand up comedians share their personal experiences. On similar lines, NDTV Prime telecasts an unusually innovative comedy titled “The Bottom Line” discussing contemporary issues, shedding light on some important current happenings.

Telecasted every Thursday at 10 PM only on NDTV Prime, the Bottom Line show is a twisted take on news by men who have no authority to comment on it. Hosted by Sorabh Pant and his team the Bottom Line is a comedy news with a twist.
comedy news
The Bottom Line Comedy News
In the episode “News comedy you don’t want to miss”, host Sorabh Pant starts his speech telling the viewers that their show is still a must watch in spite of its less intelligent and less insightful information because “The Bottom Line” show is endowed with a unique and exceptional “loudness” factor that keeps the crowd glued to the screens. He cleverly picks up topics that swirls through social media and mocks at them. 

Starting with complains on “finding cockroach in Pizza” to India sending their first man on the moon whose first words are “Yahan PE hi no parking”, there are more catchy headlines for the week. The way he took the topic of resignation of Aam Aadmi Party’s Yogendra Yadav is admirable, wherein Sorabh “loud” voice asked Yogendra Yadav to stop writing letters of displeasure for his resignation and instead tweet using the big man’s language – twitter. Adding more, Sorabh says that Yogendra Yadav displeasure of AAP’s Arvind not listening to his suggestion was because of him wearing a muffler a.k.a Bose noise cancellation headphone. ROFL! As funny as it sounds, Sorabh gave his quirky reasons making the viewers see the lighter side of issue which otherwise leads to a lousy situation.

comedy news
Comedy News titled "The Bottom Line"
That’s not it. Just like NTDV Prime news hosted by Ravish Kumar having debates and discussions on controversial topics, the Bottom line show too has its own discussions but in a sarcastic way. Starring stand up comedians like Kunal Rao, Sahil Shah, Sapan Verma and Azeem Banatwalla along with Sorabh Pant, the team discusses a range of issues like SSC spokesperson clarifying textbook errors on behalf of Maharastra state board of education, FIFA’s Goal Line Technology, Union Budget 2014, banning of social media in India and so on which makes you go berserk with laughter.

Needless to say, the opinions formed by watching the first few episodes of the Bottom Line by NDTV Prime are though provoking presented in an engaging and an entertaining way. Your views?

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15 Aug 2014

Laugh watching the Rising Stars of Comedy Show at NDTV Prime

Comedy is a rare talent which shows the lighter side of a human emotion, making people in and around to smile wholeheartedly. Some of the most talented comedian takes the stage tapping you in comedy with hours of laughter. From time to time, you can see these silent talents which roars when picking up the mike starring in their own series of hilarious episodes with relative ease. NDTV Prime runs these shows every Monday and Thursday at 10.00 P.M. straight into your home making you smile wholeheartedly as you relax in your chair.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, one of Delhi's rising stand-up comedians has impressed the audience by delivering jokes by his own observations and experiences in life. In the video  Salman Khan if the fat world", he introduces other notable comedians like Manu Sharma, Siam Hasan, Sumit Anand and Zakir Khan who are self expressive making you laugh in the Open Mic edition which is being shown only on NDTV Prime.

The NDTV Prime Comedy does not stand here, in the video "Meet Rising of Comedy from Bengaluru and Delhi" it brings more talents from the city of Bangalore casting comedians like Ahmed Shariff, Vamsidhar Bhogaraju, Praveen Kumar and Amit Tandon in Jagriti Theater in Bangalore. Another highlight of the NDTV Prime comedy is that most of the speech is in English and anybody who knows English can watch it as well. I must agree that every video is sure to make you laugh featuring artists from different religions and places.
rising stars of comedy

Vamidhar Bhogaraju knows well to make people laugh by just using his name. And Praveen Kumar says that when the whole world was moving to size zero, I have a shape zero pointing towards his protruding belly. He even brought the topic about women making the audience go berserk with laughter. He said about how his maid sends him a text message asking for a day off as "Dear Sir, Please leave me today. I am feeling hot."  Now tell me how naughty that sounds. Too whimsical in this context isn't it. That's not it. Another comedian Amit Tandon enters the stage saying that he was produced by his mother and directed by his wife bringing in some humor about his family and his son.

To have more fun, follow the comedy @RisingStarsNDTV on Facebook and Twitter to get a lighthearted laugh. Now this is only part 1 of 3 reviews of the Rising Stars of Comedy. Very soon I will be writing more fun filled posts about the same giving a platform for these talents to get noticed in the blogging platform.

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14 Aug 2014

Branded Monster High Clothes from Lamaloli

Although I had been busy quite lately with the summer holiday and guests, there are some opportunity that I don't like to miss like this product review. Most children and even some adults are fascinated by characters they see in the movies and very soon acknowledge any clothing products that has their favorite cartoons on it. My kids and I have done that for sure. Having sensed that connection, one website Lamololi.com came up with wide assortments of high quality products of children's most preferred cartoon stars ranging from angry birds to Disney frozen, and sells them at fair prices with effortless payment all at one place. It is one of the leading online Europe's No1. licensed apparel wholesaler selling branded children's clothing which includes all bestselling characters as seen in the below image.

lamaloli review
Lamaloli Kids Fashion 
I was offered to choose my own choice of clothing products for my kids to review it in my blog. Having browsed their website for a while, I must admit that the layout and design of the website was cool , with easy filtering and fast loading of items. It was easy to find what I was looking by browsing through the menu above or going through the list of items under the "Our Brands" tab and even on the sidebar. The size and measurement guide is given for every item making it easy for one to choose the available products of the correct size.

Monsters High being my daughter Cherry's new crush, we opted to select dresses which included them and waited for our delivery. As anticipated, the delivery was quick shipped to my address in about three days and neatly packed.
monsters high clothes

About the Monsters High Clothes

My daughter Cherry was very pleased to see her favorite cartoon on the clothes and the products were as same as presented in the company's website Lamaloli.com. She wore it proudly and said that she looks like a teenager in that dress ( she is secretly wishing to grow up fast I guess) .  

monsters high clothes
Proud and happy little Cherry posing for my camera
The Monster High tops was bright and soft with neat finishing with round neck and all around print. I really liked the pink shade on the tops, absolutely cool for the summer. As for the shorts, it was my favorite made with high quality denim along with adjustable waistband and inside pockets. With the overall look and quality, I was satisfied and would recommend this website for those looking for branded clothes. Yes, even adults can become children once again with their cartoons T-shirts and Sleepovers that suits their taste. Along with the clothes, there are several accessories that suits the brands you select.

One thing that I found is some times you need to be careful while ordering online clothes as it is not like trying them in shops. I opted a size greater than my child's age for safety and it fitted her perfectly well. You can very well check their measuring guide that is seen in every products page and choose the one that best suits you, mostly a size greater is what I recommend.

I like them having various payment options which includes Paypal and return policy of 14 days. The website offers worldwide shipping (excludes few though) and there respective shipping costs is included in their website.

And for the final lines, if you are a parent looking out to buy branded children's clothing like  Disney princess, Barbie, Spider man, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Cars 2, My little pony, Skylanders or Angry birds which offers worldwide shipping through DHL at a wholesale price, then make sure that you save the Lamaloli.com website in your web browser.

Disclaimer: I have received the above product for the purpose of writing my honest feedback. All opinions in this blog are my own. 

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8 Aug 2014

DIY 3D Pop Up Wedding Invitation

I love Pop-ups as these gives life even to a simple card. It is truly magical when we see our creation jumping to life. Once mastered the trick, pop-ups are very easy to create. All you need is time, patience and some imagination. For creating a decent pop-up, you just can use the things available right at your home.

I have created a model of how exactly a pop-up wedding invitation will look like. I have only used basic things like white papers, sketch and color pencils for this project which was created as a mock invitation that I had posted on Instructables. But with few bucks spent on glitters and gold sketch, you can create your own rich sparking invitation.
handmade wedding invitations

Materials Required
    diy pop ups
  • Thick White Paper - 2
  • Pencil, Eraser and Scale - 1 each
  • Craft Knife /Blade -1
  • Crayons and Sketch - as required
  • Flower decorations - as required
  • Pins - as required
  • Gum - 1
  • Cello tape - 1

Step 1: Folding and Planning our Pop-up Image

pop up cards
Take a full size thick white paper and fold it into half. Then, fold again one inch from both sides as shown in the above image. Next, we have to plan our pop-up image. For this, slightly draw an outline like a semicircle on one side of the thick paper. This is where we will be drawing one of our pop up image.

pop up cards

Step 2: Draw the outline of the Pop-up Image

Since this will be a wedding invitation, I thought planning to draw bride and bridegroom would seem to be like a good idea. So, carefully outline the image with pencil strokes inside the semicircle we drew in step 1.

Step 3: Extend the Image to the Other Side

pop up cardsTo add more precise look for the wedding invite, extend further to draw hearts linking from the top bride and bridegroom's image. This will ensure to give a fulfilling look and that's how I liked it. You can even draw flower bouquet instead of hearts and it's up to your personal choice of how you wanted your card to be.

pop up cards

Step 4: Cut out the Pop Ups

Next, with the help of the craft knife carefully cut the image of bride and bridegroom as well as the hearts. These two image will be the pop-ups of our card.
pop up cards
Place another thick white paper of the same size below our first top thick paper. Let's name it as the bottom paper. This paper will cover the holes created by the pop-ups cut in the top paper and will give a wholesome look

pop up cards

Step 5: Create the Stand for the Pop-ups

To make our pop-ups to be in place, we need to create a stand for them. For the top bride and bridegroom pop-up, I used the middle part where there is empty space in between the couples for the stand. Cut it three fourth toward the bottom , then fold it and finally stick it to the bottom paper. Similarly, use a small rectangle paper folded into half with one half glued to the backside of the heart and the other side glued to the bottom paper.

Step 6: Write the invite for the card

pop up cards

This is the main part of our card where we cordially invite friends and family for the celebration by specifying the date,time and place. You can directly write the details on the empty space but I chose a slightly elevated way for the invite. Writing in gold pen/sketch will make a perfect wedding invitation but since this card is a sample model, I chose to do it in pencil itself.

Step 7: Now, give the invite an elevated look

pop up cards

For to achieve this, you need to fold a long rectangular thick paper like a bench (see the above image). Then, place the folded paper upside down and glue it in the place where our invite will go. Now, place the invite over the folded ends and glue it together. Finally, we have given our invite an elevated look.

Step 8: Paste both the top and the bottom paper

pop up cards
I have already mentioned in step 4 that we place another paper, say the bottom paper below the top paper. Now, it's time to glue them together into one. You can glue it even in step 4 itself if you want to. I had taken this long only to ensure I have had things in place since I was planning what should go on the top part just in case if I had to change my idea. But having covered all that it necessary for the top part, I choose to glue it now.

Step 9: Designing the front part

pop up cards
You can design the front part to look flowery with red craft flowers and a thread to tie the card in place. the green thread is to lock the card and in step 11, I have another way to lock the card instead of the thread.

Step 10: The Look 1 - Simple Pop-up Wedding Card

The working of a simple 3d pop up is shown through the above image with simple decoration.
diy wedding invitations
DIY Wedding Invitations
diy wedding invitations

You hand over the card to someone who release the thread to open it. Inside, the pop-ups comes to life along with the written invitation for the wedding.

Step 11: The Look 2 - Adding a Lock

diy wedding invitations

Instead of thread, we can also add a lock model to the wedding card. For this, glue a small and long rectangular paper on to the front part. Then, with another long paper create a latch by inserting one end in between the top and the bottom paper, the other end will pass through the hole in the front side.

Step 12: Add some colours to the card

pop up invitations
I used coloured pencils to give some colour to the inside part of the card. I chose to leave the face of both bride and bridegroom empty as it added unique look to the card. You can also personalize it by adding/embedding the couples face on it.

Step 13: The Look 2- Opening of Pop-up Wedding Card

diy wedding invitations
The opening of this card design is through a lock model similar to hook and latch. And releasing the lock, opens up the card and our pop-ups arise along with the written invitation.

This DIY card is very easy to make and gives a personalized 3D look to your Wedding Invitation.
diy wedding invitations
The card can be extended further adding more colors or polished look adding glitters and gold tone. The couples face can be added on to pop-up bride and bridegrooms image to give a highly personalized look. It will make a lovely invitation with simple things available right at home, saving you lots of money and also adding your own personal touch to the wedding invitation.

Now, tell me do you like this invitation? In case you have done similar invitations feel free to share it here. Also, I would like to invite interested parties/friends to share a post on DIY invitations like the above as a guest post in this blog. Just let me know through my Email ID which you can find above in my contact.

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27 Jul 2014

The Remarkable Ingredients of the Colour Black

B.L.A.C.K! With each and every alphabet, the word sounds bold and demanding. It is the colour that has been under scanner for long, worn for royalty and even portrays mysticism. It is the colour that has been seen as the two sides of a coin having two varied characteristics and for some strong reasons is loved by many. I, one among the many admire and respect the colour black for its "remarkable ingredients" (yes, the brighter side of the colour black) as depicted below.

Black is Bold - Yes, Black is bold and powerful enough that it could exhilarate any colour that it could pair with. It brings forth the hidden beauty of light and semi-dark colours which could have been easily neglected in a glance. Also, black is the only colour that could enhance the beauty of all other colours than itself. 

Black bestows Royalty -  It brings about the bold look and gives a royal feeling. And that's why black colour gains more importance in official works, celebrations and special events.  

sexy blackBlack is Sexy - Sexiness has always been accompanied for clothes in black colours mainly because the black shirts or black dresses are a definite attention-getter. The black colour attire paired with black heels is a statement maker giving a slim look with a sexy appeal to the wearer and is sure to seek attention from the on goers everywhere. Even gadgets like iPads, mobile phones and more looks inviting in black.
Black is sexy, Black is mature
Wear in Greet, Meet or Treat
For Black will turn on the heat
Black is glamour, flaunt secure

the night sky
Image done by PowerPoint
Black is Enlightening - Richard Evans quoted that it is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars and I couldn't agree more. The beauty of night life can be experienced in the black dark sky with bright moon, twinkling stars exposing the aura of the universe. It is also the colour of meditation (as we close our eyes meditating) that brings forth the true meaning of life providing enlightenment.

Black is Mystical - There is something mystical about the colour back that it lures astronomers, psyches and observers like me. Something that is unexplained. The strange and eerie silence during the night, that which depicts almost three-forth of the living things in deep slumber. On the other hand, the appearance of other world termed as the "night world" begins with a transformation that brings out some life forms like fire flies, bats, etc...to the outside world which otherwise not seen during the day time. 

blind poem
Image Credit: Pep Bonet, Poetry by Uma Anandane

Black is Universal - Just look around and you are sure to find something black in colour. You can't even ignore to notice the black colour of your hairs and eyeballs unless you are a blonde. And remember the night time, black is what you see all around you. Black is a universal colour. And if there is one colour that even a blind person can see, then it is the black colour.

And for all the above reasons the colour black holds, I would like to own the following five items,


1 - Black iPad ( Yes, I'm badly in need of one ) - I am crazy about this black Apple item and every time, I see someone owning an iPad, a tinge (or may be much more) of jealously brush over me. Why am I so crazy about black iPad? Wait! who doesn't love black iPad in the first place? Almost everyone does because it looks stylish and splendid in black. The whole idea of owning a bold looking iPad gives a royal feeling. And it is one gadget that holds all that I love doing in my daily life like blogging, reading, hearing songs, capturing photos and video, watching movies, playing games and chatting/using skype with my family members.
black ipad
Black iPad
2 - A Black D&G Sun glass: This brand Dolce & Gabbana is a royal treat to the eyes when worn. It comes in the largest selections of designs, shades and patterns making sunglasses under this brand world famous for its look. I especially like the below glass for its big black frame and the silver stones in form of letters 'DG' glued on the sides of glass frame. It is one of the loved sun-glass and even worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. And wearing this black sun glass will make me look hot walking under the summer sun giving me a celebrity feel. 
Dolce & Gabbana Sunglass
Dolce & Gabbana Black Sun glass
3- Black Saree with Red Border: This combination is a sensation. What's more romantic than to wear a black sari on a date as black is my hubby's favourite colour. I love to possess the gorgeous black saree worn by the Bollywood actress Deepika Pandukone in the movie "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani". The contrast red border along white border embellished with patch work designs with works well with the the black designer pure georgette saree designed by the great Manish Malhotra. And the black designer sleeveless saree blouse has a pure sexy look. With this Saree on me, I'm sure to grab the eyeballs of my hubby or anyone else walking past me. 
Black Saree with Red Border
Black Saree with Red Border
4- A Black Chanel Handbag: I am a sucker of black handbags. Almost all handbags I own, are black in colour. I can't take in any colour other than black for my handbag because of the flawless look the black handbag has. I always wanted to own a premium handbag especially from Chanel. And every time I cross any shop sporting Chanel bags, I hang out admiring the designs and the look of the black handbags esp. embellished in gold. Back with gold is an awesome combination for handbags. The quality and the designs of the handbag just surpass my expectations and given a chance, this is one of the item that I always wish to own.
chanel handbags
Black Chanel Handbag
5 - A Black Car (I mean the real car):  I know, I know that this BMW car is too costly. But wishing to possess one like the below image is not a sin because they look sexy at its best whichever side you look. I wish to travel at least once on this car...sigh! And don't you have such wish too...I bet you have. The shining black surface of the car reflects light making the car looks so posh and stylish. The curves on the car is far to sexy to describe in words. Men and even women (that includes me...me...me) can fall in love with a car like that. Although I would like to own a black BMW car, I'm open to any good looking black car as well (if someone gifted me, lol).
black BMW
Black BMW Car
Just imagine a look sporting all the above and I bet I (or even you) will be the cynosure of every eye. Cool, isn't it! And never underestimate the black colour. The books you read to the blogs you love are all filled with this amazing black colour. Love Black and it starts loving you back! 

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

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22 Jul 2014

A Best way to Learn Spanish for Kids - Speekee

Hola! Buenos días
Cómo estás?
Estoy bien gracias 

For those who are wondering what the above means, the answers are right below the post including a giveaway for one random person to try Speekee for three months. But before that, do read the full post for it introduces you to a different and a best way to learn Spanish language for kids.

Introducing a new language to a child plays an important role in early childhood education with its own benefits. It helps in their intellectual development, opens their learning to different cultures, improves their listening skills, helps when they travel to new places and meet new peoples, make them understand their own native language and also adds as an asset in their resume for their future jobs . Being aware of its advantage, I try to introduce my kids to new languages whenever I get time. Now that Summer holidays has began, I tried to utilise some time in making Cherry and Berry learn a new language along with their native Tamil language. French has been always in my list since I can provide them the right help to their learning of this new language. But, now that I have a chance to try Speekee for kids, a Spanish learning program that targets kids aged 2 to 10 years of age, I planned to start exposing them to basics of Spanish first rather than French.
spanish for beginners
¿Cómo te llama? Me llamo Speekee
(What is your name? My name is Speekee)

What is Speekee?

Speekee is a specialized program which teaches children Spanish language with the use of videos with real Spanish speaking children, puppets, incredible locations to explore, fun online games, flashcards and worksheets. It has two plans: the basic plan which is free having access to limited set of videos and the other is paid subscription giving access to nearly 40 videos and all other resources of Speekee.

At first, I found Speekee a little confusing with just videos straight as you enter their website after creating a login and the video track was like Greek and Latin to the ears. Slowly, I discovered that Speekee has two divisions namely Speekee Fast Track- perfect for young learners ( for children up to 7 years old) and the Speekee Spanish Challenge for older learners (for children 7 years and older). These divisions are clearly organised plans and in case you are starting early, start with the Speekee Fastrack which is a 40 week plan for children which focuses on the first ten episodes in the Speekee series. And every week, the children are suggested activities with corresponding video clips, worksheets and other downloadables.

Working along with Cherry and Berry:

Cherry loved learning a new language as she has always wondered when people from different cultures speaks their own native language in her school. Berry too was interested like his sister. Now that you have known what exactly Speekee is for, I am going to take to our first week's journey where you can get a basic idea of how this Speekee program turned out for us.

Starting with Speekee Fast Track's 40 week plan.

Before starting with day 1, I made sure that I had the flashcards printed and ready for them so that the children can get those 4 to 5 Spanish words registered on their mind. Also, in every video these particular sets of words from flashcards gets repeated so that the children can get the sounds and the place where to use them right. All these ideas on how to carry out teaching to the kids were clearly mentioned in the Speekee's week by week guide. Also, the idea of kids using  puppet Speekee, sock puppets Dino and Lupi converse in Spanish is a great way of making kids interested in the subject. I also need to mention about Jim and the Spanish kids for making the videos great to watch.

spanish for beginners

Each week, Cherry concentrated on a particular set of words through activity based learning. And in two weeks, Cherry was introduced to some basic Spanish words like "Hola", "Muy bien","Me gusta" and "Adios" meaning "Hello","Very well, "I like" and "Bye Bye" including numbers 1-5 and greetings. The whole journey was smooth with videos, fun activities, puppet play and songs. Also it is recommended that children don't need to get every Spanish words in the video right but all they need to concentrate is the repeated words including that's given in flashcards and worksheets. 

So, following these patterns into our two weeks Speekee journey, Cherry learnt some basic Spanish words as well as thoroughly enjoyed Speekee way of learning a new language. Moreover, the songs made the learning enjoyable. Every songs in the video have a pleasant music and are very addicting. I can hear it all day long and in fact, Cherry started to sing few songs along with the Spanish kids in the video. One song that keeps ringing in my ear is "Habla espanol, Habla espanol" song. 

My only concern with this program was whenever I switch from week 1 to other areas in the website using right click "open in a new window", I had to login every time. Otherwise, this program should be appreciated for its new, interesting and unique way of teaching kids a new language. The website is quick in loading, with quality videos and a tab which has a features like "Shout" to say out selected Spanish words from the list for learning the way it sounds.

Overall, Speekee is one of the best program I have used for teaching and learning a new language. This unique approach helps learn Spanish fast for kids. As much as my kids have learnt Spanish , I too have some basic understanding of Spanish language. It is quite easy to follow and learn. Speekee is no doubt the best way to learn Spanish as it utilises the visual  the play way engaging in visual, representational, and auditory teaching of Spanish language for kids.

Below is one activity done by my dear kids based on Speekee,

my kids momscribe
Cherry shows a happy face - Muy bein
Berry shows that he is not happy - No muy bein
Mira! Yo hablo un poco español (Look! I can speak Spanish a little)

Hola! Buenos días (Hello! Good Morning)
Cómo estás? (How are you ?)
Estoy bien gracias (I'm fine thank you)
Muy Bein -(Very well)
Adiós (Bye bye)

Note:  One winner from the comments below will be selected randomly and then will be given a chance to use full package of Speekee for a period of three months. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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