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Qvendo made me to write yet another post about them again because it was only now that I understood of how Qvendo works.On my last post about Qvendo , I have blogged about my wishlist of Products "Qvendo's Miniatures"  I would like to buy if given a chance .I gave my best post and again when today I logged in to check my wish list, most of my wish-lists were missing .I can't find my selected miniatures.I rechecked again and then I finally found out how it works.

Qvendo, a online shopper works on the principle "We Change as the season changes".It's like you can buy all the best brands in one place but within the required time.They have a particular time limit in which they provide a flat 50% to 70% discount on some worlds best products.And as the sale ends, they invite now products to add to their wishlist.So by this way, they keep rotating the sales of best brands providing the lucky buyers their best discount and also Qvendo keeps upgrading its market value.What an idea!So you can now understand its business tricks of how Qvendo is able to provide us such less price of worlds best products.

So what they mean by Private Online Shopping?

It means you got to sign up with Qvendo and they will keep updating you whenever they have sales put up in their website so you may get a chance to purchase the best products with their discounted price.You can only shop through Qvendo only if you are a member (Free Sign-Up) .Remember only those who signed-up know about the future discounted sales of products.But to become a Qvendo club member , you should be invited by either existing Qvendo members or the Qvendo Team.That's the reason they are private.

If you want to become a Qvendo club member ,do read the final lines in this post.

Advantage of being a Qvendo Member:
  • You can access Luxury fashion from all around the world at significant prices
  • You can access Brands and Styles that are NOT available in India.
  • Qvendo transactions are secure and confidential at all times since it uses Wirecard AG, a Germany's leading international payment gateway
  • It has door to door delivery in India and ships your products within 4 to 5 working days.
  • It handles every aspects if delivery including custom inqueries and taxes
  • It ships your products through International Airfreight using reliable Fedex
Today as I browsed, I came upon some more best products .Get your hands on them by signing up [ and don't forget to recommend my name in the process :)] before the sales ends .

Value : Top Designers,  Exclusive Boutiques and Significant savings 

D&G DESIGNER WATCHES(Sales ends on 14th Dec2011) with Free Shipping
RICH & ROYAL (Sales ends on 7th Dec 2011) with Free Shipping

HUNTER BOOTS  (Sales ends on 39th Nov 2011)with Free Shipping

REPLAY JEWELS (Sales ends 16 Nov 2011)

REPLAY WATCHES(Sales Ends on 10 th November 2011)

LUIS TRENKER (Sales end on 13 Nov 20011)

TRUE RELIGION COLLECTIONS( Sales Ends on 10 th November 2011)

Qvendo has partnered with True Religion brand to bring out this fabulous offer for its members ,True Religion Collections to sweep your feet off.

And if you aren't lucky enough to purchase before the sales ends, don't worry there are lots to come in Qvendo. If you are interested in becoming a member, Sign Up for Qvendo Membership

Pictures of Celebrities in True Religion Jeans
True Religion Jeans has always been celebrities favourites both Hollywood and Bollywood ones.And here are some reality picture proofs.

Actor Sharukh Khan
Actor Ranbir Kapoor
Actress Lara Dutta

Pop singer Britney Spears


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  3. @yashika -Thanks:).It is as cool as it sounds. And if you want to how to add one see my post
    "Adding Twitter Feeds"

  4. @Online Shopping - Cool!! Let me check it.Btw, browse Qvendo's catalogue and you may get more options :)

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