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I have a special liking to the Disney Fairy tales since my childhood.The thought of Magic and fairies kindles a sort of delightment in me.I have watched all the fairy tales from Snow White to Tinkerbell.I noticed that the story of " The Beauty and the Beast" of Disney Movie and the present hit " Twilight series" by stephenie meyer entwines a special connection between them.A woman falling in love with a Beast or Vampire.
As far as we know,they are stories of fiction.But in real life,sometimes woman tend to fall in love with a beast meaning someone not normal human ,say the bad guys.

What is that which attracts normal and beautiful woman to some one who is abnormal and bad.The fact is always "Opposite poles do Attract each other".The quality we possess does not get lots of attention from us.The one we dont have gets lots of attentions.So a normal beautiful woman falls for guys just opposite to her with the qualities she doesnt have.This continues untill the routine games becomes something out of interest within a couple of months or until she realises she is bored out of abnormal.They are just short lived attraction.
In our fiction,the beast at the end becomes a handsome prince in the fairy tale or the vampire is afterall a good vampire in Twilight.Unless,this tremendous change occurs which is impossible in real life,women tends to get heart-broken with those bad guys.
Now coming to the other relation which holds a beast like character in us is the only and one "EGO".Eventually it holds a steady place in everyones heart.Pride and Prejudice will never give up.If Ego cannot be sacrificed atleast it can be made to empathize with an "Yes,I am mature and I have to act like a mature ".This is what sometimes I do when my Ego is ready to defend itself.Sometimes when fear is more than the Ego,we feel defendless , powerless and start to feel insecure .This is depression of heart which I am not getting into detail now since it is not in our context of "Beast".Overall ,the result is there is a " Beast " living in everyone .It is calm and quiet until it is given a chance to come out.


  1. EGO,yes I agree with it!well written post uma:)


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