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I love pets and many of you do too. To own a pet is a great feeling as we always have a thought there is someone who understands us and needs our care despite being unfamiliar with our language. Families with children enjoy a number of benefits of having a pet for a child. Turtle, fish, dog, kitten, horse, and parrot, are some common pets that children wish to tame.

It's a known fact that pets help the parents to develop a child’s social, mental, emotional, and physical behaviour. However, things at home with pets are positive only if the parents train their children to handle them properly. Wrong moves may sometimes turn the story altogether different.

5 Ways to Make Your Pet Your Child’s Best Friend

1. A gentle touch is the first thing that you would teach him, especially when you bring small pets for kids. Handling a pet is an essential part of training for your child to be a better human being.

2. The second basic to teach your child are the signs and signals of your pet. Dogs make amazing pets as they express themselves well. There are various other benefits of having a dog such as dogs are more social, friendly and loyal.

3. Teach your kids the act of interaction with pet. Your kids will slowly learn the art of socializing while taking care of animals. Communication brings them closer to their pet and helps them to exchange gestures with each other.

4. It is highly essential that you remain calm and easy, while dealing with your kids and pets together. Your kids are at a leaning stage and they will adapt to whatever you do. Unless you are dealing with patience, they will never realize the importance of dealing with pets calmly.

5. Relate the age of your pet and your child. Bringing small pets for kids at home is a wise thing as they will learn the basics and behaviour with love, care, and innocence. Patience can even calm down an aggressive dog. Handle your pets properly and throw lot of affection towards them.

cute puppy
Cute Puppy (Credits)

One of the most important things to remember is to never leave your kids unattended with your pet. You need to accept the fact that no matter how nicely you train them, constant supervision and instructions should come from you. It is the same situation while dealing with more than one child at home. These basics will help you to make the best pets for kids and let you live a life loaded with love, affection, and respect for each other.


  1. Pets can indeed be a child's best friend...thanks for sharing the tips, Uma... :)

  2. Having pets at home will encourage kids to be empathetic to other living beings and to be kind to all. This is true for even grown-ups. Very nice post, Uma :-)
    Tc, keep smiling :-)

  3. We have birds at home. And my nephews started to bond with them nicely. For now they're learning to give the birds neck scritch. Pets are one of the ways to make the kids understanding and friendly. Nice article. :)


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