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What is the gender of my unborn baby? Is is wrong to know it before the baby is born. In countries like US and UK, it is fine to know the gender of your unborn baby and every parent has the right to know it in their 5th month Ultra-scan report.

In some countries like India, it is not permissible for good. But every mother likes to guess her baby - is it a prince or princess. We have our good old grandma or relatives guessing the sex of the baby, "Look at your bump! it must be a girl :)". Their guesses rely mainly with their experiences in human behavior and physical appearance of the mom-to-be. Here are some assumptions which is thought to be true. Why don't you try this to find out yourself?
Table to predict the gender of your Baby
predict baby gender

Mum-to-be craving more sweet itemsMum-to-be craving cheese and red meat
The Mum's bump is big and noticeable from behindThe bump is small and not much noticeable
The Mom has lost her good looks The Mom is quite cheerful with her good-looks
The Mom has gained a lot of weight than beforeThe Mom has lost some weight than before
Mum-to-be sleep more on the Right side Mum-to-be sleep more on the Left side 
Spring and summer season favour GirlsFall - October and November favour Boys
Look at the mirror and your pupil don’t dilatesLook at the mirror and your pupil dilates
You are moody and are not much cheerfulYou are quite cheerful
Your baby moves activelyYour baby does not  move actively
You have thin,dull hair and your shin is softYou have full,shiny hair and your skin is dry
Chinese Chart to calculate the gender of your baby before or  after Conception.
Click the image to get a bigger picture.

predict baby gender

The above post is created just for awareness or planning your next birth of the child. It is believed to be 90% accurate and is a source of ancient knowledge. It can be used for the purpose for fun as well. Share it if you like it!


  1. Good post! will be helpful for planning for next child as you say :)

  2. Helpful....but not now....After two year

  3. @anonymous - Thanks!
    @Jidhu - lol,well tell me after two years whether the post was useful and true


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