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At a single glance, anyone can tell that my daughter Cherry is a mirror image of me. Or say a mini-me. She doesn’t just resemble me in my physical appearance but also exhibits certain characteristic traits that remind me of my own temperament and belief. A daughter taking after her mother isn’t something new, and that’s why it’s so common to hear the line “She is just like her mother”.

Today, I would like to share with you one such incident that paved way to something more beautiful.

Most of you must know that I have been blogging for about five years now. In all these years, I have never been alone – my kids have always been around, watching and learning. They’ve always kept a close eye on my work, helping me with my art and craft work for the blog.

My daughter Cherry was always particularly fascinated in my writings. She would always ask a lot of questions about what I write and why I choose to write on a certain topic, sometimes even coming up with suggestions on what I could write about.
momscribe mini me
Not so long ago, she came up to me, and sheepishly asked if I’d want to publish some of her work on the blog as well. She handed me a piece of paper on which she had written a story for the blog. I then realised that she wanted to start a blog of her own as well, just like me.

What I felt in that instant is beyond words! I had just witnessed my daughter exhibiting a quality that I cherish the most. To encourage her, I started publishing her work on my blog under a new category, called “Kids Space”. Whenever Cherry would see her work on the blog, I could see her face light up with excitement.

She now sits down with a pen and paper every day, as I settle down with mine, and what was mere imitation has steadily grown to become a part of her identity.

The Result: 
She has been writing a lot and now has a wide collections of her own stories, that ranges from fairy tales and dragon, to suspense stories.

kids story writing momscribe
Below I share few lines from one of her mystery story that left me in awe,

I was about to open the next box until the train stopped. I hopped out. It was raining. It was raining very hard. Luckily, I got my raincoat which was waterproof. Perfect!

I saw a sign that said Waterstone. I saw large building with lots of windows. I went inside. It was absolutely grand.

I remembered my mother telling me that there can be different types of solutions to a mystery. It may not be the way you think to be. But still, I have one more chance to solve this strange mystery. She even told me that the only way to solve one is to find clues. This made me to create a plan.

I’ve witnessed little Cherry following my lead and trying to do day-to-day tasks exactly the way I do.
She’s inquisitive, and often asks why I do things the way I do. She is a reflection of my way of life, shadowing my every move. 

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  1. Hi there Uma! Thats a heavenly feeling isn't it, seeing a part of you in your child!
    And well-done to Cherry from Leena aunty :-)

    1. I really agree :) Seeing our kids shine is double the joy always. Thanks for your wishes.

  2. your daughter is brilliant and shows a lot of potential!

    All the best for her bright future :)

    1. I really do hope that she becomes what she desires to be :) Thank you!

  3. You should be rightly proud of your daughter.

  4. Excellent , god bless her

  5. Beautiful Uma, enjoyed a few other posts by you today!
    Thank you for your visit and kind words.

  6. Something to be proud of, Uma. Kid's imaginations spread wider and higher that are unimaginable to us. Hope she writes more and more. Wishes! :)


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