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Having kids means there are times when you have to fight germs which easily targets young children. Germs are microscopic organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa which causes diseases when they get inside our bodies. There are a number of ways through which germs spread into our home and the most commonplace is the kitchen - the surface of the Worktops, taps, cutting boards, internal surfaces of fridge and microwave are an easy target for bacterial contamination. Other high risk areas include the sink and the rubbish bin where the contaminated bit and pieces of raw foods are the major sources of germ transmission. And not to mention about dust accumulation on the surfaces of furnitures and electronic items  present in the home. Hence it is necessary to clean and disinfect them regularly (or daily) to break the chain of infection to safe guard my family.

The spread of harmful infection of these germs can be minimized by maintaining good hygiene by regular hand washing, healthy eating, up-to-date vaccinations, by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly which I do regularly without fail. Damp cloths used for cleaning and sponges can help bacteria grow rapidly if not through washed and dried in the sun. Dettol multi-use wipes comes in handy as they don’t need such precautions as they can easily be disposed. These multi-use wipes coming from a well known brand Dettol that offers various ranges of products from antiseptic liquids to household cleaning products is the one I would be discussing in today's post.

Dettol Multi-Use Wipes
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes
The packing is simple and neat. There are about 30 wipes per packet with easy to open re-sealable label to prevent drying out of the wipes as the wipes are real wet which helps to absorb dirt quickly. The wipes has a nice fragrance reminding me of dettol soaps and smells less bleachy compared to other cleaning products. The wipes looks like a square measuring about 150 mm x 200 mm in size. I used the wipe to clean  the top of the TV, inside and outside of the fridge and microwave, surfaces of door handles and telephone keypads. The cleaning was quick and perfect, especially with the wetness making the dust sticking to it making it much easier to clean. Also, the cleaning effect depends on how much moistness remains on the wipes. If the wipes are left in the open, it becomes dry soon. So, a quick clean is what makes it effective.

The wipes are good for cleaning the kitchen cook tops, but not the best when coming to removing dried hard dirt which needs a little more brushing. I found that using it regularly as an everyday wipe after cooking works better.

The 30 wipes of Dettol Multiuse Wipes which can come about two weeks of everyday quick cleaning. For me, it just came less than a week of full cleaning from Worktops, TV, fridge, etc. mainly because I had to use several if I had to use them cleaning home. Yes, it really depends on how often you use them, especially because of the size of the wipes.
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes in Cleaning
 A bigger and thicker wipes might have lasted better. As for the cleaning, I have no qualms about it. I felt much more comfortable with using wipes for cleaning than the cloth. The wipes can be used for minimal cleaning where detergents cannot be used. It is a safe product to use in homes where toddlers and kids are there since they dry out quickly.

As per the instructions, the wipes are pH neutral and hence safe for using on the skin and the emollients that are present in the wipes will help keep our skin moisturized. Being really wet, it also helps in cleaning dirt and make-up quicker. An example of make -up removal on my hand skin is depicted in the below image. I found that even with one swipe downwards, it can remove the make-up without leaving residues. Moreover, with its antiseptic property, it can also be used to clean around cuts and wounds disinfecting any germs present before the application of ointments or band aids.
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes
Dettol Multi-Use Wipes Make-up Removal
Yes, I will use Dettol wipes again. The reasons are obvious - quick clean, antiseptic properties, easy to clean the small corners, a multiple purpose cleaner, moistness that makes it easy to pick up dirt and perfect to carry for a quick refresh. It is quite effective for a quick clean thereby saving time for any special occasion and before guest arrivals. Adding as a suggestion, for the price available on Flipkart and Amazon the number of wipes is about okay but adding a little more wipes would be more economical in the long term suiting homemakers like me to buy it more often.

My overall impressions of the Dettol wipes are quite positive. There is not much negative to say when it comes to cleaning. And if there is room for improvement, a larger and thicker wipes will be easy to hold, covers a large area in less time and also is cost effective.

Have you used Dettol wipes or any other wipes for your cleaning purposes and what is your impression on it?


  1. Wow good to know that they are safe for skin...will come in handy during travels. Good one Ums :)

  2. Even I loved the dettol wipes. I had just concerns over the overpriced attribute :( but yes can be negateif we see the multi use feature.


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