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Being a member of a social media circle has its own advantages.  I am quite well known for working among few such circles where I actively involve myself in conversations, testing products and writing online reviews of what I feel is good and needed to improvise the product. One such product is the Duracell 45 minute charger by Savvy circle.

The Duracell battery charger comes well packed in a medium sized box with all that is necessary - one Duracell battery charger with one set of AAA and AA rechargeable batteries, another set of Duracell AAA and AA Rechargeable battery pack, a Project Handbook, a Tournament Game sheet and a conversation report handbook.
The unpacking was easy with just a flip and tear. The battery charger was portable, light weight and handy to keep it closed when not required. It has two combined slots, the top one for charging the AAA batteries and the bottom one is for charging AA batteries. The rechargeable batteries that came with the pack was already charged and so I was using them for my household use for quite few weeks until the batteries drained out completely.

Duracell Rechargeable Batteries - ( both AA and AAA )
- Used for Toys like remote cars, kids laptop and leapfrog toys
- Used for wireless mouse and speakers

duracell charger
The battery actually worked longer than I expected that it would - it lasted for a week of continuous use and found that it stayed longer than the alkaline batteries. The first time the battery went down, I was quite glad to have a Duracell battery charger handy and went ahead to charge the batteries. At first, I tried using the battery charger with 2 AA that went off while using my daughter's toy laptop and 2 AAA batteries that was drained out while using in my laptop portable speaker. The reason I chose to charge 2 AA and 2 AAA batteries because I was a little skeptical while charging since I noted that the RED flash worked quite well when the batteries were balanced either with all four AAA's or 4 AA's or (2 AAA + 2 AA) embedded inside the portable charger but when imbalanced , the LED red light fails to flash as you can see from the below image.

duracell uk

So now my Duracell charger  is working fine with red lights on, I knew it was time for letting my clock tick to make my review more precise and went to continue my other works. 

The time I noted was 17.30 and the fact that my batteries were fully drained by use, I was keeping an eye for the time limit. It was written on the pack that it will take 45 min to charge either 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries but as I was trying to charge with all four, it should take more than 45 min. And it did. Within 19.05 , the first 2 AA batteries turned green. I removed it letting the other 2 AAA batteries to continue charging. And at 19.12, it too turned green. So now all my four batteries were charged within one and half an hour which was approximately double of 45 min. The batteries were hot while I took them out and I reused them again for home use. I guess that the fact of leaving the charger open showing out the batteries while charging is because the batteries do become a little hot when the charging is complete.

Also, quite after few days after my rechargeable batteries were drained the second time, I charged only 2 AAA batteries and noted the time. It was charged at an average time of 45 min and that was a quick charging. 

best rechargeable batteries

  • Portable and light weight compared to other bulky chargers
  • Convenient since it has two slots for both AA and AAA batteries , so it can be used on one go
  • Quick charger - It takes about 45 min for 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries and within 1.5 hrs for combined 2 AA+2 AAA batteries
  • The red light flickers letting you know of bad batteries and improperly fitted batteries inside the battery charger.
  • Can charge only in even or balanced mode since the LED flash does not work for imbalanced batteries on the battery charger
Overall, I was really impressed with this product and considering the amount of batteries I use in my home including the money spend, I feel this Duracell charger is a must have in my home.
Offers on Amazon : Duracell CEF27-UK 45 Minute Battery Charger with Two AA and Two AAA Rechargeable Batteries 


  1. You are writing interesting articles. Excellent selection. Impressive!

  2. Will be helpful for many out thr, thanks for sharing, will wait for it to be launched in India. ..

    1. Yes , of course. If you still want to get some products ( incl. the above charger ) , you can try FREE AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping for India

  3. Nice write. Very informative.

  4. planning to buy one on your recommendation. Thank you for the info.

  5. Anonymous26 July, 2013

    do we have thse chargers available in India ?

    1. Yes, there are some retailers selling this model in India. As for Amazon, it has launched FREE AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping - free shipping to India and Singapore to customers who order at least US$125 worth of goods and hence you can get any international product delivered to your home in India free

  6. Anonymous27 July, 2013

    This is very nice and informative..Guess Duracell Batteries are also good..

  7. A handy item. With so many gadgets in life charging them is the next important task.

    1. I second that. That too with kids around using battery toys, a charger is very essential in home

  8. good review uma,, a detailed one, Duracell is a good company. and this rechargeable batteries cut down the costs, bu tat the same time there is every chance that kids will misplace the batteries, can you mention what is the cost of this battery

    1. True ! Duracell is a brand I have known since decades and love it. The price is somewhere around Rs.2000 (£20) in Amazon. It might differ with different online stores though.

  9. I never considered buying a charger until I heard the magic words from my son.

    “I want a Remote Control car!”

    I immediately knew I had to get a battery charger or we would go bankrupt. In my opinion rechargeable AA's and AAA's are best used with childrens RC (remote control) toys like cars and boats and stuff like that eat batteries fast.

    I did not go for the quick charger because I read a couple of bad reviews on how they messed up the batteries so I got the regular Duracell charger. Wrote an article about it at AA and AAA Battery Charger and I am also keeping it regularly updated so that I and my readers can see how long it will last.

    My batteries do not become hot after charging btw.

  10. LOL... as I've been updating my web page about my charger... I did not notice I already visited your site. Still... I wish to know, how is your quick charger holding on?

    1. Hi,
      The charger works as expected and till now no problem but you cannot expect the same from the rechargeable batteries. It did not come over six months or so. I have already some dead batteries which don't charge up but I replaced it with another set of rechargeable batteries. Overall, with almost all remote-controlled toys eating up batteries, this Duracell charger stuff seems a good option.


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