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The descendents of Veerapandiya Kattabomman preserves this folk dance .They are a dynasty at Kodangipatti of Madurai District his dance is pure folk in its form.

Devarattam is a combination of "Muntherkuruvai" and "Pintherkuruvai" of the ancient Tamil Kings.This dance is performed once a year near the temple denoting the victory of the King in the war .The joyous dance sometimes accompanies the kings and his marshalls including the soldiers and other female dancers .

The dancers hold a kerchief in each hand and swing them as they dance.They usually wear a white costumes including the headgear.

Have you ever seen the film song oh oh annanodha paathu from 'Chandramuki'.It resembles this type of dance.

The actual dance from youtube is here:

You can see that this dance does not have any songs but only danced to the beat of Urumi Melam or Thappu Melam .The whole group imitates the dance ..its like a group festival.