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Every writer wants his or her contents to be unique .So he /she puts in more effort and time in organizing her blog and their contents.We check for spelling and grammar mistakes , make sure that we have put our thoughts in the correct format and also make our blog or website presentable.What if our works are copied in just a fraction of a second.We ,the original writers become so frustrated because all of our hard works have been wasted.

But the Internet is a big network and plagiarism is one among them .Like Internet having virus ,every inbox having spams and every medicine having side-effects , every website and blogs tends to be plagiarized.

Hmm...thats means Can I be happy that my contents are copied because they are worth to be copied (someone really likes what I am posting ) ? Well , not.They are really worth only when I am assured that they have been taken with my notice like a son asking his father for money instead of stealing from his pocket and boasting around that the money is his father's which in future becomes his own.A Better approach of the father will be saving his hard earned money for his son in a bank than in his home where a stealer is already there. 

So , we need to  protect our content if we want our work to be under our name.Few websites have come forward to help and protect our contents. The two famous websites are "Creative Common License " and "My Free Copyrights".

My Free Copyrights 
[ As per update 2013, My Free Copyright website is said to be a SCAM :(. So, instead of completely removing the post, let me keep this just to tell you how once looked like ]

Out of the above two, I rely on the free copyrights since it mails me my license code along with my newly posted URL each and every time I post a new blog post.

1.Goto Free copyright website and register your blog. See below

2.You will get a message in your email.Open your inbox.You will get a mail like the link

3.Register you blog .And for every post you post afterwards ,you will get a free copy right mail along with your blog post URL and its License number.

4.You are done .In case of plagiarism of any post ,the License number provided by this website acts as a Proof to the original location.

Creative Common License

This Creative Commons license helps us to keep the copyright to ourselves but allow people to copy and distribute our work provided they give you credit.Follow these steps to get your code 

1.License your work.Goto choose license and fill in the details as below and then click "select license"

2.Choose the style of button you'd like to appear on your webpage and  then copy the code in a text editor.

3.Add a new gadget on the design page of your blog  , choose "edit html" and then paste the code there .That's it.Your blog is protected with the license .

So now , you are ready to register and protect your blog .

Next , More about Protections and Feeds
Save your work ,backup copy  ....


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