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Okay , so you landed here because your contents are plagiarized and you are looking for a way to stop it.You have come to the right place.In this blog, I tried to cover all that I know about plagiarism as well as how can you prevent it.
What is Plagiarism ?
- It also covers some code on how to disable right -click and selections.

This post is the next step to "Learning to protect your contents ".The main aim being to stop the visitors from copying our copyrighted works in order to prevent plagiarism .

Source padding :
As funny and simple as it seems this technique will divert few visitors from viewing your code.Just add a tons of white spaces at the start of your html code and then save your page.Now when someone naive clicks to view your source code, the page appears blank.

JavaScript Encryption :
This is the powerful method of encrypting our source code and then write the contents to the browser window.But the drawback is that , it only works on "Internet Explorer " and the pages that has enabled JavaScript functions.Also, we cant update the page and it con

Details and Codes : htmlgaurdian

Trapping the Mouse Right click :
By trapping the mouse right click ,it makes copying harder .This simple java script for no right click helps securing your images and makes it unable for anyone who wants to use your images

<script type="text/javascript>
var message="You can't see the page code"
function click(e) {
    if (document.all) {
        if (event.button==2||event.button==3) {
        return false;
    if (document.layers) {
        if (e.which == 3) {
        return false;
if (document.layers) {

CSS Encoding:
Finally ,we can make use of CSS web pages to hide some of the coding instead of HTML web pages.We can also put encoding on our pages so that we can catch someone using your "copyrighted" stuff. These makes useful when you need to prove that someone has stolen your stuff.

Complain to the related HOSTS:
When you think that someone has used your stuff ,

1. Make use of the screen shots (ctrl +printscrn) to prove them guilty
2. For Google Blogspot , file a DMCA complaint for all Copyright Infringement - Google Blog spots
3. For WordPress Domains as well as Blogs ,file a complaint to the WP - Word Press Related Websites / Blogs
4. For the .com domains or any other domains  , first find who is the provider and who is hosting that particular URL (domain).Then using WHOIS web page identify the owner of that particular web page  (100 % reliable) and mail /contact the desired person or their HOST.

When your comments and mails prove to be a time waste then complaining to the related Hosts is the last step and they indeed prove to be the only beneficial and powerful option to keep your work protected . It Works!!

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PS: Internet is a pool of information as well as a place where people use to cultivate their talents .Blocking people or bad-mouthing about them will just decrease your readers and nothing else . You have to check, analyse and wait for the plagiarizer  response. If nothing works,then go for the above steps else be happy that you solved it your way. 


  1. WOW!
    thank you so much for this amazing post.. I'm going to put the script on my blog :)

    Thanks again!

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