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Like the human body affected by virus resulting in ill health , a computer gets affected by Virus program.A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect the computer.We humans take medicine to fight the virus and try to bring back our normal health.Similary , a Antivirus programs helps the computer from being affected by viruses.The Antivirus are software codes that are written and loaded in our computer to detect our computer viruses, remove or repair infected files, prevent infection, detect and remove email viruses, etc.Such programs may also prevent and remove adware, spyware, and other forms of malware.

As season changes with the growing year,new treats affect the computer performance.And as a result new antivirus programs are invented or updated.Such a program is Antivirus programs provided by Antivirus Softwares.It provides great protection against viruses and spyware. It is dependable, fast, reasonably sized, and unobtrusive .

Some fastest antivirus is listed here Free to Download good (Free Downloads)


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