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Karagattam is a Tamil folk dance associated with the worship of Godess Amman .It involve the balancing of decorated clay or metal pots on the dancers head. They dance with these pots without falling to the rhymtm of music.The uniqueness of this dance form lies in the dexterous handling of pots by the dancers.This dance provides visual treat to the eyes.In today times ,the old mud pots decorated with beautiful arts and once integral part of Karagattam, are now replaced by bronze and stainless steel pots maintaining the inherent aesthetic characteristic of the dance is still as pristine as ever.

Karagatam Suresh
There are two distinct of Karagattam popular among the village peoples
  1. Aatta Karagam - It is limited to the premises of sacred temples of Tamil Nadu
  2. Sakthi Karagam - It is performed on public platforms for the people

Everyone in Tamil Nadu will remember a popular movie "Karakattakaran" which depicts a life of a person ,the hero who is a karagata artist.The popularity and significance of Karagattam maintains its essence than other forms of Tamilian arts and that is good news for us all.