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Time is the most undefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires. ~Charles Caleb Colton
Time is omnipresent and omnipotent. And if I have two hours of extra time in a day just for me , the answer is I will use them in omniscient.

Everyone of us wish to have some extra time in whatever we do.If you ask a student in an exam ,he will answer "I did not have enough time to complete all the answers.If only I had some extra time..".For an house-maker like me that extra hours means so much for me.Cleaning the household,washing dishes,cooking food,cleaning the mess up,washing clothes ,pick and drop of kids to and from school , feeding them telling stories and then teaching them at home doing all in a rush , I will do them in convenience. It's such a work and also a routine work. Also in that free slot, I can do things I love to do mainly spending time for and with my family. Thanks to the innovative technologies that have helped me reduce a little of my work .One of them being my washing machine. .All I do is put the clothes,two tablets of washing powder and then set the timer .It washes and dries the cloth for me  automatically. It has saved me some precious hours that I can utilize to do what I love.Being a mother of two, I will spend some quality time with my kids playing around and making some funky moves with rhymes apart from pampering my senses with what I love to do for myself.I can't think of any other good reason of spending my free time with my kids although I do the same even on the toughest days when I don't get enough time.My kids always enjoy my presence with them.They try to get my attention in whatever they do .A simple nod ,words like yes..nice..beautiful will make their cute face lit up with smile and that smile is enough for me to rest my day in peace. After all we parents work hard for our kids to enjoy life.Also spending time with each other increases our love for each other along with that togetherness feelings.

Things that my motherly mind loves doing with my kids.
  • I read them stories telling them with expressions
  • I teach and do some dance moves for rhymes that I copied from toddler classes.
  • I sit with them watching Tom and Jerry ,Mr.Beans cartoon saying things like "ahh..oohh..yuck"
  • I teach them to write simple letters and numbers 
  • I will take them to park along with their friends 
Well, I can still add a lot to the above.And I will open my mind and heart to the world yelling out " I love my children so much" How I love to spend time for my family!. And I can swear that all Moms reading this will agree with me.

Fine.Is it only me that wishes to have that extra hours in a day?The answer is surely "No".Almost everyone wishes to have that extra time.Time is so precious and if a family is been gifted with that time.......

Let us see a Family who tells us what they like to do if they had two extra hours in a day

What difference can it make for a Mother ...
What difference can it make for a Father ...

What difference can it make for the Children ...

What difference can it make for the Old age people mainly grand-parents .....

The same question has been asked to my friends through Social Networking Site Face book and here I have displayed some random answers

Results :
  • For some there is no difference with that two hours in a day.They will do the same work that they do everyday but leisurely.
  • For many,they are deprived of sleep.The reason may be they are a mother of a two or they work over-time that they are drained of energy.
  • For some,they utilize this time to their profit in business ,getting sales up,writing new posts for their websites,meditate and travel places they like.
  • Yet there are few who miss their time with their family.They will make use of this quality time to be spent with their family
  • Few will make the best of this time working out things they have planned to make best out of their life.
  • And in my case, I fall under all the above in one time or the other.
So this extra hours depends upon the person who I am and what I want to do.I know your time is valuable and here I have created a simple video to make your time saved instead of hundred of lines that lingers on my mind into words .

Yup! Time is still Manageable and how many of yes really do manage Time??????. Again, it depends upon the person who you are and what you want to do.

The toughest time in a women's life in early days was washing the stains from the clothes .Hours of time was spend everyday just for washing the stains on the clothes and keeping the clothes clean to be worn the next day.It was a ROUTINE PROCESS.Now in this generation a washing machine and washing powders are a basic requirement for very household.The invent of more powerful stain cleaning powder supports the cleaning job to its best. And now this workload been removed from me saves me time,and to the question  "If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it? "

As for me, I will spend that extra hours by making myself comfortable with whatever work I do pampering my senses as it wishes and mainly spending more quality time with my kids .

On the lighter side,

PS: All the images and the video above are copyrighted .Please don't reproduce them without my permission.


  1. Just superb :) great composition of words,pictures and videos, i can see you scoring a prize.. Good luck ahead.. enjoyed reading :) and NANDRI MEENDUM VARUGA in comment box is also nice :)

  2. A lot of people want to spend more time on their needs but we have a lot of work and other necessary things to do. This is life.

  3. offcourse ppl would love to spend those extra hours with themselves and their loved ones...i got no doubt it that but i dont understand why does a mother,father,kids and grandparents need 2 extra hours for all that you mentioned on the picture...they can be done even without thsoe 2 hours right? :) :)

  4. a very lovely post. You have clearly done some awesome reseach behind this :) Best of Luck.

    Do check out my take as well :)

    Aye Zindagi!

  5. @all Thanks for the comment
    @form creater -Yes,I agree to your point
    @the solitary writer - The pictures I have created is on my personal view and experience.Yes,it is possible to do the above things without that two hours but even in these two hours the thinking of a normal people would be the same.After all ,everyone wants to spend time with their family.

  6. An interesting post, especially the video and the pictures. I wonder if you had bought 20 packets of SE to gain 40 hours. :-)

  7. @Parmodji -Thank you .My works being appreciated by readers like you make me to do bring out more creations like these :)

  8. @Ranjith - hehe ..that was a light hearted talk from you :)

  9. tht was a very creative and thoughtful post. . loved it.. :)

  10. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.Keep posting such great info for us thanks

  11. Beautiful post..loved the way you integrated Facebook answers too..and the results were impressive..Best of Luck for contest

  12. was simply awesome...


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