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Blog Calendar is the easiest way to keep your post organised and to be published in a given slot. Creating a Google Calender is as easy as an pie and it is free too. This is one of the important step to keep your blog alive for a long time.

I have started to use Blog Calendar for my blog posts for feeding my blog regularly and those for who needs an push to write your post regularly and in time, here is a blog post on how to create your own blog calendar.
blog calendar

Steps for Creating a Blog Calender using Google Calendar

Step 1:
If you are in Blogger and use Gmail for your blogger account, you will need to go to this link specifically to create your Google Calender

Link :

Step 2:
In Google Calendar, click on "My Calendars" (circled in yellow) and click "Create new calendar". You will be directed to the "Create New Calendar" page.

Step 3:
Under "Create New Calendar", fill in the boxes for Calender Name,  Descriptions and put tick for to make your calender public. This is needed if you are to embed the blog calendar in your blog or website.

blog calendar

Step 4:
When saved and returned to "back to calendar", a warning message is displayed as below. as Warning: "Making your calendar public will make all events visible to the world, including via Google search. Are you sure?". Click "YES".

blog calendar

Step 5:
You will return to your Google Calendar page. Under "My calendars", you will see get a warning as "Making your calendar public will make all events visible to the world, including via Google search. Are you sure?". Click "YES".

blog calendar

Step 6:
Now, we need to create events or say, the topics for blog posts to be added into our blog calendar. For this, click on the day for the event to be created. I have chosen Saturday and entered the name of the post as "My Halloween Experience post" and choose in which calender , here "My Blog Calendar" for the event to be created. See the below image for clarity.

blog calendar

Step 7:
The blog event is created as below "06.00-07.00 My Halloween Experience Post".

Step 8:
Clicking on the event link, you can edit the date and timings and also you can set the remainders. By ticking "All day" and "Repeat" together, you can set remainder on how many times it can be repeated per day.

blog calendar

Step 9:
By clicking on the tiny arrow next to "My Blog Calendar", you can find many options displayed as the below image. You can also see Remainders and notifications there. But, we need to know how to embed the blog calender in our blog or website, so right now just click on the "Calendar settings".

blog calendar

Step 10:
Under Calender Settings, you can see "Embed This Calendar" and along with it you can also see the embed code. (circled in brown). Copy that code and paste in your blog or website where you want to make you blog calendar appear.

blog calendar

Hope you are now ready to create your own blog calendar using Google Calendar. If you have any doubts or questions, do write in the comments below and I will respond as soon as possible.


  1. Thanks Uma.

    You can also try Trello. Trello is available on web as well as mobile. You can try their website as well as mobile app. Trello follows Kanban. We can use this to schedule our daily activities and even a blog calendar. You just need to create cards for each blog post and you can move the cards based on the blog activity which will help you to keep track of the things. I use Trello for my personal routine and activities. You can try it as well.


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