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The news that is revolving around the media recently and has many hopes and fears alongside by different people of the same country .The recent update by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

"The 14,000 crore project cannot be kept remaining idle .The first two reactors will be working within few weeks and the other six within the next six months.Tamil Nadu (TN) where the project is handled and where  power demand is high will support my views .Also TN will get more share of power ".

This should be a good and welcoming news to the people of TN where the people are really struggling for power both in urban and rural areas.The Electrical demand of our whole country will be reached with continuous supply of power and will also promise to provide employment opportunity. Isn't it an appealing news to be celebrated with joy?But, the case is otherwise .Not many are happy with this project.The reason being exposure to unseen rays (emissions) from the reactors and the aftermath effect by the recent earthquake in China destructing its reactors emitting dangerous rays from it.

Is Tamil Nadu SAFE from NATURAL CALAMITIES yet ??? How far can we calculate what happens to our country due to natural calamities apart from Terrorism.How far does the urban as well as rural people have been explained about the safety of these reactors ?.

The result around ten thousand villagers are protesting at the site of Kudankulam nuclear power plant demanding removal of uranium from the site .
Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, Koodankulam (Tirunelveli district)
Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, Koodankulam (Tirunelveli district)

These are some snippets  that I have a gathered from some articles.

The DAE (Department of Atomic Energy)  has built 14 units (two at Tarapur in western Maharashtra state, four at Rawatbhatta in western Rajasthanstate, two at Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu, two at Narora in northern Uttar Pradesh, two at Kakrapar in western Gujarat and two at Kaiga in southern Karnataka) are beset with technical problems and are operating at well below full capacity. These reactors were build promising an output of 10,000 MW of power by the year 2000 with the share of nuclear power an insignificant 2,770 MW, hardly 2.5 percent of the total energy output.Now,an addition of one more reactor "Koodankulam Project" is being build to achieve yet another 10,000 MW by 2020 which is just a hope at present.

What makes the Koodankulam project’s Russian-made VVER-1000 (Vodo Vodyannoy Energeticheskiy Reactor; water-cooled and watermoderated) reactors even more disconcerting is the fact that neither the DAE nor the AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board )have had any experience with them.The Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project has neither conducted any legally-mandated public hearings nor has it shared the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) with the public .

Please Kindly spend some minutes reading this link [ Is Koodamlulam Project SAFE ? ]and share your own views/opinion on the same.You can either welcome it or criticize it in Blogs (or) Social networking sites.

We are in one of the people in TN ( India ) and we can voice our opinion through networking.We are in fact the people who will / have to face the effects of the outcome caused by these reactors under any circumstances.

After all, we have been taught that INDIA is still a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.


  1. Fear and Bandwagon effect are the two main reason, can add illiteracy and hysteria as well !
    Bloody Shepard :(

  2. @Deepak Karthik - There is no fearless man still on earth .These are no fears but collective datas of what might be the aftermath effect if not right precautions is taken.

    In case of these fears, then the Government should FIRST CLEAR OF THE FEARS before running the first reactor because Mr.PM will sleep peacefully while thousands will be left in fear near Kundankulam when the first reactor is ON.


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