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Children's literature with rhymes and stories run through the ages even before children's book in print existed. Remember your Mom feeding you food during night time telling rhymes about the Moon and stories about the crow, the tortoise and the crabs. As a part of oral tradition, stories and rhymes still continue expanding in various forms and appealing tales. Most of the children's literature carries a special message to the children in a form of morals building character integrity. There are even books that carries religious messages and the existence of certain historical figures, all impeccably toned with beautiful images and words pertaining to the understanding of the children.

Children's Book Week is an annual celebration which encourages children to celebrate literature in form of book-related activities with storytelling, reading, discovering new books, new authors, exploring libraries and even come up with their own stories.

The aim of Children's Book Week is to celebrate reading for pleasure. Designating this week  to celebrate the joy of reading, itsyourstory incorporating the "wow" factor with a tagline "It's a book about me" is offering giveaway to every child a book to adore and in fact play the main character in it until Sunday Midnight (13-10-2013). Aimed at preschoolers and early readers, these beautiful personalised books grab attention from young children and help foster a love of reading from a young age.

Each e-story book incorporates the child's face into the illustrations and their name as well as the information about them into the story-line making them the star of the story.

A seek peek of how the ebook looks like, 

personalised ebook

personalised ebook

Yes! as a part of Children's Book Week, Momscribe with Itsyourstory will be offering your children  your own personalised e-book in just two steps , all free of charge and within 5 minutes.

1 - Upload a digital photo of your child to their website
2 - Fill in your message and information that will go into the book

And, Itsyourstory will do the rest for you using the latest digital print technology and will mail you your book within 5 minutes free of charge.

To create a free e-story simply visit Itsyourstory Giveaway before the end of Children's Book Week and use the code ESTORY at the checkout. Enjoy!

Note: Offer ends at Sunday midnight, 13 October 2013. [EXPIRED]


  1. Superb idea by Itsyourstory for promotion :-)

    1. Yes Paresh! It is for short term promotion

  2. A very sweet giveaway Uma ;D

  3. Great idea and fascinating gift for children!

    1. True! I too love these kind of innovative books to gift children.

  4. nice idea (y)


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