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The world we live in is rich in colors.Colours represent life and liveliness.As the season change  its colours the things around us too reacts to it.I'm one among them . I dress in colorful outfits for the summer ,the spring and the rainy reason as it brings out more nostalgic feelings with the chirping of the birds in summer along with hot  flavoured soups ,colorful bunch of flowers blooming fresh in spring tender as a new born and the rising scent of the mud during rains.But whereas in winter , I tend to cling myself with my old woolen coat all the time since I am more prone to cold weather. Colours represent changes .They represent creativeness and imagination.Colours are attractive .They make us understand what they mean or represent , be it a picture or a movie.Most of modern painting have lots of colours in it.My daughter who is four years old loves to paint colors .

I love beautiful pictures and photography being one of my passion I try to capture some colours in my photographs. A photograph which has colours to expose say a rainbow , a bunch of flowers , birds , nature , sunrise or sunset have a richness of colours in it and when exposed as a coloured photograph brings more life to it.A colored picture or an image exposes even some minute details or information on it like the soft layer of clouds spreading to rest as the world below it rests at night or like a bunch of different flowers bouquet on a green background.



A color depicts more information on a certain image.But a Monochrome image of  " few " photographs have the effect to bring all the compositions of texture and look into a single picture with in-depth meaning with clean disposition of the image.Most facial photographs have succeeded in bringing this effect when taken in monochrome form.

A single image ,say a human face is something which convey a lots of emotions and meaning in each and different click .When we need to concentrate on a particular feature ,say eyes , an expresser of a face , a black and white image will do the trick of conveying the actual emotion of the face .

I always love to see  few of my parents 80's photos and my childhood photos in colours mainly to catch hold of the exact state of how they really looked at that time of taking the picture .I wanted to see and feel what it might be when those pictures are coloured.Though the technology of converting the old back and white photo into colored one is there in many photo outlets ,very few turn out to produce the desired result .If any of you love do this conversion ,you can do it by using Adobe PhotoShop and take a colour print out .Show your parents marriage photos or your childhood hood photos to your loved ones and amaze them :)

Now coming to written forms as well as printed forms I love reading the vintage back and white colour for the written words (leaving the images out).The printed books are real examples where  the monochrome effect of back and white color rules the book world till date.I also have seen many people including myself ; we tend to prefer writing our blogs in black font color on white background .Not to forget bigger websites like Facebook ,Yahoo ,CNN ,BBC and many more follow the same trick.The black and white effect creates a cooling effect on our eyes making it to strain less and concentrate more on the contents. A lot of colors tend to distract the reader from the main content/message which most advertisement on a website or blogs do.A sprinkle of colour here and there is though welcomed with the main aim of surrounding to the real content.

For example in text books , a slight colour pleasing to the eyes when added  brings in  a new way of looking at the text books.Children who are lovers of colours tends to be attracted to those text books.Their interests are triggered and as a result they read more books than what they normally do. After all we all spend nearly half of our life with these books from our school days to college days.Some read books even for their lifetime.

As I am writing this post ,I could even recall myself making colourful kites when the winds are high and colorful hand made paper boats sailing when the rains visit the earth .Colours that rock and roll all over the place creates ambiance that lasts for life time .Remember the Diwali times , the Christmas,the Birthday or any other function times.The colours are everywhere denoting joyful celebrations .From the hanging paper decorations to colourful sweet items that add delight to both heart and the tongues(never mind the growing belly ;)) .

Colors and Creativeness goes hand in hand.Color your Imagination..I love it!!.So let us Rock with the Colours where ever we go


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