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Everyone loves to receive gifts. No matter however small the gifts are, they sure tend to bring that feeling of being loved. Many of us are blessed to receive such love showered in the name of gifts. But have you ever noticed the kind of feeling you get when you are on the other end where you are the one to gift. It is those moments of waiting to see their loved one's expression and smile that makes gifting a bliss. Actually, I feel that the former gives much satisfaction whether you gift someone else or yourself. isn't it?

The same sensation of bliss can be felt when you see the below video by Flipkart which has touched the sensitive part of the human bond of how love can be expressed by bringing wishes to a reality. It all starts in an instinct – a Wish. Like ripples in the water, one person's wish leads to another and just keep spreading wider and wider bringing in a lot of satisfied smiles.

Similarly, reading Shilpa’s post "Bring a smile to someone's face" brought me wonderful memories that I shared with my sister. The wonderful cabin luggage she has selected for her sister reminded of my own travel to visit my family and friends. All the soft copies of our holiday photos that I saved in my laptop makes me yearn of those fun-filled holiday with my family. The last time I had trip was about a year ago and now it looked like all the travel stories and photos reminds me that it is time to take a short trip. And what was more important for me in any travel is carrying our renowned digital camera which has the power to save the essence of every trip we made. I love taking photos and my hubby teases me often telling me that I often dance with the camera.

But...without those twisting moments, I wonder whether I could have captured such lovely images.

london eye
The London Eye
tower bridge
The Tower Bridge - London
big ben
The Big Ben
These images are like a piece of me and whenever I see them, I feel quite complete with satisfaction. The camera that was used to click the above images was my hubby’s favourite as it was his first digital camera that he purchased in UK. We had some good memories with that camera along with my first and second born. My hubby and I often used to select different locations to capture the beauty of the place. Our joy of travelling was always accompanied by capturing beautiful images of my kids and everything under the sun.

I love reminiscing about the good old days when alone, scanning through the photos. But I had this little longing. I loved to have filters and more of crisp images that still hold the quality even when minimized. You can witness the images above when I mean "crispness" as it reduces with minimization. Also, sometimes we miss capturing the quick movements especially on dim weathers. And so it was decided that our next trip should have a better camera like a DSLR so that both me and my hubby can indulge ourselves in what we love to do – capturing memories.

Now, with the summer holidays on the way and with my  hubby’s nearing birthday, I made sure to invest on one of his bucket list wish – a DLSR camera. The camera no wonder will serve as a lovely gift for my hubby as well as will be a good companion for our upcoming trip. No wonder you can see me roaming with the new camera as well ;)

Like one wish leads to another, the cabin luggage wish list by a blogger Shilpa helped me to bring my own wish into a reality and no doubt this #AbHarWishHogiPoori wish chain will continue to lead another blogger to spread their wings of love too. Of course, I have my own plans on making this experience a truly special one. No matter how far or close we live, sending a gift of love to our loved ones is something beautiful to experience by one and once you will have that feeling, there is no stop. You might end up doing it again and again. Don’t you agree? It’s such lovely experience.


  1. That London eye is amazing.. I would love to go there :)
    and thanks for visiting my blog ...

  2. Beautiful pictures..!! and the fact that you mentioned about gifting.. it's so true..! it happens with me as well. The joy of giving gifts is more than giving them.,.


  3. Lovely clicks.. Old photos always bring smile on my face and its like reliving those moments.. nice post Uma :)
    A Rat's Nibble


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