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Every year April, 22 is very special to me. It is because at this day it is my wedding anniversary and also because it happens to be the Earth day wherein people all over the world join together in support for environmental protection for clean water, air and land. The celebration of the former is already in place within my family and for the latter, this post is will help you learn to make trash into treasure with @MadMadRob.

CDs are becoming an old technology especially with the boom of online streaming and Smart TV's. These CDs used to be my precious collection of music and movies years ago before smart phones and tablets came into existence. And now many of them lay untouched in the cupboards.

But, today I am going to put some good use of my old CDs making it as an ideal base for Mad Stuff with Rob's CD spinner.

How To Make CD Spinners DIY Craft For Children (Earth Day Special)

CD diy crafts
Tried to make one with Berry

Materials Needed
White Glue
  1. Place a bottle cap on top of the old CD and paste it exactly in the center hole.
  2. Then, add a marble on the other side of the CD and glue it inside the bottle cap.This will help the CD to spin.
  3. Encourage kids to design on the bottle cap and the CD. You can choose spirals, zigzags, dots, stripes and more using bright sketch or paint. Using spirals will look cool as the CD spins creating a sort of whirlpool pattern.
  4. Now, make a game out of it and see whose design creates amazing patterns and whose CD spins fast. 
Watch the full tutorial in the below video - Mad Stuff with Rob

The result is obviously fabulous and is a great and easy DIY craft for young children. Apart from CD spinners, there are loads of other crafts you can do with your kids using old CDs. The following images will help inspire you.

Tip 1: Make a DIY CD Clock

CD diy crafts
Tip 2 : Make a DIY CD hanging curtain

CD diy crafts
Tip 3: Make a Colourful CD Decorative Plate

CD diy crafts


  1. I really like the plate and hanging curtain ideas. The spinner is an awesome DIY for kids.

  2. That's very creative Uma and a good way to keep Children engaged while on Holidays!

  3. Wonderful ideas! these ideas are without age bar! even I would love to make them!
    Thanks dear, for sharing :)
    TC... Keep smiling :)


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