27 Jul 2014

The Remarkable Ingredients of the Colour Black

B.L.A.C.K! With each and every alphabet, the word sounds bold and demanding. It is the colour that has been under scanner for long, worn for royalty and even portrays mysticism. It is the colour that has been seen as the two sides of a coin having two varied characteristics and for some strong reasons is loved by many. I, one among the many admire and respect the colour black for its "remarkable ingredients" (yes, the brighter side of the colour black) as depicted below.

Black is Bold - Yes, Black is bold and powerful enough that it could exhilarate any colour that it could pair with. It brings forth the hidden beauty of light and semi-dark colours which could have been easily neglected in a glance. Also, black is the only colour that could enhance the beauty of all other colours than itself. 

Black bestows Royalty -  It brings about the bold look and gives a royal feeling. And that's why black colour gains more importance in official works, celebrations and special events.  

sexy blackBlack is Sexy - Sexiness has always been accompanied for clothes in black colours mainly because the black shirts or black dresses are a definite attention-getter. The black colour attire paired with black heels is a statement maker giving a slim look with a sexy appeal to the wearer and is sure to seek attention from the on goers everywhere. Even gadgets like iPads, mobile phones and more looks inviting in black.
Black is sexy, Black is mature
Wear in Greet, Meet or Treat
For Black will turn on the heat
Black is glamour, flaunt secure

the night sky
Image done by PowerPoint
Black is Enlightening - Richard Evans quoted that it is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars and I couldn't agree more. The beauty of night life can be experienced in the black dark sky with bright moon, twinkling stars exposing the aura of the universe. It is also the colour of meditation (as we close our eyes meditating) that brings forth the true meaning of life providing enlightenment.

Black is Mystical - There is something mystical about the colour back that it lures astronomers, psyches and observers like me. Something that is unexplained. The strange and eerie silence during the night, that which depicts almost three-forth of the living things in deep slumber. On the other hand, the appearance of other world termed as the "night world" begins with a transformation that brings out some life forms like fire flies, bats, etc...to the outside world which otherwise not seen during the day time. 

blind poem
Image Credit: Pep Bonet, Poetry by Uma Anandane

Black is Universal - Just look around and you are sure to find something black in colour. You can't even ignore to notice the black colour of your hairs and eyeballs unless you are a blonde. And remember the night time, black is what you see all around you. Black is a universal colour. And if there is one colour that even a blind person can see, then it is the black colour.

And for all the above reasons the colour black holds, I would like to own the following five items,


1 - Black iPad ( Yes, I'm badly in need of one ) - I am crazy about this black Apple item and every time, I see someone owning an iPad, a tinge (or may be much more) of jealously brush over me. Why am I so crazy about black iPad? Wait! who doesn't love black iPad in the first place? Almost everyone does because it looks stylish and splendid in black. The whole idea of owning a bold looking iPad gives a royal feeling. And it is one gadget that holds all that I love doing in my daily life like blogging, reading, hearing songs, capturing photos and video, watching movies, playing games and chatting/using skype with my family members.
black ipad
Black iPad
2 - A Black D&G Sun glass: This brand Dolce & Gabbana is a royal treat to the eyes when worn. It comes in the largest selections of designs, shades and patterns making sunglasses under this brand world famous for its look. I especially like the below glass for its big black frame and the silver stones in form of letters 'DG' glued on the sides of glass frame. It is one of the loved sun-glass and even worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. And wearing this black sun glass will make me look hot walking under the summer sun giving me a celebrity feel. 
Dolce & Gabbana Sunglass
Dolce & Gabbana Black Sun glass
3- Black Saree with Red Border: This combination is a sensation. What's more romantic than to wear a black sari on a date as black is my hubby's favourite colour. I love to possess the gorgeous black saree worn by the Bollywood actress Deepika Pandukone in the movie "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani". The contrast red border along white border embellished with patch work designs with works well with the the black designer pure georgette saree designed by the great Manish Malhotra. And the black designer sleeveless saree blouse has a pure sexy look. With this Saree on me, I'm sure to grab the eyeballs of my hubby or anyone else walking past me. 
Black Saree with Red Border
Black Saree with Red Border
4- A Black Chanel Handbag: I am a sucker of black handbags. Almost all handbags I own, are black in colour. I can't take in any colour other than black for my handbag because of the flawless look the black handbag has. I always wanted to own a premium handbag especially from Chanel. And every time I cross any shop sporting Chanel bags, I hang out admiring the designs and the look of the black handbags esp. embellished in gold. Back with gold is an awesome combination for handbags. The quality and the designs of the handbag just surpass my expectations and given a chance, this is one of the item that I always wish to own.
chanel handbags
Black Chanel Handbag
5 - A Black Car (I mean the real car):  I know, I know that this BMW car is too costly. But wishing to possess one like the below image is not a sin because they look sexy at its best whichever side you look. I wish to travel at least once on this car...sigh! And don't you have such wish too...I bet you have. The shining black surface of the car reflects light making the car looks so posh and stylish. The curves on the car is far to sexy to describe in words. Men and even women (that includes me...me...me) can fall in love with a car like that. Although I would like to own a black BMW car, I'm open to any good looking black car as well (if someone gifted me, lol).
black BMW
Black BMW Car
Just imagine a look sporting all the above and I bet I (or even you) will be the cynosure of every eye. Cool, isn't it! And never underestimate the black colour. The books you read to the blogs you love are all filled with this amazing black colour. Love Black and it starts loving you back! 

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22 Jul 2014

A Best way to Learn Spanish for Kids - Speekee

Hola! Buenos días
Cómo estás?
Estoy bien gracias 

For those who are wondering what the above means, the answers are right below the post including a giveaway for one random person to try Speekee for three months. But before that, do read the full post for it introduces you to a different and a best way to learn Spanish language for kids.

Introducing a new language to a child plays an important role in early childhood education with its own benefits. It helps in their intellectual development, opens their learning to different cultures, improves their listening skills, helps when they travel to new places and meet new peoples, make them understand their own native language and also adds as an asset in their resume for their future jobs . Being aware of its advantage, I try to introduce my kids to new languages whenever I get time. Now that Summer holidays has began, I tried to utilise some time in making Cherry and Berry learn a new language along with their native Tamil language. French has been always in my list since I can provide them the right help to their learning of this new language. But, now that I have a chance to try Speekee for kids, a Spanish learning program that targets kids aged 2 to 10 years of age, I planned to start exposing them to basics of Spanish first rather than French.
spanish for beginners
¿Cómo te llama? Me llamo Speekee
(What is your name? My name is Speekee)

What is Speekee?

Speekee is a specialized program which teaches children Spanish language with the use of videos with real Spanish speaking children, puppets, incredible locations to explore, fun online games, flashcards and worksheets. It has two plans: the basic plan which is free having access to limited set of videos and the other is paid subscription giving access to nearly 40 videos and all other resources of Speekee.

At first, I found Speekee a little confusing with just videos straight as you enter their website after creating a login and the video track was like Greek and Latin to the ears. Slowly, I discovered that Speekee has two divisions namely Speekee Fast Track- perfect for young learners ( for children up to 7 years old) and the Speekee Spanish Challenge for older learners (for children 7 years and older). These divisions are clearly organised plans and in case you are starting early, start with the Speekee Fastrack which is a 40 week plan for children which focuses on the first ten episodes in the Speekee series. And every week, the children are suggested activities with corresponding video clips, worksheets and other downloadables.

Working along with Cherry and Berry:

Cherry loved learning a new language as she has always wondered when people from different cultures speaks their own native language in her school. Berry too was interested like his sister. Now that you have known what exactly Speekee is for, I am going to take to our first week's journey where you can get a basic idea of how this Speekee program turned out for us.

Starting with Speekee Fast Track's 40 week plan.

Before starting with day 1, I made sure that I had the flashcards printed and ready for them so that the children can get those 4 to 5 Spanish words registered on their mind. Also, in every video these particular sets of words from flashcards gets repeated so that the children can get the sounds and the place where to use them right. All these ideas on how to carry out teaching to the kids were clearly mentioned in the Speekee's week by week guide. Also, the idea of kids using  puppet Speekee, sock puppets Dino and Lupi converse in Spanish is a great way of making kids interested in the subject. I also need to mention about Jim and the Spanish kids for making the videos great to watch.

spanish for beginners

Each week, Cherry concentrated on a particular set of words through activity based learning. And in two weeks, Cherry was introduced to some basic Spanish words like "Hola", "Muy bien","Me gusta" and "Adios" meaning "Hello","Very well, "I like" and "Bye Bye" including numbers 1-5 and greetings. The whole journey was smooth with videos, fun activities, puppet play and songs. Also it is recommended that children don't need to get every Spanish words in the video right but all they need to concentrate is the repeated words including that's given in flashcards and worksheets. 

So, following these patterns into our two weeks Speekee journey, Cherry learnt some basic Spanish words as well as thoroughly enjoyed Speekee way of learning a new language. Moreover, the songs made the learning enjoyable. Every songs in the video have a pleasant music and are very addicting. I can hear it all day long and in fact, Cherry started to sing few songs along with the Spanish kids in the video. One song that keeps ringing in my ear is "Habla espanol, Habla espanol" song. 

My only concern with this program was whenever I switch from week 1 to other areas in the website using right click "open in a new window", I had to login every time. Otherwise, this program should be appreciated for its new, interesting and unique way of teaching kids a new language. The website is quick in loading, with quality videos and a tab which has a features like "Shout" to say out selected Spanish words from the list for learning the way it sounds.

Overall, Speekee is one of the best program I have used for teaching and learning a new language. This unique approach helps learn Spanish fast for kids. As much as my kids have learnt Spanish , I too have some basic understanding of Spanish language. It is quite easy to follow and learn. Speekee is no doubt the best way to learn Spanish as it utilises the visual  the play way engaging in visual, representational, and auditory teaching of Spanish language for kids.

Below is one activity done by my dear kids based on Speekee,

my kids momscribe
Cherry shows a happy face - Muy bein
Berry shows that he is not happy - No muy bein
Mira! Yo hablo un poco español (Look! I can speak Spanish a little)

Hola! Buenos días (Hello! Good Morning)
Cómo estás? (How are you ?)
Estoy bien gracias (I'm fine thank you)
Muy Bein -(Very well)
Adiós (Bye bye)

Note:  One winner from the comments below will be selected randomly and then will be given a chance to use full package of Speekee for a period of three months. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a 3 month subscription to Speekee in return for my honest review. No monetary compensation was exchanged and all opinions are my own.
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18 Jul 2014

Beeswax Real Rose LED Candle

beewax candle

Beeswax are natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees. Beeswax have been used for variety of purposes and one of them is making beeswax candles. Beeswax candles are said to be the healthiest candle since they are completely natural and environment friendly. Apart from making ordinary burning candle by pouring the liquid beeswax into a container, I tried to make something different with some decoration and using LED light. It is called " the Beeswax Real Rose LED Candle". The light produced gives out a golden colour and the decorations gives out a embossing effect (or say bulging effect). Moreover, it stays long and makes a perfect gift on any occasion.

Materials Required

beewax candle
Beewax - 2 to 3 bars
Balloon -1
Real rose bud with leaf - 1
LED light - 1
Scissor - 1
Paper plate - 1 ( optional)
Water - to boil
A Pan and a bowl (always use any old pans and bowls since once you have melted the beeswax in the pan you can't use the same again for making any dishes)

Step 1: How to make the Beewax LED light holder

beewax candle
  • Fill the balloon with tap water until it is half filled.
  • Tie the end of the balloon with a band or a thread. I have used another long balloon to tie the water filled balloon.
  • Melt the beeswax bar in a bowl.You can do this using a double boiler. For my project, I have used the pan to boil the water and melted the wax inside the bowl by
  • placing the bowl onto the boiling water. The heat from the boiling water keeps the wax in liquid state.
  • Before proceed to the next step, slightly oil all around the balloon. This will make for easy removal of the beeswax in the final step.
  • After completing step 4, place the water filled balloon carefully into the liquid beeswax and rotate it so that the beeswax coats all around the balloon sides . The
  • wax cools down quickly so make sure you follow this step carefully. Also, avoid the balloon to touch the sides of the bowl other than the wax.
  • After careful coating of the beeswax around the balloon, release the balloon to let the water out. The final beeswax after removing the balloon will looks like a hollow semi circle beeswax.

Step 2: How to Wax Coat the Real Rose

beewax candle
  • Select a small real rose bud along with leaf according to your candle size requirement. I have used a rose bud from my garden.
  • Dip the rose bud in liquid beeswax. By doing so, you are allowing the beeswax to coat the rose and the leaf.
  • The resultant will be a waxed rose and a waxed leaf which possess a kind of artificial yet appealing look. Also by doing so, the real rose will preserve its look for
  • long without drying.

Step 3: Making of the Real Rose LED Beeswax Candle

beewax candle
  • Place the real waxed rose with leaf over the side of the candle holder and join them both using the remaining melted wax.
  • Remove any excess using a blade and carefully trim the corners of the hollow semi circle beeswax.
  • Now, place the hollow end of the candle holder above the LED candle ( see below image). You can also add some decorations on the sides to make it quite attractive
beewax candle
beewax candle

The above is only a smaller version of the candle as I had only ordered and brought 2 bars from ebay for this project. You can make a bigger size of the same candle by melting more beeswax and dipping the balloon into it. By making similar kinds of LED rose beeswax candle, you can decorate your home or add light to any kind of parties. It will also make a perfect gift. And moreover, without melting through candle light this model will stay lighted longer. You just need to change the LED batteries. Hope you enjoyed this post.
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11 Jul 2014

How to Create A Scroll Back To Top Button

Previously I had written a post on "How to create a Simple Back to Top Button" for designing your own buttons using few basic softwares such as MS Powerpoint and MS Paint. As the name says, it was a simple button and now regarding a request from "Rafaqat Ali", here is another blog post for a Scroll Back To Top Button instead of moving to top quickly. For this, you need to add a simple jquery in the <head>.../<head> section of your blog layout and call the function in our code - all in just two steps as given below.

STEP 1: JQuery to be added in the <head> section of Edit HTML of Blog Layout

 //Check to see if the window is top if not then display button
  if ($(this).scrollTop() > 100) {
  } else {
 //Click event to scroll to top
  $('html, body').animate({scrollTop : 0},800);
  return false;

Use the above codes in between <script> ...</script>

STEP 2: Call the JQuery function by adding class="scrollToTop" inside our code

<a href="#" class="scrollToTop" style="bottom: 10px; display: scroll; left: 5px; position: fixed;" title="Back to Top">
<img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TwrQa_HSI1c/U6r9nGXV6XI/AAAAAAAALTk/aGPdSIeoBP4/s1600/back+to+top+button.png" />

Just add the above codes (under step 2) in Blog Layout -> Add a Gadget -> HTML/JavaScript and save your arrangement. Now, go to your webpage bottom and click the "Back to Top" button to see how good it scroll backs to the top.

Note: Notice that the only change we had made to our previously written back to top button code was the addition of just class="scrollToTop" in the a href above.

How to Create An Animated Scroll To Top Button

In case of creating an animated scroll back to top button, just use a .gif image instead of a .png image in the code above,

Example: Try this gif image (credits: funnybunnywebsites)
animated back to top buttonwhose image code is inserted as below,

<a href="#" class="scrollToTop" style="bottom: 10px; display: scroll; left: 5px; position: fixed;" title="Back to Top">
<img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-D6QT1TXPPhc/U78XF21xFKI/AAAAAAAALis/eXRPy4sBdLI/s1600/animated-up_arrow-red-yellow.gif" />

Hope you have benefited from this post! Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

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8 Jul 2014

Solved: If this markup is about a person, at least 2 of the following fields are needed - Rich Snippets

I'm back again with yet another Google Rich Snippets error and its workable solution. It has become a sort of habit sharing my experience on how I solved blogging errors in hope of guiding someone who might need some help. And many times, it does.

How to solve Error: If this markup is about a person, at least 2 of the following fields are needed: organization, location, or role.

rich snippets
Why do you get this error? It is because of Google piloting the display of author information in search information. And so if you have a blog or website or working for one, then you need to know how to set these in order to make Google recognize you and display the results accordingly.

Solution for fixing this rich snippet error

1. Go to Blog Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML

2. Find this 'post-author vcard' using CTRL+F which looks like,
rich snippets

3. Just below <span class='fn'>...</span>,  enter the following values
<span class="org">Company/Organisation Name</span>
<span class="role">Your role</span>
which exactly will look like below,

rich snippets

4. After entering the values as given in the yellow box, save your template and view your website again in Structured Data Testing Tool.

Result: Your errors are fixed and the whole extracted details will look like below
rich snippets


Note: Do remember that you can see the changes in your Webpage as well as in Google search results.
rich snippets
rich snippets
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