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We can judge a person by the way he dresses up and by the shoes he wears , a proverb that comes all along with me from my childhood days.Though it sounds a little cliché, it is basically true.Not only clothes and shoes ,even Gadgets almost everything I use tells about the person who I am.From my cooking gadgets to my communication gadgets everything gets dressed up with my personality.

My HTC wildfire phone and my laptop welcomes any visitors to its home with my personalised wallpaper of my children smiling .They are the two who I wish to see in everything I do.Any mom would do that ,a sentimental touch to the screens .I also have the applications that I use always at the front desktop of my computer or my mobile phone.There is a must be music shortcut as I am a ardent music lover and a camera shortcut.I love catching memorable moments when ever I can.With these small clues,you can tell me that I love taking pictures ,love photography and someone who enjoys music and being with my family.The colour I love would embellish every items I use.My desktop theme ,my blogger theme ,my mails and my personal items can be found in blue ,white , chocolate brown ,yellow or green colour .I don't use black,violet, grey or red in any of my gadgets except for the texts .I like gadgets that is sleek and stylish and so is my laptop and mobile phone.

My husband is a much work oriented person and so he chose to have a Nokia E72 mobile phone.He really wanted this phone so that he can always keep in touch with his daily updates in his works through electronic mails even on the weekends (cool ....).He likes the colour black a lot and so the gadgets he uses is mostly black in colour ranging from his laptop to mobile phone.

I tend to be a little messy at keeping my gadgets clean .Sometimes even bits of snacks can be found on my laptop board.Not that I am very careless but sometimes managing the kids who peeps at what I am doing with munching snacks I miss out the real mess which later that the end of the day I keep them cleaning all day long.On the other hand, my hubby has his office laptop and his mobile on perfect shape.A small scratch on his gadgets would make him yell out at us bang bang and bang....all day long.Such perfectionist he is .Hmm....Can I call myself someone who needs/tries to be a perfectionist and struggling all way long to be one.In a way it is true too :)

If you open my folders on my laptop ,you can find folders that reflects my interests.I have named my folders according to my interests.The lords folder have many pictures of my favorite lord Murugan and his songs ,the games folders wherein I have stored few games that amuses me , the music folders where in I have stored my favorite songs right from the 1970's till date , my blog folder for my all blogging works and a special folder for my kids rhymes and fairy tales.

You can find my taste for music ,worshiping and other related interests when you browse my Laptop.My internal emotions are sealed and packed clearly in the things I use everyday from my cooking gadgets,laptop and my mobile phone.I like things that is creative though simple and so I like to experiment with my gadgets at times.I can note the crazy look on my hubby's eye when I buy a battery fan in a pound land (shop in UK) and get a lock and key book from the Disney's book stall .I have the habit of saving even my first and old bits and pieces of everything from books, fancy jewels, gifted items to toys as a nostalgic treasures from young.I don't have the habit of changing very easily to new things.I even use my Nokia Express music that my brother gifted when ever I can along with my newly brougth HTC, such a sentimental and sensitive type person I am .

On the other hand ,my hubby loves latest gadgets and has the habit of getting new one every year.Not so sentimental huh...Yet,this applies only for gadgets for good .A perfect worker with the latest pack of techno gadgets.

My cooking gadgets which I use frequently can be found clean and ready to use on my kitchen top.I have the necessary accessories to accompany with ,the needy only.A bread toaster is put back into the cupboard as I don't use that much,not of a sandwich maker.I do mostly south Indian dishes here now in UK (rarely I try western) and that furnish my kitchen top .Now, can you tell me that I am a bit chooser of what I make or do huh?.

You should have seen me when I am sad ..the old songs of 1960's which have powerful words that make you cry would be running on my laptop desktop.This makes my sadness more worse and makes it worser for the person who sits beside me.The opposite would be when I am happier.I would be dancing on cloud nine with high pitched songs on my Dell.That makes worser for the persons who sleeps on the next house or next room.Such an excited soul I am.

Sitting in UK as an housewife , I nearly spend half of my time with my Laptop blogging ,chatting and surfing .I dress her as I wish her to look with recent downloaded themes and recent wallpapers(my photographs).I clean her and I feed her with my thoughts just I do with a little kid.I have even named my laptop as lappy just for my kids to make them understand that lappy is something that should not be messed around .Most babies imitate their parents mainly their Mothers.Similarly , I feel that my baby Laptop imitate me and my personality.

With the functional improvements and compact designs , today we witness many wonderful gadgets that brings any two people from the opposite ends of the world into a virtual space talking face to face.Change - a word that is important for experimenting new ideas and opportunities is a welcomed growth for any Technology.With that Change I can improve my relationship with my Gadgets with whom I spend most of my time talking out my thoughts to this world.The Internet era ,another technological improvement and the gadgets that you use at your home or office takes this post smoothly without hindrance to your eyes and brains to work out what type of person has written this post.What a Gadget ? It reflects most of my thoughts in a way I like her to do .


  1. Nice post Uma. It reveals ur character too.
    I also like ur hubby, running behind the gadget.

    My new gadgets :

    Hp Probook laptop, Nokia N8 Mobile, Nikon D5000 DSLR Camera.

  2. @Jidhu- have too :P and Congrats on the new Camera :)


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