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Germany based Ozeri has introduced "Curva", a double walled and mouth-blown borosilicate glass ware to its Artisan Series of award-winning handcrafted drinkware. Being impressed with its look and design on Amazon, I looked forward to test and review this product through my own eyes and hence this post.

Packaging :
The delivery was fast and the packaging was highly secure. The glassware came in a large cardboard box carefully bubble wrapping the black "curva" box which in turn had each glass secured with it own bubble warp to be delivered in their perfect shape.

My first impression on these glassware are its inside curves making it seems unique and different from the usual glasses on the market. The box contains four glasses, each with its own unique design but equal in size to hold about 0.24 L of liquid (8 oz). Contrary to its bulky appearance and look, they seem to be light in weight, much lighter than the ordinary glasses. I couldn't tell them that they are handmade since the finishing on these glasses were so smooth both inside for the curves as well as outside and on its rim.

First Use : 
I have read one or two reviews based on condensation of these drinkware and was little skeptical to wash them with soap. But, then what is the use?. I went ahead to wash my glasses for its first use. And I found it was very easy to wash this glass with its wide mouth. My fingers were going into every part of its curves quite smoothly making it easy to wash. I then patted the glasses dry with white cloth and left them to dry. The Ozeri Curva Artisan glasses dried very quickly and I found that the glasses are still looking at its best . No condensation or any other defects.

The Hot and Cold use of these glasses:

Being quite different with each other in shape, I loved to use them for different drinks admiring them as I indulge in my drinks. My morning tea was served hot in one of the "curva" glass with a cinnamon dipped into it for flavour. Though the tea was hot, I was holding the glass so easily as I felt nothing on the outside. The double wall on the glass proves to be heat resistant letting me enjoy my morning tea stirring slightly with the cinnamon stick.

At lunch time, I used these glasses for some cold beverages for my family of four each with their own preferences of fruit juices like lemon, watermelons and orange juice. Again these glasses seems to be child friendly maintaining the temperature perfect to the touch while holding and sipping it. My kids loved the optical effect produced by these glasses and took turns drinking on each glass every day. It made drinking milk and juices a fun for them.

My kids had watermelon served with these glasses and they loved to see the red shape of the melon resembling a red jelly on those glasses. The orange juice and lemon juice was for served for my hubby and me. And as you can see, the juices on these glasses has a cool illusion on them.

I felt washing the glasses by hand was more quick and comfortable than dishwasher. But since it can also used with dishwasher, I tried washing them once and found that these artisan series were quite strong and durable. The glasses came out perfectly clean and the same. It was also written on the pack that these curva glasses are microwave and freezer safe though I haven't tried them on both.

Ozeri Curva Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage Glasses

Advantage :
  • Unique design of curvature giving out an optical effect and a sense of comfort with different colorful drinks 
  • Light weight and quite good to handle with its bulky shape especially for kids 
  • Heat resistant - I found them quite good for both cold and hot drinks as it offers a sort of insulation to maintain drinks at their ideal temperature. 
  • Easy to wash with hands and also dishwasher safe. 
Disadvantage :
  • I haven't seen any with respect to its usability. But I found that the glasses are not uniform to be used with guests for each glass comes with its own design but again it is only its unique appearance that makes these artisan glasses appealing. Also, I do hope that these glasses remain the same after continuous use without any so called leakage or condensation. 

Overall, I am pleased with these addition of glasses on my kitchen cupboard. And I often grab them for both hot and cold drinks especially for the type of illusion they produce for different types of drinks. They look stylish and out of the box as you have seen in the above images. These Ozeri Curva Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage Glasses are available at Amazon with free shipping and are great for home use. The CURVA glasses is something I admire now and are fun to have around the home.

Disclosure : I received the above product for the purpose of writing a honest review with both advantages as well as disadvantages. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was exchanged. I only recommend products that I personally tried and tested so that it would serve as a helpful tool to all those who look for a candid review on the same  .


  1. The Glass really looks very nice

  2. Hey looks quite unique. Will check it out.

    1. Yes, you have too . It was such a lovely one

  3. These glasses are eye-catcher forsure .. the way the hold liquid looking in air .. awesome !!

    1. Yes! I too liked the effect it produced. Very artistic !


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