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WOW! That's what I say when I am in Milton Keynes.This place had been my home for about 2 years now.And still counting on...I may miss it tomorrow when I switch back to India but the memories I shared with it will stay with me forever.Being a large town in Bucks/Buckinghamshire in the South east of England about 49 miles from London ,this place Milton Keynes or shortly MK has all you need to live a peaceful life in London.Milton Keynes is clearly distinguished by a special feature that makes it to stand apart from other surrounding towns like Bletchley,Wolverton and Startford are the Round-abouts.Each and every pathways splitting into various streets are featured by a round decorative bush known as the Round -abouts.
Like all London roads, the Milton Keynes roads are also divided clearly into a two parts : the main roads for the Vehicles and the pavements for the pedestrians and for the strollers .Here, the convinces of these type of Road design provides one more comfortable zone when compared to the Indian Roads. The old age peoples and the disabled people can travel all along themselves without depending on others for Shopping and Visiting Places by a specially designed Scooters for the disabled.This is really one thing that I admired a lot when I first landed here being a Civil Engineer myself.

Now coming to the houses ,they are characterized by hut shaped tops for guiding the roof tops from leaves in the falls and snows in the winters.Whats more special is that each and every house looks the similar externally with the colours ,shapes and the way they have been builds.Every house in Milton Keynes have a back yard for drying clothes and also it serves as a garden for flowers and in some houses a playground for the kids .These are the common characteristics of the houses seen in Milton Keynes. There are also hubs (called as Flats/Apartments in India) where in the bottom part is reversed for big Shopping Complex like Sainsburys or Tesco.

One more notable feature are the trees and various plants that line up the sides of the roads and also sometime between the roads which provides as split for the lanes and the concrete cows...Moo..Yes, so if you ever see a place or town with concrete cows and round-abouts, you can be sure that you are in a beautiful places called Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Map
Wait !. And dont forget that this is not the end of the story of Milton Keynes.Watch out this space more  stories of Milton Keynes in the coming days :)


  1. The concrete cows really area nice touch aren't they? Always makes me chuckle when I drive through. I'm looking to move to MK in the next 6 months, & I happen to be looking for a career change - what are the big sectors in MK? I found some positions on a Milton Keynes jobs site but would like a bit of insight before I dive in.


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