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There are few people in our life that we wish to talk or meet in person if given a chance apart from the emotional attachments like family and friends. I too have some favourites to whom I would like to talk at least once in my lifetime just the sake of telling others "Bingo! I have spoken to  them". Some may not be alive and some though alive are not that easy to visit or talk. If I could have a chance to speak with them either through a short message or voice chat with my reasons as to why and what is this post.

Poet Subramanya Bharatiyar

subramaniya bharathiyar

I grew up reading his amazing poems. He has in a way influenced me to write poetry. His words were powerful and provided voice for social issues that our nation faced.
meaning there is no caste system , dividing people under caste is a sin, those who are superior are the ones with Conscious, Knowledge and Love.

I will add him in my WeChat group and tell 

"You gave a language its soul through your poetry. You gave a nation food for thought. With big moustache and powerful eyes , you were brave in your looks and with your mighty pen, you were brave enough to steer the human emotions of being free through your poems. 
Even after several years, your poems still haunt us. "

Albert Einstein
albert einstein

I remember reading about his life in my English school book during my school days. I was amazed at his intelligence and findings at that age. I am still in awe of his relativity theory ,  worm holes and time reversal concepts. How many times I have wished to go back to my past and correct few mistakes just to start things anew. I will definitely add him in my WeChat group and tell him,

" Have you stayed longer, we would have a Time machine by now. I would go back , to my past to mend mistakes , talk with my great grand parents and grand parents with it. And I will foresee my future to make sure everything is alright and plan accordingly. Wish you were still there !"
albert einstein

Micheal Jackson 
Michael Jackson

I have always been a great fan of his songs. I secretly wished to attend  his London concert in 2010, which came partly true since we planned to visit UK that year. But, unfortunately  he was laid in rest that year. So, I would use this chance to add him up in my We chat group and ask ,

" Man, how much I miss your music!. You were the king of pop and know what, the first English song that I learnt by heart and sang was your " Heal the World" song. Great words and awesome music. Wish I could have attended your concert once. "

Actor Rajinikant
rajinikant hero

Ha ha is it? He was the person for whom we flocked to the theaters for his first day first show years back. I have a cousin who calls him by the name "thalaivar" meaning "master". And years back, whenever this super star appears in the TV for a talk show, I can recall all elders as well as kids sitting in front of the TV with a pin drop silence just to hear him speak. Super Starna summava ! Yes, I will add him in my WeChat group and tell,

" Thalaiva, It's a surprise to talk to you now. How about a real meet up and few clicks so that I can show everyone esp. to my cousin and tell , "Ingae paar, Thalaivar kooda oru photo" . I really really like all your films. What a  style Man ! Those were the days."
Actress Jothika

Though silly as it might sound, I secretly admire this lady. I grew up seeing her movies during my teens and in a way can relate myself with her roles in the movies. She is one actress whose beauty did not matter in her movies. She had a child like face and a bubbly character. She brings smiles to my face with her performance. I would add her to my WeChat group and talk for hours .

" I grew up seeing your movies during my teens , blah...blah...blah. Tell me how was it the first day of your shooting? What made you love actor Surya ? and ... "

...all that sounds utter stupidity.
And if I have to add more people in my WeChat group, the list goes on, 

KB  Sundarambal:

What a personality this woman is ! She is the queen of singing. She has a unique and melodious voice. Her performance in the movie "Avvaiyyar" as a Tamil poet-saint was mind-blowing and I was just carried away with her song,"Pazam Nee Appa" - her voice melts my heart. She is worth adding into my WeChat group.

Thiru ArutprakasaVallalar:  
My spiritual guide. Somehow, he happened to strike a chord in me with the same interest on "Murugar". I try to follow his readings. And if I add him in my WeChat group, there are many things I need to converse with him.

Maestro Illayaraja :
He is man with a Midas touch , a legendary musician. I can awake, sing, cook, dance, eat and even sleep with his music around. He is a legend for Melody music.

Maestro AR Rahman
After Illayaraja, this man entered my heart with his unique musical talent. I can still keep on hearing all his Roja songs .

Dr. Abdul Kalam:
He is such an inspiring person. I have read his book "Wings of Fire" and I have lived with his character. He is worth to be a role model for young generations.

and the list increases ...

PS : This post was written for WeChat, the new way to connect! contest by WeChat's Youtube channel and Indiblogger

You may also like to read my other entry named " The Miracle App - before I leave this world " where I have given a post along with a short fictional video.


  1. Wish, I could talk to some of my faves too like you did!! Good one, Uma. Recently a blogger presented me Poet Subramanya Bharatiyar's english translation of Panchali's Pledge. I am grateful to that blogger-friend. Though, I had read some of his creations on internet earlier.

    1. Yes! at least through imagination. I read few of his English translations too but I feel his emotions through Tamil were more powerful.
      Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Was fun reading through you wish list of famous personalities, past and present. Good luck for the contest :)

    1. Yes!though fun , they are true from my heart :)
      Thanks for your visit!

  3. hehehehe Loved it...count me in for...RAJNIKANT, JACKSON!!!!
    I hope you win..this was awesome.

    1. Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it too :)

  4. Really amazing compilation. Superb.

  5. that a really nice post..... :)

    keep in touch

  6. Anonymous16 June, 2013

    What a fun post! :-)

  7. Hey Uma, I liked your post. Firstly the people you choose are not only inspiring but heart warming as well and the efforts you made to make it look more fun. All the best for the contest. :)

    Mine @ HERE

    1. That's kind of you , thanks :)
      Yes,this post provided me a wonderful opportunity to tell about some people who I secretly admire :)

  8. Giving your reason for your choice in a WeChat-oriented format is a nice touch. Loved it.

    All the best for the contest!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks Arvindji!Glad to see you again :)

  9. I wish I could have attended MJs concert. How I wish!

  10. I liked your choice of people.. simply amazing.. :)

  11. Beautiful post, Uma.. straight from the heart. All the best for the contest :)

  12. I would love to speak to Dr. Abdul Kalam and A.R Rahman ! Loved the post !

    1. *smiles - we still can when the time is right :)

  13. Beautiful post, liked it

  14. Wow loved reading it Uma. :)

  15. You touched a chord. Bharathiyaar, Ramalinga adigal, K.B.Sundarambal... aha.. this is our culture our heritage, our spiritual realisation path. Thanks.

    1. *smiles :)
      Thanks for your kind comment !

  16. Anonymous23 June, 2013

    i bet Einstein would have had the same question from me as well and the regret of no time machine !! :)
    Rajini sir seems to be a favourite of many .. :)
    Loved your selection .. especially the ones I knew
    Best of Luck for the contest dear Uma !!

    1. Yes! Time machine and worm holes , it was already possible then
      Happy that we have some same favorites :)
      Thanks for visiting !

  17. That was a nice selection of people for sure... nicely put.
    Congrts for the win.. :)

  18. Just got to reading your blog and I really admire your writing Uma.. sometimes it takes a win to discover a great blog and I am so glad I discovered yours! :)


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