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There are times when you need to upload photos from your PC to your Instagram account. Below are five simple steps which helps you to upload photos to Instragram.

Before proceeding to the steps, lets assume that you have photos or uploaded one in any of these location - Google Drive, Dropbox or Device Gallery (by uploading the specific image from your PC to your device using the device USB).

How to Upload Photos to Instagram from PC

Step 1: Login to your Instagram account from your device and under your profile, click "options" on the top right side corner which looks like 3 vertical dots.

upload photos to instagram
Your Instagram Account
Upload pictures to Instagram from pc
Choose Options from your Instagram profile
Step 2: Under Options -> Settings -> Click "Camera" which pops up the Advanced Features camera settings in regard with your Instagram.

upload photos to instagram
Click Camera under Instagram settings
Step 3: Under the "Advanced Features" camera settings, you can see a on/off button on "Use Instagram Advanced Camera". You have to disable the Use Instagram Advanced Camera feature and so slide the button to "off" position.

upload photos to instagram
Disable the 'Use Instagram Advance Camera"
Step 4: Now that you have disabled your Instagram Advanced Camera, whenever you click on the camera you get to see two options asking you whether you want to take a photo or pick an image from the gallery. Choose the second one "Pick from Gallery".

upload photos to instagram
Use camera button to initiate camera features (as above) 
Step 5: Instagram offers four different options to upload photos or images from your PC (or any outside source) to your Instagram account. Choose any of the way which is convenient to you by uploading the images to your dropbox or Google drive or to your device gallery using your USB.

upload photos to instagram
Upload photos to Instagram from PC using any of the above options
As soon as you select your image, your selected images is processed automatically into your Instagram account and you can filter it for an Instagram effect as you normally would do.

Below is an image wherein I uploaded it to Instagram from my Dropbox account and then used Instagram filters to make it look quite appealing - Instagramic!

instagram pictures


  1. Super, I have many photo editor app in my mob. 'll try this one too.. strawberry pic looks good.

  2. This is what I was looking for! Thanks.


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