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Mother's Day is being celebrated on May 10, 2015 (Sunday) in the US, India and most countries in the world whereas it is already celebrated in UK on March 8, 2015. Whatever the day it is celebrated, every celebration is filled with love and fun. Okay, almost all kids will be making a cute card for their Moms on this day. But, have you thought about making a cute envelope for your special card?

Making your own cards and gifts however small or quirky looking they are is the best gift you can gift your Mom on Mother's Day. Yes, no more boring plain white or plain coloured envelope. You can make your own envelope using gift wrappers or any paper filled with designs.

Today, I am back again with Mad Stuff with Rob diy crafts from where my kids Cherry and Berry, both learnt on how to make a special envelope for their specially designed finger painted cards. For making our own envelope , we will be using the ordinary envelopes as our template (see below image).

make envelope

Before continuing, let's watch the video first for a quick view on how to make an envelope using an envelope template for the Mother's Day and then you can read on how I made one after watching the video. Mad Stuff with Rob made it quite easy for the kids to make their own envelope using any envelope templates (grab any used envelope for the template). That's called inspired by watching Rob's video.

Instructional Video on How To Make a Customized Envelope for Mother's Day

Now, its time to make our own customized envelope using the inspiration got by watching the video including two finger painted cards. I used the materials that was available in the home itself.

Materials Required
Envelope (for templates)
Gift wrappers (left-overs did the job)
Scissors and glue
Paper, sketches and glitters (for the cards)

make envelope

We had used two kind of envelopes for the DIY crafts and two gift wrappers (left-overs) for both Cherry and Berry for making their own envelope.

1. First, you need to carefully open the the envelope so that the kids can trace the outline on to the backside of the gift wrapper using pen or sketch.

2. Then, using scissors help the kids cut out the marked outline.

make envelope

3. Next, place the wrapper that is cut along the lines exactly on top of the open envelope to help crease along the lines.

4. Lastly, fold along the creased lines and paste the ends together using glue to get an envelope like look.

how to make an envelope

Our final product will be envelope made using gift wrap. The once plain envelope in now designed one looking like a premium envelope. You can add more design on the envelope as per your wish and finally insert the cards you made into the envelope.

how to make an envelope

How to Make a Simple Mothers Day Cards - by Kids for Kids

Finger painting is one of the easiest and loveliest way of making a card for your Mom as it uses the impressions of your little ones hands and thumbs. There are lots of ways one can use palm and fingers to come up with different ideas of images. Below is the painting done by Cherry who loves to put lots of love in form of hearts.

mothers day cards

The kids used the paper tube to make the heart impression by pushing the top forward as shown in the image. Berry on the other hand wanted himself in the image and hence came up with a boy like finger painting with balloon in his hands. Using just hands,you can draw flowers, vases, animals, human and many more. All you need is to just pick some finger paints and play with them.

mothers day cards

Final Product : Mother's Day Card in a Customized Envelope

mothers day cards
Happy Mother's Day


  1. Very creative......., Wish everyone a very happy Mother's day.

  2. Anonymous09 May, 2015


  3. That is a very detailed presentation. Thank you Uma.

    (long time, how are you doing?) :)

  4. I guess the idea is of your kids and it is how they made their Mommy feel loved and proud today :) They are very creative!

  5. Excellent post and great ideas to create customized post cards,


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