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Birthday parties for small children are fun and it is something they look forward to even before a month. It was decided that my son's birthday party will have a tint of adventure this year. Apart from the usual birthday party games wherein children were let to play around singing and dancing, we added an adventure puzzle game to entertain the children. It was a Pirate Adventure Birthday Party puzzle game which came packed with all the necessary items that was needed for 10 children.

The box that came was a standard box. The parcel seemed small but when I opened it, I was surprised to see a lot of items which were neatly arranged one above the other. Inside, there was a pack of pirate flag decorations including felt pens, six sets of pirate puzzle with a treasure map, adventure puzzle badges and  bag sets.

birthday party games
The Pirate Adventure
The package also had instructions on how to play the pirate adventure game and the solved answers to all the six puzzles. The puzzles were kept in six envelopes (one in each envelope) named 1 to 6. The treasure map looked great with arrangement to stick gold coins. Everything was neatly planned and written.
The Pirate Adventure Birthday Party Puzzle

birthday party games

The Pirate puzzle revolves around a story with six levels of game. Level one indicates that the pirates are still under the clutches of their bad master and they plan to escape together to an island where they will be free. But to reach that island, the pirates (our kids) should solve six adventurous puzzles. Each level of a game is contained in six different envelope along with a gold coin. As the kids finish each level starting from one, the kid who scores first is asked to open the envelope to the next level. Then, a gold coin is placed on that particular level meaning the children are in that place solving their adventure.

Similarly, they continue the game taking turns. As they finally reach the sixth level, the game comes to an end. Yes, our pirate have escaped to the island. How good would it sound to the children when you start telling them this story? To be honest, along with the kids even the adults were excited to hear the theme of the game.

birthday party games
Children are captivated in their adventure puzzles
The puzzles were easier to understand and to play for the kids. Every time I tell them about the next game, the kids were paying a lot of attention to me and in fact was excited to play the games. The six games that were included in the pirate adventure puzzle were find the treasure, the maze puzzle, find the differences, the hidden object, picture bingo and an anagram. All the games were much to the kid's interests and each tried to their best to finish it up. What was more exciting was even the parents started to enjoy the fun and that includes me too.

Bingo was the most loved games of all. You can see how much the kids enjoyed the game from the above picture. Anagram was personalized to my needs with my son's name. By working together, a usually noisy birthday party remained silent for an hour. Children were busy giving work for their brains and still had fun :)

birthday party games

Next, after successfully reaching the island its time for our little pirates to host their own flag of freedom. Again, the children went busy with their flag decorations. Both Cherry and Berry proudly presented their flags as I took a picture of them. Everyone who came for the birthday party took their thank you gifts as well as tall tales puzzle party bags. And moreover they said that the adventure birthday party game was something to remember for their kid's future birthday celebrations too.

Thanks to Tall Tales Puzzle Parties which made my son's birthday special with its Pirate Adventure Birthday Party Puzzle Game!


  1. Wow! What lovely flags the children made. It sounds like they all had a wonderful time and I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the adventure as well. That is my aim! To encourage parents to join in with their children's special day of the year and not be left in the kitchen preparing the party tea! Thank you.

    1. Thank you Sara for making the birthday party interesting and fun :) And I am glad that your liked the post as well :) :)

  2. Good fun activities.
    Belated but sincere birthday wishes to your son!

  3. This looks really an exciting Game for the Kids and also they will be very interested in it.. :)
    And Belated Happy Birthday to your Son.. :)

    1. The kids were really interested since this was the first time we had an adventure puzzle game in the party :) and thanks for the wishes :) :)

  4. Sure Sure! Will send you an invite next time :)

  5. Belated bday wishes :) ooh...great ideas. My daughter just started school. Looking forward to planning such parties in the future :)


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