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What is 55 Fiction?
55fiction is a story written with just 55 words (or less) long.It was invented by a magazine, The New Times.
Characters can have infinite variations such as People, animals, clouds, microbes or anything.In the course of the story, something has to happen. The lovers argue (or) The police solves the puzzle (or) The students wait in anticipation for their result ...etc.Any punctuation is allowed, and no punctuation marks count as words.

Being virtual lovers on the internet was awesome.But they planned to meet in person on February 14 to make their online life real.

They met each other, happy but shocked.

“I thought I was waiting for a look–like actor Surya” she said
“Oh! Thank god. I was waiting for a look-like Jothika” he retorted.


  1. LOL...loved it uma!

  2. hehehehe :d thats a wonderful 55'er

  3. Uma...
    Thank You so much for dropping by.
    I loved BOTH of your 55's.
    Please join us every Friday on My Blog.
    I have hosted Friday Flash 55 for over 3 years now. It's lots of fun!

  4. lol...they were made for each other...


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