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To start with , I am happy to be born as a women mainly for one reason.To become a Mother. I am one now. *smiles*.This is my third stage of my life as I have analysed it.

The first stage or role of a daughter was a blessed years , growing up in the protection of our parents. Not to forget our brother or our sister too.We share bits and pieces of everywhere ,from studying to playing five cats detective officers or shoppers .All we knew at that age was just to learn and get a decent job since our parents did everything else for us.We fight furiously with our siblings taking complains from one parent to another.But however angry we may be we still stay protective if we find any other person interfering our province.Of course ,the blood is thicker than water.

The once daughter turns into a women .At this stage, she is married of to a new family with dowry and cash.She is experiencing the second stage of her life, as a wife to her husband and a daughter-in-law to her in-laws.At this stage ,she relies fully on her husband .She learns about the people surrounding her slowly.Most of the time,an Indian woman is not lucky enough to enjoy what she had in her birth place.Lots of emotional conflicts arises,as to whom her husband belongs to ,whether the role played by a husband is stronger or the role played by the son is stronger leading to misunderstanding and problems in the family.This is still going on one hand in a joint family in India.

On the other hand in nuclear life,both couples have to share their responsibility to maintain a smooth life.Ninety six percentage of womens stays at home,taking care of the kids and the house ,cooking and washing, doing all the household chores whereas men go out to work to earn the bread for his family.If any one of them ignores the duty or their responsibility,it will have a bad affect on a woman.Its like give and take policy or something similar to it.

The third stage is being a mother.This is a very special stage and in fact a delightful stage in a women's life.She conceives and starts awaiting her child birth building dreams on how her little one would be.The day she gives birth,she experiences a bliss that she have never experienced before.Her whole day is spent upon her baby, feeding ,cleaning and grooming the baby.In fact, she starts to spends her whole life for her baby watching her baby's first word, first walk and going to school and finally to college.

A special bond is developed in case if the baby is a daughter.A mother -daughter bond ,its a bond that one cannot ignore.A mother is a whole sacrificer never expecting anything in return unlike the siblings or in-laws or a husband or her children.A father sacrifices but not to a extend a mother can do.A mother is the one who is flexible to the feelings of her young ones .I still remember my mom saying even now "I still yearn for my mother to share her love and support" though my grandma died when my mom was just 10 years old.Such is the need of the presence of a Mother for a daughter in her all her stages of a life as a daughter, wife or daughter-in-law and as also when she becomes a Mother.

Like a cycle is our life - the front wheel is the dad who is moving forward carrying the whole family behind, the back wheel is the mom who is the backbone of the family.Without any of the wheel working correctly,the cycle wont move forward.The pedals are the children ,they move both the wheels at the same time.Without wheels,there is no cycle.

The fourth and final stage ,is more matured stage teaching the young ones from her experiences .

Finally, from all the above four stages and in between the problems faced by today's women due to family related problems or money related problems ,one thing that maintains the essence of women's life in this earth is being - A Mother

Dancing lady sacrifices herself
Drops of hot tears of happiness
Melting her way down in the dark
Spreading light for her Children's Life

Only Mother's Love


  1. Wow!very nicely written.I fall into the third category :):)

  2. Very well written :)
    Am still in the first stage

    So bfully conveyed and neatly too


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