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Chhota Bheem is a cartoon series appreciated and loved by all Indian children. As you know, Chhota Bheem and his friends are always on a spree for adventures followed with fun games.  In response to Blogadda's "Be a child, with your child" activity, I along with my kids were entitled for an adventurous journey. Journey to Dholakpur is one adventurous online game in the website run by ICICI PruLife and POGO wherein little Bheem and his friends Jaggu, Chutiku, Dholu Bholu , Kalia work their way to reach Dholakpur.

On their journey to Dholakpur, they have to face the evil plans of Danger Raja and Angry Rani in the form of nine games or challenges. This is where Chhota Kids from every household come in. Mine had my daughter Cherry and my son Berry (their nicknames). The children will help Chhota Bheem to complete each game. Don’t worry if your children get stuck somewhere. ICICI Chintamani is always ready to help us with tips and tricks to win the game. The story unfolds with every game or level after which the next level gets unlocked. Each game is built in two sub-levels. After the ninth and final game, Chhota Bheem and his friends will successfully reach Dolakpur.


Level 1 - The Power is in your Arms
Chhota Bheem and his friends are in the Kingdom of Dishoompur ruled by danger Raja. Chhota Bheem has to defeat his opponent Daku Mangal Singh, the gatekeeper who doesn’t like Chhota Bheem in a game of arm wrestling in order to see danger Raja who will be giving them permission to pass his kingdom in order to continue their journey. We got to help Chhota Bheem to succeed in the first level. It was the easiest game to play for both Cherry and Berry.

chhota bheem

Level 2 - Cricket D20 Style
Danger Raja who has heard a lot about Chhota Bheem wanted to test him for his skills. Hence he throws a cricket challenge at him. We are to help Chhota Bheem score more against a very fierce and fast bowler called Slinga. Remember Chintamani is always there for help.

This is a cricket challenge, so scoring our best is essential. Chintamani offers his help with shortcuts to the game. A bit tricky for young children though, you got to hit the ball right to score but when Cherry was used to it, she found it easy.

chhota bheem

Level 3 - Food for the Mood
Danger Raja doesn't allow Chota Bheem to let go soon. To pacify him, Chhota Bheem and his friends are planning to surprise him by baking his most favorite Black Forest Cake. This game was Cherry’s favorite game and she played it many times. I too enjoyed and in fact had a hands on trial to bake my own Black Forest Cake including mixing, blending, baking and decorating. It has easy to follow instructions and is a hell lot of fun.
chhota bheem

Level 4 - Secret Adventure
Danger Raja has a final trick to try on Chhota Bheem. He has set free all of Chhota Bheem’s friends except him. Chhota Bheem calls for Chintamani to help and Chintamani tells him that he will help Chhota Bheem to get out of the kingdom through the back gate of the danger Rajsa’s kingdom. Ha well, how come you see Chhota Bheem without his favourite Laddoo?. Through this game, Cherry helped Chhota Bheem collect his power pack Laddoos while passing through the obstacles jumping and rolling over escaping from the danger Raja’s kingdom. Run! Cherry Run!

journey to dolakpur

Level 5 - Hammer Throw Challenge
Luckily, Chhota Bheem joins his friends again. Thanks to Cherry J .Now, there is one more kingdom on our way – the kingdom of Pagalpur ruled by the queen angry Rani (after Raja comes now the Rani, how cool that sounds). Well, angry Rani happens to a friend of danger Raja and so now more challenges awaited little Cherry.

Hammer Throw challenge tests your skill in concentration and eyesight. With Chintamani’s guidance, Cherry passed the test.

chhota bheem

Level 6 - Dress up! Doll up!
The Angry Rani is not convinced yet. She throws another challenge at us now. But this game was easy to tackle for Cherry because she loves dress up games. Cherry was to remember the look that was displayed in front of her. Then, she has to dress up the same way in two minutes. This games improves her memory and Cherry did quite very well.

chhota bheem dress up

Level 7 - Bull's Eye
And yet another challenge – Archery. Cherry got to shoot the arrow into the bull’s eye by clicking her mouse to set and release the arrow. This game was testing the accuracy in finding the correct path so that the arrow hits somewhere on and near the bulls eye. After the projectile path is found, the game becomes easy.

journey to dolakpur

Level 8 - Race Pace
The angry Rani is not yet ready to free us. Cherry has to race against her opponent now. Berry who was watching wanted to try the Car race game and so Berry was in now. The first level was easy to win. The second level was a bit tricky and so Cherry joined in to help her little brother.

chhota bheem

Level 9 - Spaceship Adventures
Hoohoo ! Our final adventure is the Spaceship adventure. It is the longest adventure ever. Easy for kids to handle by moving the mouse to travel and left click to destroy obstacles. You also get a life every time you lose one. But, this game required some patience as I said the journey was very long. But, that’s how we reach Dolakpur isn't it?

chhota bheem

The whole story was entertaining and with a collection of nine wonderful games with a theme built on it. You can't get bored even by playing them a whole day.

The fun does not end there. There is wherein children can learn their English, Science and Maths lessons in a fun way- appropriate for young children. You also have an option to invite your friends to join you in this game as well as send happy birthday wishes to your loved ones with laddoos. Don’t miss getting a photo shot with Chhota Bheem and his friends too.

With all the above, there is yet more surprise to unveil. Every time you are playing and having fun with Chhota Bheem, you are entitled to win goodies with Chhota Bheem contests. If you are more lucky, you get a chance to appear on POGO TV too. And yes! Cherry was lucky enough to win in a game contest and now awaits for her prize. Did anyone tell me that someone is knocking at my door now ?


  1. Thanks for this I am trying it now.. :)
    Even at the age of 24 I fell for this Cartoon and When I am in home I keep glued to the TV for this Cartoon.. :-P

  2. Good review.. This game seems to be good entertainment, Especially for Chhota Bheem lovers.. :-)

  3. choota bheem - played this game before posting a comment can say u wrote a nice review :)

  4. Choota Bheem is My Fav Cartoon And Game Thank You For Sharing Review

  5. Seems like a magnet to children !

  6. Lil Love (my younger one) was all the while with me and she cooked up her own story from the pictures in the post. :-) The game looks interesting. Thinking of trying it out with the kiddoos. Thanks for sharing this. :-)

  7. "Chota Bheem" My favorite show! My parents too watch it :D

  8. Wow a great review..Shall recommend it to kids and have tweeted about it!

  9. u wrote right like a smitten mom...:) all my cousins watch it.


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