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he Time has come to say good-bye to the irritable things I witness me around .I have been voicing my thoughts in my blog through my writings and this time I have been given a chance to blog about a Cause.Thanks to the sparks brought in by Stay free along with Indiblogger who joined hands to Voice out the Change this world needs.Now, I am a part of this #timetochange voicing out my opinion and hoping to bring about the change I dream of...

I am not into any politics nor do I have interest in them but as a normal human being I felt that still the people of India have been lacking in the basic needs of their life.Even the foremost basic need of Water, Food and Shelter is still a dream for thousands and thousands of Indians.Now joining hands is the need of electricity too.Where have we headed too?? Is it behind thirty decades back......

One can still see the beggars all around the city of Chennai and Mumbai while travelling.He/ she is still deprived of his basic needs and the need of being treated as a Human .Whose fault is this?Even the woman and small children are not left out.

How would you feel when you are nagged by a woman asking for money when you are about to cross the road or hurrying up for an important meet.I have observed people who ignores them , shouts at them and yet some who pity them.Whatever your reaction may be, she/he is never going to leave you behind.Because she  never wants to reads your mind-set whether you are sad or happy but all she/he knows that she can expect to get a one/two ruppee coin from you that may serve her a tea that evening.

There are times I get irritated by their presence in almost every places I visit. Omnipresent they are!.And when I think about it later, I used to tell my friends of how poor and illiterate India still is.I remember my friend saying that only we people encourage them to beg by giving them the money they need .Encourage?? How ?? Yes,in a place where the rate of people visit is high say in a temple or in a traffic , these so called beggars tries to get the salary as a normal fruit-seller (or) fish-seller would do in a day.

If you enquire any of them why they beg, they would say that they are not young enough to go out in the sun and earn money for their daily breads.This is very True.Normally, we can see the people who beg are OLD or SOMEONE who is an handicapped.But, even some handicapped people chose to earn his bread by selling water and juice packets under the sun instead of just begging in the streets. Why this difference??

The difference lies in their self-respect.But, yet those who still begs have crossed the limit of self-respect because Hunger is killing them stronger in their body than their self-respect.And so except for Hunger, they are deprived of other worries and dreams. But, this is not the way to Live Life.This attitude must and have to change.Though they(beggars I would text here) dont heed to give respect for themselves ,what about us? We have the need to respect them at least for their age or as in the sense of humanity. A mere one rupee coin or two rupee coin would never bring that change.

hange is an inevitable thing and this kind of change will surely make Dr.Abdul kalam dream of powerful India. Jobs are everywhere ...the right use of them makes us a living.For,this people (beggars) should be guided by another people or by the Government and show them the right path.An initiative to bring awareness to people including the beggars may also be fruitful.People should learn to share resources and ideas if we expect to survive in the long run. They should learn to respect and grown humanity among all beings.

This change would have an effect at least for the next generations to come.And people from other country would visit a beggar free India.This change would definitively bring a positive change around us and the place where we live.Because ,this is not the case of a single place in Chennai or Mumbai .It is the case seen all over India.A small idea of change can make India , a beggar free country.

One idea is to , 
create banners that says "Say NO to Begging ,Join the Revolution to create or make Jobs" and giving them a link (or) id that points to a group of people who are ready to work as a consultant helping those who contact them to get to work in small scale companies/jobs.These people can be a Government appointed ones (or) those who loves to do social works.These groups should be encouraged to develop and communicate to the masses of beggars . They can be contracted for household helps too ( I know many who really needs a house help ...Yes! Jobs are everywhere.)

As for the Old people, the government should make sure they are put into Old age homes where they are taken care of.

My second thought ,
is that to encourage Beggars to display their skills instead of saying the repetitive line " Amma Thayae , picha poddu ma" [Ma , Please give money ]. Here, I would like to point out that Beggars are not only in India. There are beggars in the rich country like UK and US too but they dont carry the tag "Beggars".Because, they display there skills ,their talents entertaining people coming to the public places and public events .And as a token of appreciation, people themselves put the coins into their hat or spread cloth. 

The difference here is that, in UK/US , people don't nag another people for money . Beggars are still everywhere .Instead of just throwing away the money for to the begging people , we should encourage people below poverty line to hone their skills/ talents and in- turn earn a living through them.

Finally we should teach our children to kindly treat the beggars and in the worst case, to just avoid them.We should encourage to provide works to these people as lack of steady income is the main reason to chose this type of begging work. There are yet some people who begs for other reasons too : Lack of skills and lack of hard work.These people should be aware that there is NO FREE FOOD .Social responsibility by the Government and individual people would definitively clear out the beggars in and around the public places .The most influential being , we are developing Oneness in Humanity.

It will produce a tremendous change in the way we live and treat people.Ripples of awareness brings the Change we need to see in our own country .I finally thank the people who made me write a post and making it into a stream where hundreds of bloggers and other people read.If you really encourage my voice of thought, kindly share this post to your friends and let me know your thoughts.


  1. A good Point.

    We have to be kind to beggars, agreed. We are taught from childhood , in all religions, to share and give .

    But , in big cities, it is a business. I have seen beggars being taken away for working in some place, or beggar home, but, they do not stay there. They say, it is better to beg at traffic lights than work!
    Two beggars come regularly in our colony, have cell phones,and I have heard that they have their own houses, let out to other tenants.?

    We have to encourage begging only at religious places and not at traffic junctions and other public places.

  2. well you wrote well about need for change the lives of beggars in the country but what will you do to eradicate the large network behind you think they would beg for their own sake...different networks or gangs operate...ref - Slumdog millionaire...its weird at times...good well written... promoted

  3. -Good piece of information.

    -Good piece of information.

  4. A mere one rupee coin or two rupee coin would never bring that change. I agree. It wouldn't. It would encourage them to beg more. Perhaps we should stop giving them coins altogether. Perhaps we could give them something edible (and not saleable) instead. Hopefully that would bust the gang networks as they want money. It would mean our making a greater effort before we leave home.


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