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He was not worth a penny for her.She turned him down.

Today was her first job in the library.She was struck by a photo,its resemblance.When enquired ,she knew he was a landlord ,once owned this place on which the library stood.Bad fortune led his family penniless.

Somehow,she felt the person on the photo was smiling at her.

from mylittleworld


  1. Portraits speak to us...

    Here is mine:

  2. Hmm...interesting and quite deep once you get it but somehow (maybe because of the word limit) the story is confusing.
    Also, 'he was not worth a penny for her' could probably be better as without the 'for her' and makes more sense. (If I interpreted it right).

  3. @gautami -Thank you :)
    @Sakhi - hmm...I tried that too...but its still more confusing as to what he is related I went with that "to her"...

    As you say "there is a word limit" but its simple as that like it's an "excerpt" from a story...she is money-minded and because of that she turned him down but when she landed on a job in a library ,she came to know that his great-grandfather was a rich person and due to some reasons his generation landed in poverty.Somehow she felt guilty when things get related to one another.....

  4. nice..and perhaps too she made the right decision...but then there is that smile.

  5. I like the cryptic, upbeat ending. Seems hopeful.

  6. hahaha.. she did the right thing apparently.. clever take!


    Weekend Hugs xx

  7. Nawwww...
    He was smiling WITH her!!!
    I just love smirky 55's
    Thank You so much for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. It just goes to show people are always more than they seem.

    - Alice

  9. That is a sly little smile captured there. The male Mona Lisa. Great 55.

  10. Interesting, offbeat, striking work.


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