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It was Saturday morning and the most awaited thing has arrived - my new AddWash washing machine from Samsung. The delivery was done by Expert Logistics who were professional enough to book the delivery slot before hand and updating the status every now and then until the day the washer did arrive. Two men who dispatched the washing machine did their job well but were unable to install the machine on the same day due to a plumbing issue. We had to hire a private plumber for that job.

Well, one look at the washer and it makes me feel good. Why? Because of its look.

Samsung WW8500 AddWash Washing Machine

The big black and bulging door on the white washer was unique in looks. Next, my eyes went to the smaller window on the bulging door "Add Door" which is used for a special feature called Add Wash that allows the machine to stop the washing cycle in between just to add any leftover clothes (if any) and then continue to run from where it left. This feature was completely new for me and in fact there were times that I did worry forgetting one or two items during my previous washes using my old washing machine. This "AddWash" feature definitely puts a stop to those worries.
Samsung WW8500 AddWash Washing Machine

Cycle Selector: There are about 13 standard cycles and 1 specialty cycle around the dial. And every time you turn the dial to select a specific cycle, the related information is shown on the display screen situated on the other side of the dial.

Display Screen: It shows the settings of the selected cycle. Apart from the standard settings on each washing cycle, you can even choose to modify the settings using the temperature, rinse and spin buttons given below the display screen. There are two more buttons along side namely "options" and "smart control".
  • Options: Selecting this button features six options namely Pre-wash, Intensive, Bubble Soak, Easy Iron, Quick wash and Delay End, each having its own use.
  • Smart Control: This comes in handy if you want to control your washing machine through your Mobile using App. Using this feature along with WiFi, you can control your washing cycle by starting,pausing ,monitoring and even checking the energy it used for a particular washing cycle. Within the Smart control are other operational features like Child Lock (Activate/Deactivate), Brightness, Sound, Easy Connection (for network configuration), Calibration (for ensuring accurate weight detection) and License Info.

Working of Samsung AddWash WW8500 Machine

Now that we have seen some basic features, let us see the actual working process of the WW8500 AddWash Washing machine (see video below).

Calibration: This is the first step one should do before using the washer for cleaning clothes as it ensures accurate weight detection by the washing machine. To run calibration -> select smart control -> navigate to Calibration -> Press start button. And in a few minutes your calibration will be done and you can start adding your clothes to be washed.

The working process is similar to any other washing machine.
- Put clothes inside the drum and close its door,
- Add detergents /softeners in the detergent drawer
- Switch ON the power button,
- Turn the cycle selector to select a washing cycle and finally
- Press start button

EXCEPT for...


I tried to interrupt my washing cycle for the AddWash feature. But be careful to note that the selected cycle displays the "AddWash" indicator (a shirt with a + sign below) on the screen. This is what that tells us that we can safely use the AddWash feature by pausing the cycle and put any forgotten cloths through the Add Door by pressing it open. Then, carefully close the Add Door and press start again to continue the cycle.

Final Result:
samsung WW8500 addwash review

Apart from the "AddWash" function, there are two other functions that made me excited while using the washer. One was the Smart Check function and the other was the app-based smart control. 

Other useful features includes
  • Eco-Bubble: It uses air and water to dissolve the detergents generating cleansing bubbles to penetrate and absorb into fabrics faster than concentrated detergent all at energy-saving lower temperatures 
  • Drum Interior Light: lights the drum while opening the machine's  door or Add Door.
  • Digital Inverter Motor: cuts energy waste and reduces noise 
  • Delay End: Enables to run the machine at a later time.
  • Eco-Check: displays technical summary of power consumption as well as the water level and
  • Eco Drum Clean: to prevent deteriorated performance, thereby improving the washing machine life cycle.
So how different is this machine to my previous model?
The time taken for the washes has been reduced to one-forth compared to my previous washing machine with the lowest being 30 min. Moreover, with its large capacity (12 kg compared to my previous 7 kg) the number of washes has been reduced with perfect clean clothes. So, energy saving and reduced bills.

The "child lock" function makes me feel safe in a household of two small kids. Many
eatures like self-weighing,  eco-drum clean and self-diagnosis function acts like self-care of the machine at a switch of a button. I personally feel that all these additions makes me feel more communicative with my current washing machine. Just imagine of other devices in the app's interface that could add up making your home look like a part from as a science fiction movie. Well, you understood. I absolutely love my washing machine.

How to use Samsung Smart Home App on AddWash Washing Machine

The below video details the steps for connecting and using the Smart Home app on the AddWash WW8500 washing machine,

STEP 1: Search and Install the Samsung Smart Home App from the App store (Android, IOS) using your mobile phone.
STEP 2: Use Smart Home app to register and authenticate the washing machine. For this, Go to Smart Home app -> Choose Washer icon -> Register your machine through your Samsung account -> Under Add Device point 1, note down the Washer's Password to be used in Step 4.
STEP 3: Switch ON the washing machine. Press "Smart control"on the washing machine to choose "Easy connection" and the count down starts. Within those running seconds do the following steps (4 and 5).
STEP 4: Go to your mobile settings -> WiFi -> Select your washing device -> Enter the password (from Step 2) and wait until your washer gets registered in your mobile device.
STEP 5: For Network settings-> Go back to the Smart Home app and click Next -> Enter your router password to connect with the washer and click next until you get a installation complete message.

The mobile and washer will get paired with through the server after authentication and you can find the smart control indicator and enabled WiFi indicator on the machine's display screen.
smart control washing machine

Common Errors and Solutions

Reviewing this washing machine was a good learning experience for me. Some common errors that I faced and solved:

1. Error: The smart control feature of the washer is not configured. You can only view the status of the washer.

Solution: Yup! Missed to enable the smart control feature on the Washing machine. This error was flashed during the app-based control for the washer. This error resolved itself by enabling the smart control feature. For this press the smart control button for 3 seconds until you hear a click sound and a small indicator on the display screen.

2. Error Code: "DDC" Add Door Open

Solution: This error flashed while the machine was about to operated by pressing the start button. Obviously,the answer is that the Add Door is not properly shut. When done, click start and all works fine.

3. Error: The washer was shaking and making a rattling sound while on spin.

Solution: While I understand that normal motor sounds are unavoidable in any washing machine, my problem for the noise was that my washer was not on a level surface. When adjusted, the sound reduced a lot.

Disclaimer: I was picked by MNHQ to review this product/ service, which I received for free. This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.


  1. Looks like a smart machine.

  2. The picture you have shown is a front loading machine. I know it has many advantages. But I have noticed 2 things with front loading machines. Wash cycles take longer time. Also, problems associated with power outage (very common in countries like India).

  3. great review Uma!shows the interest you have taken and the hard work you have done in writing it. I like Samsung products mainly because they do what they say!
    Menaka Bharathi has recently published


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