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Women are God's wonderful creation of will -power ,beauty ,elegance and soft nature .We say that our own Mother is God's disguise on earth not only because she brings life to earth but also she knows how to protect the lives of her surroundings.Such women always spend their times taking care of her family and kids.She spends most of her time cleaning ,cooking and serving them like a fairy tale Cinderella who gets tarnished among the works.Very few, mostly working women manage to become the beauty Princess Cinderella .

Let me brief it out ,
Two old college friends Priya and Mala suddenly meet at a shopping mall.They identify each other and had a short conversation.

At first sight,
Priya was amazed to see Mala standing before her like a dark beauty Queen Cleopatra but Mala was shocked to see Priya's looks.

Mala :
"Is this the same Priya that I saw three years before  .You look like a toasted egg ".

Priya :
"Well,I have no time to spend rejuvenating my good old looks.I am very busy and have a tight schedule with household works and my two kids"

"Ah I see .I was shocked to see you.You were the angel of our college with the best looks.But,now ...So are you working ?"

"No.I am studying MBA through correspondence and also taking care of my family.You look fresh as a flower.Any secrets ? and tell me what do you do?"

"I have a son going to school and I am working in a consultancy.My good looks are the result of my presentation"

Full stop....

Here just note this single word called as " Presentation ".We have heard and accepted the fact that " beauty is skin deep and also it depends upon the eyes of the beholder.Also the true beauty lies within ".Now,here comes an important word The PRESENTATION .Yes Presentation means, the way the things are presented , when they please our eyes be it from outer self or inner self are definitely the real beauty.

In simpler terms , when asked who is the most beautiful women on earth ,without any hesitation my answer would be "MY MOM".I have known her from the day I was born, been with her in her ups and downs ,learned how to be presentable in terms of talking and mingling with relations and friends and more importantly her love and care for her children.She presented herself as a symbol of love and sacrifice.

But,your answer can differ from mine. It mainly depends upon on how close we are to the real person or on how presentable they were to our eyes when we saw them either real or through media .

I have seen only once "Mother Teresa " in my school days but heard and read a lot about her.She was very old but we had lots of expectation and love for this great women.She PRESENTED herself very well with her Charity works, a beauty from within called Love and Care.Also every media be it a Cinema ,Television ,Newspaper or Blogging ,they all need and look for peoples who represent themselves well in whichever field they are into.I may like Micheal Jackson who presented himself as the King of Pop (the legend) , you may like Shahrukh Khan who presents himself as a good actor or   another person may like Sachin Tendulakar who presented himself as a good cricketer (the God of Indian Cricket) .

Let me cite one more example ,

I look so tired and dull in the evening without cleaning the home .My husband comes home.He sees me and never bothered to ask me anything since he feels this is how I am. Also,seeing the untidy house he shouts ,"Why is the house like this ? Have you not organised it well?

I tell him that I am not feeling well and looking for an answer from him.But all he does is get back to his room without responding.

If the same wife is presentable meaning she looked clean and fresh ,with or without makeup , his answer differs .He might even put some tea and give it to you.This is Human Nature.

Every Woman wants to woo her Man yet very few know the Truth "

The husband gets to see many women in his workplace presenting themselves in good and neat looks , and even on the streets.He comes straight away to his home where he finds his wife just the opposite.Imagine the consequences.

Not every man gets an Aishwarya Rai or Preethi Zinda as their wives.A woman who has good looks but a bad behaviour turns off any person be it a man or woman.Similarly, a woman with good heart but unclean and untidy also turns off others. A man believes his wife who is a short ,dark women to be his beauty if she pleases his eyes or his senses with a quality like love ,affection or be a good organiser of his home. So is the vice versa.

Beauty via Stumbleupon
The Real essence of True beauty of a Woman is a quality that pleases the eyes or the senses with the way it is PRESENTED to others be it a Love, Affection, Looks, Beauty, Communication or being a good organiser .Every women should be healthy or look healthy . A worn and torn out women gets many pity eyes peering on her .But any women ,dark or fair ,short or tall ,young or old if they are healthy and presentable to the eyes ,then they have learned where the true beauty lies.


  1. nice post Uma.
    I have lots of female fiends.
    All are different types. From all, I understand that the wife should be understand his husband very well. If she doubt him always, life will be broken easily. Vice versa to husband also.
    A women is a symbol of love.
    she loving his husband, loving his child,...she is the center of love. Love is always related with lady.

  2. Exactly. I appreciate your narration.

  3. Prose or Poetry I love your writing.. Beauty lies here... here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  4. Good writing here. Best to you . Do read mine too.


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