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She looked at the half filled wine.He had drunk again breaking his promise.He lay asleep on the sofa.He was shivering .She looked at him with a sigh and then covered him with a blanket.She then went to sleep.

Next Morning,

She woke up to find him still asleep.She freshened up and woke him up with hot coffee.He was sad for he couldn’t keep his promise.She was always there for him and forgave him however rude he was.Reading his mind,she said," Like I forgave you ,your liver will not."

She never guessed .He knew the truth and so he drank again


  1. a straight forward take on the prompt and the ills of drinking...thoughtful Magpie..bkm

  2. Intriguing piece! Nicely done.

  3. ooooooooooooooooooooooooh, thats good.

    thank you for your comment

  4. ah, if she knew his thoughts always also, he might have never realized her love! alcohol acts like it'll make one forget!

    My Magpie Post


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