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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Sounding good is the key integral part of any successful relationship. At any point in your life if you have felt the need to improve your voice be it for professional or personal reasons, then you must really check out Roger Love's The Perfect Voice program. The program highlights the message the way you sound is how people perceive about you and the more attractive your voice is, the more attractive you will appear to others.

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I had used the online training kit for the perfect voice lessons by Roger Love and found it to be a rich resource of training tips to improve your voice through his vocal lessons. The methods and techniques proposed by Roger Love in his The Perfect Voice are neatly aligned in the perfect voice website's dashboard and provides an easy access to his voice training techniques thorough his clear audio instructions.

Roger Love is one of the the world's leading authorities on vocal coach who has taught many elite lists of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jeff Bridges, Tyra Banks and more. His "The Perfect Voice" program itself has three main sections with sub-sections that discusses various vocal techniques and a daily warm-up sections which guides you on how to get a perfect voice.

In section one, Roger discusses on the meaning of star quality, on how to use the voice training program and trains you on how to do diaphragmatic breath with an easy to follow instructions and some special vocal exercises for male and female voices.

In section two, our vocal coach Roger Love teaches the secrets to communicate through the five building blocks of sounds which are the key ingredients in improving the way your voice sounds.

The most effective part of Roger's training is these "Building Blocks" which I really liked since he discusses many things which was quite interesting and new to me. I really tried on working on his techniques and in fact improved the way I sound. It is how we manipulate these five Building blocks like Volume, Melody, Tone, Space and Pitch, by mix and matching certain sounds, we can make our sound appear attractive.

Almost all of us want people to hang on to every word we speak and that's what Roger stresses in very session of his voice lessons. He uses the technique of tape recording your voice, listening and then adjusting your voice accordingly to the way you like to sound, such as how loud and confidence is the volume of your voice is, how fast or slow we should speak to convey our message to the other person, how high and low we should speak and how credible you must sound are presented in a wonderful way. I especially liked the way Roger explained the melody on the scale of one to ten and trying to incorporate all these key ingredients in our voice to sound new. Roger says that great speakers have known that a melody can bring the whole words to life and I had to accept this since I found Roger made me to hang on to every word he speaks in his voice lessons through his up and down melody .

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Section three teaches all about the connecting words together, how to take care of your voice, some checklists, voice exercises with low lyric sound to reduce swelling in your vocal chord in case such things happens and how to follow a particular vocal profile to create an impact on the crowd or the person to whom we speak. He also discusses the type of diet that one should follow. All the techniques and ideas given by Roger through his vocal lessons promises to make sure your voice sound fantastic.

Is this a life changing program? I can't say that it is utterly a life changing program unless you practice the techniques and his program which is also available in CD everyday. Just like Roger mentioned that humans are all creature of habits, only by making this program as a habit you can make the best of it. Did I achieve anything from this program? Definitely yes! The complete audio voice lessons is a kick starter in learning the key aspects of how to change my voice for the better. It has given me the confidence of how to tune my voice and how well I might sound to others. The only thing I need now is constant practice.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. This product is so cool. I like the Tape recording technique ( to eliminate our vocal mistake). As always you reviewed nicely.

    1. Yes Bhawya! I too love Tape recording technique. It reminds me of the days we actually to record our voice and songs in the tape recorder and analyse how we actually sound if we had to sing :)

  2. Good one Uma, you have really done a great job on this review, very informative and elaborate :)

  3. This could be a good practice to record one's voice like writing a diary..


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