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"Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es."
The above phrase means "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are". Likewise, our children are what we teach them to eat. The importance of drinking milk and its health benefits starts from womb and continues as we get older.

The first part of two years in newborn, breastfeeding becomes essential as it promotes survival and healthy development of the baby. Lactation being unique to mammals, a mother's body is fully prepared for feeding milk even before the baby is born. Breastfeeding milk contains thousands of distinct bioactive molecules that protect against infection and inflammation and contribute to immune maturation, organ development, and healthy microbial colonisation. It is very common to breastfeed infants from 1 to 2 years and slowly introducing semi-solid foods in-between the age of 1 to 2 along with mother's milk. But, after the age of two, toddlers are left to completely depend upon external sources of calcium, nutrients and fats for our babies to substitute breast-milk.

toddler nutrition
The body needs calcium rich diets for growth as it cannot make or produce calcium on its own. Being an important mineral for our body's bone composition and teeth, the only way to get calcium is through dietary supplements like milk cheese, yogurt and dark green leafy vegetables. Toddler's bones are growing all the time and they need a lot of calcium. Likewise, proteins and fats are important too. Protein rich foods like chicken, fish, and eggs supports growth, helps build and repair tissues. Fats on the other hand is used as a body's fuel and is important in the development of a child’s brain. While switching from breastfeeding to other liquid and semisolid foods, some toddlers become fussy eaters and it takes time for them to settle down to proper eating of foods. Drinking plain milk is even fussier as some toddlers may not like the taste or the smell of plain milk. Meantime, they tend to lose nutrients and calcium that is needed for their growth at that respective age. That's where we mothers look for nutrients rich milk products that suits our kids daily intake.

Right now, we get many choices of health mixes to be used in milk for toddlers. Health drinks comes in different flavours to suit kid's tastes so that their milk intake in never a problem. These health drinks can complement their diets by meeting their nutritional requirements and if your kid is one of those fussy eaters, choose the one that is right for you. I give my children Junior Horlicks which is tailor-made for toddlers (2-6 years of age) and helps in brain development, weight and height gain and building immunity. It also comes in two flavours for children with different taste buds.

Why Junior Horlicks? The reasons are as stated below,
  • It contains DHA and Choline which is important for the brain development in children
  • It contains 100% RDA of key nutrients for weight gain
  • Has high protein content and milk calcium for height gain
  • Supports healthy immunity by providing immunity supporting nutrients to the child's body
Junior Horlicks
Just like breastfeeding being an intimate and emotional experience for mothers, feeding our children right as they grow becomes an important experience in a mother's life. Buy Junior Horlicks for your child here.


  1. Parenting is a responsible job and every parent is concerned about the nutrition factors. This article gives valuable nutrition information. Thanks for this post, Uma :-)
    TC and keep smiling :-)


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