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Wednesday 21 st September 2011 
When I logged into my Face Book account , I noticed few changes here and there on my Face book page. At first, my reaction was, "Oh! this is awful.I don't like it". But, again

Friday 23 nd September 2011 
Just after two days , I witnessed what the Face Book developers had in their mind for my Face Book Page. Now my reaction is "Wow, how would I miss it.Now, I am tuning my Face book wall into this Timeline and would write a post about it".And I did.

The above Look was created using the Face Book Time Line Application .

Steps to do to get the above look in your Face Book :

1.Login into your Face Book account as you would normally would.

2.Enter the word "Developer" into the search bar above.You would be directed to the Face  Book developer's page.Allowing permission for the Application to access your FB account.Then click on Open Graph from the left page as you see in the below picture

4.Now choose you Action name and Object name.Say example, I choose action as 'read' and object name as 'book' .They would be reflected in you final Face Book Page

5.After the above step, you would to directed to a page with configurations.Just add a name and don't do any changes to the settings unless you like to play around with it.Finish all the steps one by one saving the changes (it takes a little time to finish all the process)

6.Now on the final step , you can see that you have different layouts options to try for your Face Book page (as seen from the above image).I have done with the LIST view for my main Face Book Page.

7.Save your changes.And go back to your Home Page.You will be receiving a request to publish your created Time Line Page.Click Publish and there you are in your Time Line :)

Now, having learnt the basics you can create as many looks for your Face Book Page with your Time Line Applications as you normally create a Face Book Page. I tried with action 'PLAN' with object name 'TRIP' and changed my layout in the last step in my page configuration as "TABLE".

Finally UPDATE your Info on your Face Book Page.

Personally I would say that Face Book is yet another Blogging platform.With a Create , Dashboard, Edit, Publish and Delete , I have my own version of how I want my Face Book to be displayed.I update my status and publish my opinions when ever I can or on an daily basis.And there I get comments from my friends and visitors .One major difference is that Face Book helps me to get my word spread faster and easier way whereas for Blogger I need some social networking to do.Yet Blogger has it own compatibly and slot in the Google Search Engines .I need them both :)


  1. Me too have the same reaction when i saw the timeline view first time but now i like this view more. And i must appreciate your this job of providing tutorial steps to create the Facebook timeline view.


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