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A blog for a cause.Such wonderful work should be spread across the world and this  blog post is going to feed another 50 hungry kids by the Akshaya Patra foundation. 

Hunger and Illiteracy  is what is spread across India in which the innocent children's  are the most affected.Who are to be blamed? If we start blaming, there will be no end to this situation as each one points their finger at the others , the topmost being the Government. Common people asks,"Where does  the money we pay as Income Tax goes?".A valid question which cannot be answered in the type of Government that prevails today.The potted roads ,undraining water choking the roads and gutter,swarm of mosquitoes and naming new diseases as each new seasons comes and goes by.I am not blaming the Government,but still its the only one who can control most of these happenings. Only few good people in Government and few in private tries to eradicate these lacking with a heart to start or help Children foundations and doing charity works. And we,the common people can try to help them by doing what we can .Just share this....

Akshaya Patra - a school meal program.
This foundation run by government is a mid day meal scheme which has began with the vision that “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.” and started in the year 2000 and is running successfully for 10 years till now feeding about 1.2 million children everyday.

Their Objectives of the mid-day meal scheme

avoid classroom hunger,

- increase school enrolment,

- increase school attendance

- improve socialization among castes 
- address malnutrition & 
- empower women through employment

You can help them by either 
donating ,
volunteering or 
blogging about them.

Their web-site : Click Here

As the saying " A picture says a Thousand words ",this  video says it all.Do spend 5 minutes of your time to watch it and share this among your friends .
It will help someone out there to be fed 


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