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Feeds , what are they ?
They are commonly heard word in the Blogger's space. They serve as a link collector storing your information to be shared in different ways through web or through mails or even to other social networking sites .The main use is that is stays forever in a single location no matter where you domain is , i.e if you have plans to update your blogspot or WordPress into a personal domain in future. 

Why do we need Feeds?
Feeds are a way for large and small websites /blogs to distribute their content regularly and well all around the network in form of email subscription ,new reader or aggregators ,google reader ,mobile devices ,podcasts and in form of widgets like Recent posts,Recent comments ,Popular post etc.This in a single term is known as Syndication.

Their are three types of feed : atom (default feed ) provided by the blogger , RSS(through FeedBurner) and XML feed.

Full site feed:
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

Comments-only feed:
Atom 1.0:
RSS 2.0:

The RSS feed are the most advanced of the web feed and can be burned using third party providers like Feed Burner.They can be recognized by a universal orange icon in almost many websites and blogs.

More knowledge on feeds can be found here .

Creating and Publishing a Feed :

1.Login into Feed Burner using your google account.I am using a screen shot of my feed and going to explain.Below, you can see a line like "Burn a feed right this instant -Type your blog or feed address here" .If you know your default feed provided by blogger type it else type your blog URL and click NEXT

2.Identify your feed source .Choose RSS feed or Atom feed as per your need.I will go in for RSS feed and click Next

3.Click Next , enhance your stats and now you are done.

4.Choose Blogger and select your blog.The code is entered automatically.Now your blog is syndicated.In the above image you can see five tabs namely Analyse,Optimize,Publicize,Monetize and Troubleshootize.Visit them one by one to get more ideas .

Protecting The Feeds:

1. Click Publicize where you can find many options on how to publicize your blog.You can also see "Password Protecter" and "Creative Commans".Choose Creative commans,click the required and activate the service.

2.Now ,after activating the Creative Commons License ,choose the password protector.Here you can give your username and password ,then activate it if your want your feeds to be read only by the persons who are given permission to read.In case if your blog is open to everyone to see , ignore the password field and click Save .

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  1. Anonymous02 July, 2012

    I was an old and confused person, new to all this blogging. Thanks for this very neat crasher.

  2. Anonymous23 July, 2012

    Thanks, Uma. This is really useful.

  3. I don't know rally about feed so you give us valuable information for future.

  4. this is one hell of an informative stuff.. just activated my rss feed..


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