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The word samuccaya has various meanings in different applications and is useful in solving equations visually.

Example 1:
Simple Equations ( Type 1):
6x+2x = 3x +7x
Here 'x' is same on both sides and so 'x' is Zero

Simple Equations ( Type 2):
Here 'x' is same on both sides and so 'x' is Zero

Example 2:
Simple Fractions (Type 1):
1 /(3x-1) + 1/(6x-1)
Here,the numerator is same ,i.e=1 and so we set the denominator to zero
3x-1+6x-1 =0
x= 1/9

Simple Fractions (Type 2):
3x+9(N1) 5x+7(N2)
--------- = ----------
5x+7(D2) 3x+9(D2)

Here ,the sum of the numerators and the sum of denominators are the same and so their sum is equal to zero

i.e; N1+N2=D1+D2 =0
3x+9+5x+7 =0 ,so x = 2

Example 3:
Quadratic Equations :

 1         1        1         1
---   + ---   = ---   + ---
X-4    X-8     X-3    X-9

Here,the Numerators N is same and sum of the denominators are equal.
So, D1+D2 =D3+D4 =0
2x-12 =0 , giving x = 6

Example 4:
Cubic Equations (Type 1)
(x-4)3 + (x-8)3 = 2(x-6)3

Here,the powers are same on both sides ,x is same and also numerical value is equal on both sides ,so the equations are equated to zero
x-4+x-8 =2(x-6) =0
Therefore x= 6

Cubic Equations (Type 2)
(x+2)3         x+3
-------- = -----
(x+6)3       x+5

Here ,N1+D1 =N2+D2 and so they are equated to zero
2x+8=0 giving x  = - 4

The above vedic sutra will be quite helpful in Competitive exams when we know the techniques involved.


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