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It was snowing outside.She was ready to end this once for all.She packed all her things except for that letter he gave her long ago.

She read it.

“Our life may have ups and downs but remember I will always love you.Never leave me”

She sank down.

Her eyes were melting.The cold in her heart was gone.

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  1. I think I would have gone with a period instead of a semi-colon for the last line, and made it two. Outside of that difference, I honestly enjoyed reading this. It says so much with so few words. Nicely written.

  2. What a winter's tale. How lovely!

  3. Sometimes love is not enough...

  4. I think this calls for some serious talking!

  5. Oh that is what we need a reminder and pause.

  6. Aaahhh... Love and its reminders make the coldest of days seem so warm and fuzzy...

    This was a lovely soulful read, my friend.. I hope they make up, and soon too!

  7. @all that was a nice comments.Thanks for dropping in!

    @Jinky : true...this needs some serious talking..It's really a mystery how we all women tend to be more sentimental even with a single word "LOVE"

  8. in the cold, sometimes we find warmth

    Peace, hp

  9. Life has plenty of them - with the right person it's worth it

    thanks for the warming 55

  10. Awesome. Deep enough to touch one's heart.

  11. Dear Umamaheswari: Love letters have a tendency to warm the cockles of the heart. Glad you left the story open-ended; readers like to submise. Excellent write!


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