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Dr. V. ANANDAN (Ph.D) / (Anandan Virappin)

Principal of Avvaiyar Government College for Women, Karaikal (Retired)

He is one of the recognised research supervisors in Marine Biotechnology Fisheries Science - Pondicherry University.

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Papers Published By Dr.V.Anandan
  • Estimation of Fecundity and Gonadosomatic Index of Terapon jarbua from Pondicherry Coast, India (2014)
  • Compensatory hypertrophy of contralateral testis and its inhibition with testosterone i the partially castrated green frog Rana hexadactyla Lesson. 1980 Curr.Sci.,49(19):756-757.(with S. Kasinathan & s. Chandrababu)-Link Current Science
  • Influence of light on the spermatogenesis of green frog,Rana hexadactyla Lesson.1981.Comp.Physiol .Ecol.,6(1): 10-12.(with S. Kasinathan & s. Chandrababu) ,P.V. Bindumadhava Rao & S.L.Basu) -Link Current Science (Sample- pdf)
  • Illumination & spectral sensitivity on the spermatogenesis of Rana hexadactyla Lesson.1982.Comp.Physiol.Ecol.,7(4):288-290.(with S.Kasinathan).- (Link -EurekaMagazine)
  • Otolith length - total length relationship in two species of scianids.1993 J.Mar.Biol.Assoc.India.,35:216-217(with A.Passoupathy)- Link - (Volume 35 Issue 1&2)
  • Length -weight relationships for six species of sciaenid fishes 1994.Geobios new Reports,13:45-48.(with A.Passoupathy) - (Link)
  • Behavioural responses of an air breathing fish,Anabas testudineus(Bloch)exposed to organochlorine pesticide Lindana 1995.Journal of environmental Resources,3(1&2):54-58(with Z.Zayapragassarazan).
  • Effect of Y-HCH on the protein profiles of selected tissues of the air breathing fish;Anabas testudineus(Bloch).1996 . environment & Ecology , 14(1):55-59 (with Z.Zayapragassarazan).Link(9701-212)
(More to be updated)  


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