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I love these innovative yet ecological thinking.Thanks to my genes which gets me attracted to ideas , makes me to admire without resistance and finally write about them.This is one video that I came across while surfing for innovations in households.
A House that produces its own water and Energy

The above is one example where a house can produce its own water and energy.Yet one more example of a tremendous project that motivates natural living for the rural people is the Sadana Forest project that is undergoing in Auroville, Pondicherry.

So what is special about it ?I can hear you ask.It is a mini village that produces its own water, electricity and food all in a natural way.I have written about this project when I blogged about "Free Electricity" months ago.Now I love to write more about it with the details of what I know .

What is Sadana project and where is this place located?
Sadana project is a non-profit volunteer based project started by two couples Yorit and Aviram Rozin who transformed their 70 acres of severely eroded land on the outskirts of Auroville into a a vegan farm and an ecological energy resources focused to support the local rural villages by retaining water,cultivating their own foods and they by preventing exodus and loss of natural resources.

The next question that arises is that how to they that ?Thanks to my friend who supported me to write more in detail about this.Let me brief out on each topic .If I left out anything,you can add them on the comment below.

They use very less water and they follow the principle to put back more water to the ground than what they use from it.They have a state of the art water filtering system in place for drinking and cooking.The use digging and bunding( an embankment) to preserve water .By doing so,they prevented water from running off and peculate back to the earth thereby increasing the water table and nourish the plants and trees that grow there.It is a simple concept of Water Conversation and Reforestation.

You guessed right!.It is Solar energy from the Solar panels with batteries that they make use of.A free available source of energy almost every months in a year.No need for depending electricity from the government.No fans either since the huts in Sadana forest has enough ventilations in their homes with enough trees that provides them natural ventilation.

They use Bucket water for bathing got from hand pump and a small pool where they can chill off in summer. And for pooing ,it was a Dry Compost Toilets.Learn from the animals how to live.I can recall my pet cat pooing this way .Dig a hole ,poo into it ,close it and let it turn into a compost waiting to be used for re-forestation.They have dug one already for you

They grow their own vegetables from the water they used for bunding and the composts.And they are completely Vegan foods.They cook their food accordingly and the kitchen wastes are separated into Raw, Citrus and Cooked Food. This is again made into a compost used for reforestation.

Nothing is wasted here.All are recycled back to the nature.If one forest can bring a change recycling and living with nature what about the other places.You can volunteer yourself into the Sadana project and see how it feels to live in nature


If any of my Pondicherry friends or readers read this post, kindly visit this place if you haven't .And if you have visited them, kindly share what else or more you know about them or I haven't written here.


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