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Humans, that we are and the change is a constant word that we come across every day in our life. Our brought ups, the people we come across every day, our life experiences, ups and downs in life, the environment, the lessons learnt and the books we read - all play an important part in changing the way we see the world.

I was not this positive few years ago. I get angry easily and also get upset if something or someone does not go or seem the way I wanted it to be. Those times, I do say to myself that my time has not come yet. In a matter of years with all the above said 'many experiences', the choice I made started to change the way I see the world.
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To get angry or upset is easy, but to remain calm in a difficult situation is the most challenging job. And after a few successes, I started to feel some kind of calmness in me. Now, I smile silently whenever I see people getting angry or upset for petty things. Will they let go that anger in a few minutes? Or will they carry it everywhere they go for a whole day? Sometime such questions come by. But the answers have their own consequences to those people who to fail to let go. Be it anger or distress. I was like them before, but I have tried to change the way I see the world by following some personal choices. The three of them that I would like to share in this article are,

  1. Respect for oneself and others: This was a habit that was inculcated in me from birth through my up-bringing. I was taught not only to respect my elders, but also myself for whom or what I am. The eyes that we see, the ear that helps to hear, the teeth, the hands, the heart, the cells and every bit of my body parts are working together to keep me in shape of who I am now. If I strain myself too much, I might interfere with the work leading to ill-health of body, mind and soul. But if I learn to respect myself fully, then I will understand that only I can build or harm my whole self. By doing so, I am happy with myself.
  2. Sharing out the excess: Be it food, toys, money, time, happiness or even sorrow sharing will balance many things in life. Sharing materials things either by giving out to family, friends, the needy or the charity, however small it might be is of great help to them. It brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. All those with family and friends do share both joy and sorrow everyday knowingly or unknowingly. And the most important sharing is time. Time is valuable since it is the only thing that never waits, but is stored as memories. I always do and teach my kids to share things in excess as well. The satisfaction you will get in return is something one should experience themselves by doing it.
  3. Learning to be positive: This is a very important trait, but building it is not that easy. It takes a tremendous amount of time to build a positive attitude and you can feel its benefit when you are half way through it. The motivation behind such attitude was my parents telling me every time to remain positive and wait for the right time when things go wrong. They have inculcated in me a thought that things are possible given the hard work and the right time. Looking things positively needs the spirit of trying one's best at-least once and to let go if it does not work at all. Then, very soon such thought process became a habit of accepting things what works for me and happily let go of those that did not work for me. There was always another time.
The above three things has played and is still playing an important role of how I see the world. The concept of the below video shared from the Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital is too the same “Changing the way we see the world” and “Donating Eye” is one of them. You are asked to take the Dare2Stare Challenge with Megha, a charismatic lady who has a message to tell you at the end. Do watch the movie carefully for the message is worth it.

There is a serious lack of awareness about eye donation which means more than 2-5 lakhs people are left in the dark without anyone coming forward to donate eyes. By donating your eyes after you have gone, you are changing someone’s life in particular. The eye that you don’t take with you remains alive in another life changing their life in a positive way. Isn’t it worth doing so?

If you are ready to take the Dare2Stare challenge, then please do click here to do so. I have already pledged eye donation, do you?

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  1. The three steps you had suggested to change the way one sees the world are invaluable.
    Donating eyes after one's end that would otherwise be burnt or buried is the most sensible and desirable thing.Good an awareness is being created.This should be extended not only to eyes but other organs in good shape.

    1. True! The awareness should be extended for other organs and thank you for dropping by KP.

  2. Very useful tips to change life. Surely worth remembering at all time.

    Best wishes


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