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Creating a collage of Family Photos are fun and they give a chance for the kids to understand their family relationship. Moreover they are a part of sweet memories. What if your toddler gets a chance to create his own photographs of his family members. That's where Duckie Deck's Family photo apps for toddlers comes in. With colorful and unique features, it promises to entertain your toddlers.

Downloading this App from iTunes is easy and one best thing I like about this app is that it has no ads in between or external links which toddlers may click without their knowledge. The next best thing is the pleasant colour that this app possess. Making their own portrait of mommy, daddy or granny are every easy and you might never know what images they might create and tell you that "this is you".

apps for toddlers
Duckie Deck's Family Photo Apps for Toddlers
Kids love drawing and at this age they tend to give attention to the facial features like eyes, eyebrows, mouth, mustache, etc. They usually love drawing Mama and Papa faces and its their way of telling you that Mommy is the sweetest, funny, rudest or even shortest. With Duckie Deck's Family Photo app,  you have a chance to know what your little one is thinking about you or someone else in the household through their portrait drawing. Give him this app when he is angry or upset about something and he may come up with the reason and the person who is responsible for his being upset.

Sometimes they love seeing you all dressed up beautifully like a fairy tale diva. Leave it to the imagination of your child and in no time he creates lovely funny images of his family.

apps for toddlers
Duckie Deck's Family Photo Apps for Toddlers
There might be more similar apps available on the the IOS market. But what makes Duckie Deck's Family Photo best apps for toddlers is that many features like eyes, mouth and face are animated in such a way that they are funny and catches the attention of the child.

The characters are expressive and will keep the little ones entertained for hours. Since this app was designed for toddlers, there has no special skills required for this app and only requires tapping the features like eyes, nose, faces, etc below the app. What I really would like to see in this app are more added features and the ability to select colors since some colors especially the face were annoying.

apps for toddlers
Duckie Deck's Family Photo Apps for Toddlers
  • Easy to use and hours of fun for toddlers
  • You can create your own colorful and unique characters
  • Helps achieve Hand-Eye coordination
  • Mix and match to create more characters
  • Develops children creativity and expands their imagination and
  • More importantly NO ADS and NO EXTERNAL LINKS.
What I think may be included :
  • More features and the ability to choose our own colors esp. for the face
  • Lesser Price 
Overall, my children enjoyed playing with this app and found it to be easy as well as funny. It is one of the high quality apps for toddlers available in IOS devices. They sure encourage children to create the mindset they have about their family members in the form of portrait.

Now, you have a chance to get your own FREE Duckie Deck's Family Photo apps for toddlers for your iPad, iPhone or iPod which means you will be getting promo codes for Family Photo and for our other apps in Duckie Deck Collection. All you got to do is to enter your details in the Rafflecopter below and three winners will be announced based on Rafflecopter entry. The more entry, the more chance of your winning.

apps for toddlers
Apps for Toddlers

apps for toddlers
Sharing With Duckie Deck Apps for Toddlers
The winners for Duckie Duck Giveaway are
  • Bhawya Arun
  • Debbie Kennedy
  • David Vincent 
  • Rajesh S Senguttuvan
  • Tharsini Maniratnam
  • Kiran Mishra
  • Meenakshi Behera


  1. Nice..Kids will have more fun with this app..

  2. Super cute:)

  3. Definitely an useful app Uma, my kids started coloring and other crafts recently and we are getting there slowly :)

  4. quite an interesting app.. sure kids will have more fun :)

  5. Very enjoyable app, so colorful, and kids love to see different faces :-)

  6. Debbie Kennedy15 February, 2014

    I think my girls would love this. Thanks for the chance to win!
    cleaningrhouse at yahoo dot com

  7. This one looks sweet & cool, Uma :)
    Nice for the VDay for our best Valentines- kids! :)
    Happy V Day to you, Buddy!


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