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Our Avatar in Physical form 

Famous director James Cameron recent blockbuster "The Avatar" seems to spread the idea of  Trans-body experiences to what we call as " Koodu Vittu Koodu paidhal " in Tamil.In that film,the scientists use Navi -human hybrid bodies called avatar that are operated through a mental link by genetically matched humans.These would fascinate anyone who loves something out of the ordinary.I could recollect that I read somewhere in a novel ,about alpha -state or deep relaxation wherein  the brain is in much relaxed or neutral state and in this state out-of -body experiences can occur.Which means the spirit emerges from the physical body ,and there exists a small thread of link between the two and the spirit roams to whatever places it likes and returns back to its own body through the link.That is , the physical body is our Avatar.

Do you get the chills? Yes,I searched the google and found some wonderful answer from people who really had these experiences and shared it.This type of experiences is called as "ASTRAL PROJECTION".

Read more about Astral Projections  here

I could'nt help asking these question if Astral projections are possible
  1. Is life after death is true ?
  2. Does all spirits are alive  just exchanging the body vehicle from human to animal and yet some roams elsewhere?
  3. If I die , my spirit remains alive and what it will do?I read somewhere it forgets everything about life after it comes out of the body but how come some are able to tell their past life and few about being his son's great grandfather?
  4. Is god entering one's body to tell/help his followers (meaning that good spirits enters the body blessed by god to bless his/her followers ) and is it true that some swapping of spirits occurs to do it? (In Tamil they say as "Kooree solluradu")

As of now,I can only say that Life is full of Mysteries  and the Man who knows the answer is only one,The God.

And God Exists!

After an extensive research online and through books by Philosophizers, I have to conclude that God exists and we live a mystery maze where our Human Mind cannot contemplate the unknowns of the world and beyond.

Dont get away too soon....check back later to see articles & links I have come through to satisfy my result above.....will soon be blogged...


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