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B.L.A.C.K! With each and every alphabet, the word sounds bold and demanding. It is the colour that has been under scanner for long, worn for royalty and even portrays mysticism. It is the colour that has been seen as the two sides of a coin having two varied characteristics and for some strong reasons is loved by many. I, one among the many admire and respect the colour black for its "remarkable ingredients" (yes, the brighter side of the colour black) as depicted below.

Black is Bold - Yes, Black is bold and powerful enough that it could exhilarate any colour that it could pair with. It brings forth the hidden beauty of light and semi-dark colours which could have been easily neglected in a glance. Also, black is the only colour that could enhance the beauty of all other colours than itself. 

Black bestows Royalty -  It brings about the bold look and gives a royal feeling. And that's why black colour gains more importance in official works, celebrations and special events.  

sexy blackBlack is Sexy - Sexiness has always been accompanied for clothes in black colours mainly because the black shirts or black dresses are a definite attention-getter. The black colour attire paired with black heels is a statement maker giving a slim look with a sexy appeal to the wearer and is sure to seek attention from the on goers everywhere. Even gadgets like iPads, mobile phones and more looks inviting in black.
Black is sexy, Black is mature
Wear in Greet, Meet or Treat
For Black will turn on the heat
Black is glamour, flaunt secure

the night sky
Image done by PowerPoint
Black is Enlightening - Richard Evans quoted that it is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars and I couldn't agree more. The beauty of night life can be experienced in the black dark sky with bright moon, twinkling stars exposing the aura of the universe. It is also the colour of meditation (as we close our eyes meditating) that brings forth the true meaning of life providing enlightenment.

Black is Mystical - There is something mystical about the colour back that it lures astronomers, psyches and observers like me. Something that is unexplained. The strange and eerie silence during the night, that which depicts almost three-forth of the living things in deep slumber. On the other hand, the appearance of other world termed as the "night world" begins with a transformation that brings out some life forms like fire flies, bats, the outside world which otherwise not seen during the day time. 

blind poem
Image Credit: Pep Bonet, Poetry by Uma Anandane

Black is Universal - Just look around and you are sure to find something black in colour. You can't even ignore to notice the black colour of your hairs and eyeballs unless you are a blonde. And remember the night time, black is what you see all around you. Black is a universal colour. And if there is one colour that even a blind person can see, then it is the black colour.

And for all the above reasons the colour black holds, I would like to own the following five items,


1 - Black iPad ( Yes, I'm badly in need of one ) - I am crazy about this black Apple item and every time, I see someone owning an iPad, a tinge (or may be much more) of jealously brush over me. Why am I so crazy about black iPad? Wait! who doesn't love black iPad in the first place? Almost everyone does because it looks stylish and splendid in black. The whole idea of owning a bold looking iPad gives a royal feeling. And it is one gadget that holds all that I love doing in my daily life like blogging, reading, hearing songs, capturing photos and video, watching movies, playing games and chatting/using skype with my family members.
black ipad
Black iPad
2 - A Black D&G Sun glass: This brand Dolce & Gabbana is a royal treat to the eyes when worn. It comes in the largest selections of designs, shades and patterns making sunglasses under this brand world famous for its look. I especially like the below glass for its big black frame and the silver stones in form of letters 'DG' glued on the sides of glass frame. It is one of the loved sun-glass and even worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. And wearing this black sun glass will make me look hot walking under the summer sun giving me a celebrity feel. 
Dolce & Gabbana Sunglass
Dolce & Gabbana Black Sun glass
3- Black Saree with Red Border: This combination is a sensation. What's more romantic than to wear a black sari on a date as black is my hubby's favourite colour. I love to possess the gorgeous black saree worn by the Bollywood actress Deepika Pandukone in the movie "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani". The contrast red border along white border embellished with patch work designs with works well with the the black designer pure georgette saree designed by the great Manish Malhotra. And the black designer sleeveless saree blouse has a pure sexy look. With this Saree on me, I'm sure to grab the eyeballs of my hubby or anyone else walking past me. 
Black Saree with Red Border
Black Saree with Red Border
4- A Black Chanel Handbag: I am a sucker of black handbags. Almost all handbags I own, are black in colour. I can't take in any colour other than black for my handbag because of the flawless look the black handbag has. I always wanted to own a premium handbag especially from Chanel. And every time I cross any shop sporting Chanel bags, I hang out admiring the designs and the look of the black handbags esp. embellished in gold. Back with gold is an awesome combination for handbags. The quality and the designs of the handbag just surpass my expectations and given a chance, this is one of the item that I always wish to own.
chanel handbags
Black Chanel Handbag
5 - A Black Car (I mean the real car):  I know, I know that this BMW car is too costly. But wishing to possess one like the below image is not a sin because they look sexy at its best whichever side you look. I wish to travel at least once on this car...sigh! And don't you have such wish too...I bet you have. The shining black surface of the car reflects light making the car looks so posh and stylish. The curves on the car is far to sexy to describe in words. Men and even women (that includes can fall in love with a car like that. Although I would like to own a black BMW car, I'm open to any good looking black car as well (if someone gifted me, lol).
black BMW
Black BMW Car
Just imagine a look sporting all the above and I bet I (or even you) will be the cynosure of every eye. Cool, isn't it! And never underestimate the black colour. The books you read to the blogs you love are all filled with this amazing black colour. Love Black and it starts loving you back! 


  1. Desirable list, Uma!
    Deepika's saree from the YJHD song- 'Badtameez Dil' is so cool :)
    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you Anita...that black and red saree is something to drool for :)

  2. A winning post :) I'm sure ur first wish list gonna fulfil soon.. ATB!

    1. Thanks a lot Bhawya....hopefully wishing for :)

  3. Lovely wishlist ! I love everything you have in your wish list the Chanel bag and Car being the most favorite ! ATB for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Najim...Yes, bags and cars are never to be missed :)

  4. Well written and very interesting post Uma....very good!

  5. Nicely written. If I have to think of something with black then it would be the desire to shoot a black panther :)

    1. along with a black gun ...that would be a perfect combo :D

  6. Best wishes for the contest Uma :) May your dreams come true....

    1. Blessings ...that's what I need. Thank you Sindhu!

  7. Love the girly desires in your list.....but the thing that quiet got teared me up is the "Black is Universal"! I remembered the movie "Black" by Rani Mukherji .....மீண்டும் சந்திப்போம் :)

  8. lovely wishlist Uma. and a nice way you presented. :)


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